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Series: DANGER 5

"Hitler's days are numbered, because Danger 5 are on the case."
The Colonel, Danger 5 trailer.

Ever imagined what would have happened if an international team of secret agents had fought Hitler in the 1960s? If not, that's no surprise, but David Ashby and Dario Russo somehow dreamed up this eccentric premise and went crazy with it.

Developed by the creators of Italian Spiderman, Danger 5 is an oddly compelling action/comedy set in a bizarre, Alternate Universe based on '60s and pulp fiction cliches. It features the Danger 5 team directly assigned to thwart Hitler's diabolical plans, which involve anything and everything from Japanese robots to Nazi-controlled dinosaurs.

Danger 5 began with a short series of prequel Webisodes available here, followed by a full television series broadcast on its parent network SBS. The TV show can be viewed online in Australia, as well as on Hulu. It's also internationally available as a DVD boxset. If you like shows that are uniquely, weirdly, raucously fun, this is worth a look.

Season 2 covers the team fighting Hitler in the '80s. At Christmas.

Tropes in the show include:

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