[[caption-width-right:300:A less offensive title.]]

-->''"This show contains uncompromising adult humour and language right from the start which some viewers '''will''' find offensive."''
---> '''[[OnceAnEpisode Continuity Announcer]].'''

''Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights'' is the first solo series from the razor-sharp Glaswegian comic Creator/FrankieBoyle, it blends acerbic stand-up with hilarious sketches crafted in the darkest recesses of the human psyche...

Confirmed for 6 episodes on Creator/Channel4.

!!''Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights'' contains examples of:
* ADateWithRosiePalms- a great deal of the humor consists of wanking jokes.
* AndKnowingIsHalfTheBattle- spoofed at the end of each show with a deeply perverted cowboy delivering a deeply wrong message.
* AudienceParticipation - Each episode begins with Frankie singling out someone in the audience and making fun of him/her.
* BlackComedy - Seen often, from being urged to shoot a pregnant woman in the head and the foetus' head by drugged hallucinations you think are [[Series/KnightRider KITT]] to Loose Women Iran.
* TheBlank - Seen in the Untitled Street sketch.
* BritishBrevity
* CatchPhrase - "fatherfuckers", because no one cares about the word "motherfuckers" anymore.
* DeconstructiveParody - Series/KnightRider and TheGreenMile in suitably humourous ways so far.
* ExecutiveMeddling - The show's title was originally going to be "Deal With This, Retards"
* {{Flanderization}} - As opposed to ''Series/MockTheWeek'', Frankie's act here is almost entirely offensive for the sake of being offensive.
* KidsAreCruel - The whole point of the "Wee Hing" sketch.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed - Averted with George Michael's Highway Code.
* RunningGag - The cowboy at the end of each episode and masturbation jokes.
* SketchShow
* TakeThat - Against the BBC trying to be politically correct with Untitled Street.