Series: Galidor

Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension was a science fiction television show created by tween television writer Tom Lynch, produced by CineGroup, aired by Fox Kids (the last show to premiere on that programming block before it was replaced by Fox Box) and later ABC Family in 2002, and merchandised with its own LEGO action figure line in exchange for Lego partially funding the series.

The show follows Nick Bluetooth, who awakens on his birthday to find a floating tablet that, with the help of his friend Allegra Zane, leads to a egg-shaped transport that sends them into the Outer Dimension, a series of alternate universes where the evil Gorm seeks to take over. Nick learns he's the one destined to free the realms from Gorm's tyranny, and he has a special power called Glinching that lets him swap body parts with the various denizens of the realms. Allying with a cyborg, a frog-man, and a yeti midget, they travel in the "Egg" spacecraft to find the MacGuffin of key fragments that will lead them to the lost city of Galidor, which will provide them the means to save the Outer Dimension, and maybe even solve the mystery of Nick's Disappeared Dad, who it seems had a history with this strange realm.

The series had a short, two-season run of 26 episodes, dying just seven months after its debut, due to a combination the death of the Fox Kids block itself, and the infamous Lego toy line (which was composed of action figure-like pieces that couldn't be used with other Lego brands) being a huge critical and commercial flop. The series quickly faded into obscurity afterwards, and it has received no official release on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Three video games were also made as tie-ins for the series: a Flash game for the Fox Kids website, and games for the Game Boy Advance and PC. A comic book tie-in was also released.

Tropes used in this TV series and toy line: