Series: Criss Angel BeLIEve

A Reality Show, focusing on the exploits of stage magician and illusionist Criss Angel. A typical episode features the lead-up and preparation to the Major Illusion or Trick of the Episode, along with smaller illusions performed on the street or similar—in a slight subversion, he actually explains how said illusions work. Fittingly (given that he is part of a theatre show there), much of the "fun" (if you can call it fun) occurs around Las Vegas, and especially at his new secret warehouse base.

If anything, Criss Angel: BeLIEve is pretty much Criss Angel Mindfreak doing a Channel Hop to Spike TV. It is unknown whether there is or will be a 2nd season anytime soon, as Criss required shoulder surgery following the Double Straightjacket stunt, which in turn required him to temporarily place his main stage show on hiatus in favor of Magic Jam, a new show featuring him and a variety of guest performers.