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''Coach'' is an American {{sitcom}} that ran on Creator/{{ABC}} from 1989 to 1997. It starred Craig T. Nelson as Hayden Fox, a successful but insensitive college football coach in Minnesota. His assistant coaches include his old friend Luther (Jerry Van Dyke) and the much younger "super senior" Dauber (Creator/BillFagerbakke).

Hayden has to juggle his responsibilities as coach with his girlfriend Christine (Shelly Fabares), a successful anchorwoman, and learning how to be a dad again when his daughter Kelly (Clare Carey) comes to the university for the music and dance program. She ends up marrying an effeminate young man named Stuart who Hayden strongly dislikes.

The show ended up covering him going from being an inexperienced coach with a poor college team all the way to him ending up in the NFL.

There was an attempt at reviving the show for 2015/2016, but it was cancelled due to a troubled production.

As of January 2018, the show can now be seen on Creator/AntennaTV.
!!Tropes featured include:

* AmicableExes: Despite Hayden's occasinal insults towards his ex-wife Beth, they got along pretty well whenever she appeared.
* AndStarring: "And Shelley Fabares as Christine Armstrong."
* AsHimself: A number of sports personalities appeared on the show as themselves including Troy Aikman, Keith Jackson,& Joe Theisman; also, Mary Hart in the ClipShow.
* BaitAndSwitch: In TheTeaser to one episode, a game is not going well. During halftime, Luther and Dauber listen in as an off-screen Hayden screams about performance and how he wants to see some changes.
''[The door opens and out stumbles the university's priest]''
* BrickJoke: in the episode "That Shouldn't Happen". The episode starts off with an announcement of the signing of a superstar quarterback. At the signing, a local channel offers a half hour show to Hayden as an aside at the announcement. After other build ups, Hayden injures the quarterback just before the game when high-fiving him. Hayden goes into a downward spiral, along with his fellow team members. At the very end of the episode, when Hayden hits his lowest point, the TV crew shows up at his home to film his show.
* ChristmasEpisode:
** "Christmas Brains": Hayden is depressed over a lonely Christmas and screwing up his relationship with Christine, so Kelly brings the in-laws and her mother for a visit.
** "My True Love Gave to Me...": Hayden and Dauber both get Christmas gifts from the same jeweler. A mix-up, though, sees Judy get the ring meant for Christine and thinking that Dauber just proposed.
** "Christmas of the Van Damned": Luther learns he has an extended family in the state, but his first meeting is a disaster and none of them want to come to his Christmas party.
* ClipShow: Presented as a InUniverse TV special, Mary Hart interviews Coach Fox, with clips illustrating his comments.
* CommutingOnABus: Kelly, after season 5.
* CripplingTheCompetition: In one episode the Orlando Breakers are in Buffalo to play the Bills when Luther accepts a dinner of Buffalo Wings from a bar/restaurant called "Buffalo Billy's." The entire team comes down with food poisoning and Coach Fox has to draft anyone he can find to fill the uniforms. Afterwards, Luther goes back to "Billy's" and asks the owner if it was intentional. The owner says no, but isn't too convincing about it.
** "Out Of Control" had Coach Fox order one of his players to take out the star player on the opposing team to give the Screaming Eagles a chance to win. The player does it, but the hit is so awful it's implied the opponent will never play football again. Fox's player is understandably distraught and Coach [[HeelRealization realizes he crossed the line]].
* {{Crossover}}: In 1997, Creator/{{ABC}} forced a crossover stunt on this and the other Wednesday night sitcoms - ''Series/TheDrewCareyShow'', ''Series/{{Ellen}}'' and ''Series/GraceUnderFire''. Titled "Viva Las Vegas," the idea was that characters from the four shows would be in UsefulNotes/LasVegas for different reasons and encounter each other. Only a couple characters from each series did this, however, and they amounted to [[TheCameo cameos]] at best. This series' contribution was "Viva Las Ratings" - [[BitingTheHandHumor mocking the network's stunt]]. Notably, Craig T. Nelson didn't support doing this, so Hayden did no crossing over. Luther wound up doing so instead - running into Drew and getting into a memorabilia bidding war with Mimi.
** One episode started with Luthor winning the grand prize on ''America's Funniest Home Videos'' with footage from a previous episode - one of Hayden and Christine's botched wedding attempts, which ended with Christine falling off a balcony, trying and failing to catch herself on a chandelier, and landing in the cake.
** In the GrandFinale, when Hayden and Christine go back to the old Minnesota cabin, they find three squatters: [[Series/{{Newhart}} Larry, his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl]].[[note]] So does that mean this whole series was [[Series/TheBobNewhartShow Bob Hartley's]] dream as well? [[/note]] Barry Kemp created both shows.
* DatingWhatDaddyHates: Kelly ends up dating and marrying Stuart, a guy whose entire personality rubs Hayden the wrong way. He's effeminate, emotional, very liberal, vegan, artistic and, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking worst of all, a mime]]. Notably, though, Hayden doesn't mind most of that in general, he was just hoping for someone who would at least enjoy fishing or watching sports. Stuart makes no real attempt at bonding, but desperately wants Hayden to just accept him anyway.
* DisappearedDad: Luthor's dad has been missing since 1942. In one episode Hayden actually finds him.
** Hayden feels this way about his relationship with Kelly. He kept in contact but, by and large, she was raised by her mother. The early seasons was mostly about the two reconnecting.
* TheDitz: Dauber.
* DoomItYourself: Luther and Dauber try to install a floor in Hayden's rec room on two separate occasions. The first time (done off-camera), they get it so off-level that setting up a pool game caused all the balls to roll to one side of the table. When they tried to fix it, they lost control of the cement mixer, which buried them up to their ankles in concrete, which hardened before they could get out.
* {{Dramedy}}: Has shades of this depending on the episode. The show juggled the line between DomCom, WorkCom and Singles Comedy, along with a healthy dose of mid-life crisis thrown in. It was not afraid of having more pensive and emotional stories, or ending an episode on a serious note. One in particular is when Stuart tells Kelly he is leaving her, the episode ends when Hayden asks her what is wrong and her sobs can be heard over the credits.
* {{Expy}}: Minnesota State seems to be a substitute for the University of Minnesota (which originally supported the show but pulled out prior to filming), with the fight song very similar to the "Minnesota March". Outdoor scenes of campus, though, are shots of the University of Iowa.
** The Orlando Breakers are a clear expy of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who joined the NFL in the same year the ReTool took effect. The Breakers, like the Jaguars, surprisingly make the playoffs in only their second season, and play the Buffalo Bills in their first playoff game. Also, one episode has the Breakers' owner plotting to move the team to Los Angeles because of low attendance (which is more HilariousInHindsight than anything).
* FootballFightSong: The Screaming Eagle's fight song is set to the tune of the show's theme song. ''Nobody'' (Including Hayden) knows more than the first two lines of the actual lyrics (When the Screaming Eagles fight/They fight with all their might).
* GayBarReveal: In one episode, Coach Fox is concerned that Terry, one of his athletes, is less than heterosexual. He ends up in a peaceful bar talking with the student, and everything is fine. A slow dance tune comes on, and two young people go to have a quiet dance on the floor behind Coach Fox. They have a gender in common...
* HandshakeRefusal: Hayden Fox ran into one of his fans coming out of one of the private rooms, who promptly recognized him and held out his hand for a shake.
* HeldBackInSchool: Hayden made Dauber an assistant coach when he learned that his protege hadn't earned enough credits to graduate (In fact, given how many credits he had earned, Dauber was still technically a ''sophomore'' after four years of college) and his football scholarship only ran for four years. He finally does graduate halfway through his ninth year in college. Thanks to Dauber's rather random selection of courses, he even ends up getting ''three'' degrees: In Physical Education, English, and Forestry.
* {{Hypocrite}}: In one episode Dauber lectured a player about the importance of keeping his grades up, bulling through the speech even after the player pointed out that Dauber was an ''eighth year senior'' at the time.
