Series: Eternal Law

One's a jaded, broken hearted veteran. The other's a bright eyed, innocent newcomer to the world. They're lawyers. And also angels.

No, really.

The creators of Life On Mars and Ashes to Ashes bring forth a new supernatural drama, with the city of York as its stage. Zak and Tom, two guardian angels who've been sent by 'Mr Mountjoy' (a.k.a Him upstairs) to take on the cases of those who need their help and guidance... are in need of some divine assistance of their own. Not only is there a fallen angel facing them across the courtroom - and grinning - but he's also employing the embodiment of all Zak's temptation; his lost human lover, Hannah. The trouble is, Zak's changed a lot since he last saw her (think new body entirely) and if he tells her who he is, the world might just end...

Unfortunately, the show was axed after a single season. Running from January to February, 2012.

This series provides examples of: