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Series: Doctor Doctor

This 1989-1991 CBS sitcom features Matt Frewer as a doctor who belongs to the practice Northeast Medical Partners with three other doctors in Providence, Rhode Island. Most of the comedy surrounds Dr. Stratford's zany antics, tempered by his obvious commitment to his profession and his patients. Though at first serving as "straight men" for Frewer's manic style of comic acting, the other characters gained more depth as the series progressed, sometimes focusing on issues such as AIDS, breast cancer, and homophobia.

Not to be confused with the Trope Doctor Doctor Doctor.


  • Real Song Theme Tune: "Good Lovin'"
  • Refuge in Audacity: In a Very Special Episode the characters worry about their personal reactions to the possibility of operating on an HIV positive patient. Then the cast turn up for work, acting normal but wearing full body condom suits.
  • Yet Another Christmas Carol: A rare non-Holiday example. Over the course of a three part episode Mike is wrongly sued for malpractice and is convinced by all his partners to settle instead of fight. Guilt, - and mention of A Christmas Carol - cause him to revisit his past, present and future in a dream.

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