Series: Gogglebox

Josh Tapper: "Do you think these presenters actually know loads or do they just get told what to say?"

Mystery Science Theater 3000, without the robots for British television... and with the camera facing the other way. This is a rather crude summary of what can be a crude show... but it's certainly a very funny one.

Airing on Channel 4 since March 2013, Gogglebox involves a batch of 'ordinary' (some have appeared on TV previously) people reacting to some of the television 'highlights' of the week... which frequently means ripping them to shreds. The show does have a slight Channel 4 bias (though those shows get criticised too), but most major channels get covered. In addition, there is always a bit on current affairs.

The cast includes:
  • Leon and June Bernicoff: A pair of retired teachers from Liverpool.
  • Steph and Dom Parker: Owners of a high-end B&B.
  • Sandy and Sandra: Two black South Londoners.
  • The Siddiqui family: A father and two sons from Derby.
  • The Woerdenwebers: A German man, his wife, their daughter and her silent boyfriend Jay.
  • The Tappers: A North London family with two whiny teenagers.

Contains examples of:

  • Camp Gay: Chris and Stephen.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Sandra.
  • Dirty Old Man: Dom is prone to making crude jokes.
  • The Ditz: Scarlett on Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party:
    "He's not going to get that many votes, is he, 'cos he's limiting himself, calling himself the Scotland Party - 'cos only Scottish people are going to vote for him."
  • Remake: The rights have been sold to China, Ukraine and the US, the last one making the show as The People's Couch.
  • Sassy Black Woman: Sandy and Sandra.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: The Parkers.
  • The Vicar: Kate
  • The Voiceless: Jay, who never says anything... and is studying for an NVQ in Customer Services.
  • Too Much Information: Sometimes we get this on sex discussions.