''Ein Herz und eine Seele'' (''One Heart and One Soul'') is a [[UsefulNotes/WestGermany West German]] LiveActionTV-series, produced [[TheSeventies from 1973 to 1976]]. Being a ForeignRemake of the BritCom ''Till Death Us Do Part'' (meaning yes, this is technically the German ''Series/AllInTheFamily''), it is notable for bringing the SitCom format to Germany.

The series deals with the everyday life of the reactionary and stubborn working class man Alfred Tetzlaff, his [[{{Housewife}} wife Else]], his daughter Rita and his leftist son-in-law Michael.

Like ''Series/{{Stromberg}}'' three decades later, this series is one of the very few [[ForeignRemake German sitcom remakes]] that are actually ''good''. This fondly remembered series can often be seen rerun in German tv to this day. Especially the episodes "Sylvesterpunsch" and "Rosenmontagszug" are always broadcasted at the holidays during which their plots take place (New Year's Eve and the final day of Carnival, respectively). More recently, the episode "Besuch aus der Ostzone", in which Michael's parents from the [[strike:East Zone]] [[UsefulNotes/EastGermany GDR]] visit the Tetzlaffs, seems to have been repurposed as the holiday episode for the [[UsefulNotes/TheBerlinRepublic Day of German Unity]].
!! ''Ein Herz und eine Seele'' contains the following tropes:

* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Else and Alfred dancing tango at the end of the New Year's Eve episode.
* ChristmasEpisode: Well, New Year's Eve episode, but close enough.
* ConspiracyTheorist: Alfred likes to give us hilarious "insights" into the then-contemporary politics.
* CordonBleughChef: Alfred. [[{{Squick}} He even puts food that landed on the floor back into the pot.]]
* CrazyCulturalComparison: Inevitable when Michael's East German parents visit. Alfred thinks that people from CommieLand have no concept of personal property, because they don't even exclusively own their ''living room furniture''.
* CulturalPosturing: While it should be no surprise that Alfred is prone to this, there is a [[CrowningMomentOfFunny hilarious dialogue between Else and Michael's East German mother, in which the latter does this unconsciously by assuming that every important German landmark is in the eastern part of the country]].
* DeadpanSnarker: Michael (Frankly, if Alfred Tetzlaff were ''your'' father-in-law, you would probably become one too...)
* DirtyCommies: The rather conservative Alfred considers actual communists as well as everyone else who is leftist to be this.
* TheDitz: Else; Alfred's [[EmbarrassingNickname (not very nice) nickname for her]] (''dusselige Kuh'') could be even translated as ''ditzy cow''.
* DysfunctionalFamily: Although to be fair, Else, Rita and Michael get along quite well...
* ForeignRemake: Of the BritCom ''Till Death Us Do Part''.
* TheGhost: The Tetzlaff's neighbour, Mrs. Suhrbier.
* GranolaGirl: Michael is a Granola ''Boy'', at least in the eyes of Alfred, because Michael is a member of the [[UsefulNotes/PoliticalSystemOfGermany SPD (the mainstream social-democratic party in Germany)]] and happens to originate from the [[UsefulNotes/EastGermany GDR]].
* [[strike:HalloweenEpisode]] [[HalloweenEpisode Holiday When It Is Custom To Wear Costumes Episode]]
* HilarityEnsues: Quite often.
* InsistentTerminology: Alfred only refers to the [[UsefulNotes/EastGermany GDR]] as the ''Ostzone'' (''[[CommieLand East Zone]]''), thereby implying that he sees East Germany still just as [[UsefulNotes/ColdWar Soviet-occupied territory instead of a legitimate state]]. (A hot issue in [[UsefulNotes/TheBonnRepublic pre-reunified Germany]].)
* TheNapoleon: Alfred; lampshaded in the Carnival episode, when he wears a Napoleon costume.
* NationalStereotypes: Alfred seems to believe in many of them, mostly the negative ones.
** Averted in case of Greece, because they were a dictatorship back in the 70's, thus earning Alfred's praise because "they get things done" and there aren't any "sozis" there. Now talk about {{Hilarious in Hindsight}}...
* StandardizedSitcomHousing: Not quite. While the living room is at the right, and the kitchen at the left side of the stage, the front door is at the end of a corridor between those two rooms. The tv-set is in the rear left corner of the living room.
* StudioAudience: Can be seen at the beginning and the end of each episode. (By the way, the people of TheSeventies were apparently [[IWasQuiteAFashionVictim quite fond of bright colours]]...)
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: Alfred Tetzlaff, so much that his FanNickname is even ''Ekel Alfred'' (''Jerk Alfred'').