* IGaveMyWord: In one episode, Hayden tells the parent of a prospective student that he promised Dauber's mother that he would ensure he graduated. This was still at a point when Dauber hadn't yet graduated, so Hayden notes that he's still trying to make good on this.
* IWantYouToMeetAnOldFriendOfMine: Luther (played by Jerry van Dyke) learns that he was adopted and ends up attending a reunion of his birth family. As he enters he complains to Hayden that there's no way he could be related to any of these people. An unnamed character (played by Dick van Dyke) chooses that moment to walk conspicuously across the set.
* IWarnedYou: Hayden gets to say this over and over after his [[WomenAreWiser wife Christine]] finally makes a mistake and gets arrested after a rowdy bachelorette party by not listening to him.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Hayden.
* JobTitle: Also a OneWordTitle.
* LocalHangout: The Touchdown Club.
* MoodWhiplash: In "Christmas Brains," Stuart's family has a tradition of the Christmas Wish--wearing a festive hat and telling the group what you want most of all. Hayden thinks this is stupid and looks ready to say so, but when it's finally his turn, he quietly expresses his regret over the recent break-up with Christine and blames himself for it.
* ObjectCeilingCling: At one point, Luther is in Hayden's office throwing and sticking pencils up into the ceiling to the point where it's literally covered in them. When Hayden kicks Luther out of his office he slams the door causing all the pencils to fall down.
* OneWordTitle: Because its a JobTitle.
* OnlyKnownByHisNickname: Michael "Dauber" Daubinsky. When Dauber's girlfriend referred to him as Michael in front of Hayden, he honestly didn't know who she was talking about.
* OverlyLongTitle: Several, including "I Don't Know Much About Art, But I Know What Makes Me Mad," "If Keith Jackson Calls, I'll Be At My Therapists," and "Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy: A Show About Bird Ransom."
* PassedOverInheritance: When a wealthy alumnus of Minnesota State dies, Hayden is certain that he's going to leave a large bequest to the University and starts making plans to use it to build a new athletics center. He's outraged when the will leaves the entire estate to the man's widow, and spends several episodes unsuccessfully trying to pry the funding for a new athletics center out of her.
* PositiveDiscrimination: Hayden learns that a current member of his team is gay, which leads to the discovery that previous players were also gay and kept that information from him. All of whom were excellent players. Terry, the current gay player, is a hard-working and level-headed kid who ends up putting Hayden in his place about passive-aggressively singling him out during practice after learning he was gay.
* ReTool: Hayden Fox leaves Minnesota State University to coach a pro team in Orlando in Season 8.
* RippedFromTheHeadlines: The aforementioned food poisoning episode was based on a similar incident involving New Zealand's team during the 1995 Rugby World Cup.
* SitcomArchNemesis: Hayden has Judy Watkins, coach of Michigan State's women's basketball team. Becomes even more of a problem after Dauber starts dating her.
* StripperCopConfusion: Christine is at a bachelorette party where a real cop shows up and is mistaken for the male stripper.
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: It's done in a largely unique way, Hayden is fully aware that he can come across as a jerk and just sort of accepts that he is not going to get along with everyone. As a college football coach he has to put on a DrillSergeantNasty persona on a frequent basis but he is rarely malicious and fully capable of being a mature adult when things don't go his way.
* UsefulNotes/TwinCities: While most of the cast lives near the fictional Minnesota State University, Christine lives in downtown Minneapolis.
* WeddingDay: It took at least three tries before Hayden and Christine actually got married, since the early attempts kept ending in disaster (The incident mentioned in the Crossover example, plus the time Luthor set Christine's wedding dress on fire, and possibly others). The advertisement for the ''actual'' wedding episode lampshaded this by billing it as "The wedding of Hayden and Christine. Honest. Really, this time!"
* WomanScorned: The new female college president, who debuted in "Haven't I Slept With You Somewhere Before?" Hayden slept with her years ago and walked out on her, and since becoming the president, frequently causes trouble for him as a result (despite that being a major conflict of interest).
* WorkCom