''I realized this place is not Disneyland''
-->Diego Buñuel, on Afghanistan.

Documentary miniseries produced by Creator/NationalGeographicChannel and Canal+, directed and hosted by Diego Buñuel (Grandson of renowned film director Luis Buñuel), in which he poses as a FunnyForeigner and ventures into countries which have bad reputations for being [[DeathWorld dangerous places]] in a light-hearted way. For every time he visits a country, he goes forth and debunks many of the myths and misconceptions from the country he visits, while hanging {{Lampshades}} all over the place in regard of the situation.

So far, he has gone to:
* North Korea
* Colombia
* Afghanistan
* Pakistan
* Iran
* Iraq
* Venezuela
* Palestine and the Gaza Strip
* The Balkans

!!Tropes present in this show:
* AxesAtSchool: Lampshaded in the Pakistan episode. The Madrasah staff in that episode (jokingly) commented about getting e-mails about hiding AK-47's inside the building.
* BizarreAndImprobableGolfGame: Mentioned in Afghanistan, while playing golf on a run-down golf course with a local TV celebrity.
* [[CrapsackWorld Crapsack Country]]: Except for some relevant places and cities, every place featured here is this.
* FunnyForeigner: Diego plays with this trope at times.
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: Happens in-universe during his trip to the Balkans, where a local sculptor shows Diego a sculpture of Creator/BruceLee, stating that it's a hero to every person in the city, regardless of ethnicity.
* IntrepidReporter: Diego fits this trope perfectly. Granted, before this show he was a war correspondent in Afghanistan and Iraq...
* {{Narrator}}
* TravelogueShow