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Series: Castle
From left to right: Richard Castle, a ludicrous amount of sexual tension, and Kate Beckett.

"I often say that Castle is Moonlighting meets Murder, She Wrote having not really remembered Moonlighting and never having actually seen Murder She Wrote."
Nathan Fillion as quoted here

Castle is a Police Procedural dramedy starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. It really can be seen as a combination of Moonlighting and Murder, She Wrote, albeit served with a generous helping of Law & Order and seasoned liberally with Nathan Fillion's natural wise-ass charm.

Fillion plays famous mystery novelist Richard Castlenote , who begins the series having killed off his most famous character and suffering from a severe case of writer's block.

After a killer begins to recreate murder scenes from Castle's books, Castle is consulted by Detective Kate Beckett (Katic) of the NYPD. When an obsessive fan is arrested far too quickly and easily, it bothers his writer's sensibilities, convincing him that the fan was framed and helping Beckett to catch the real murderer.

Enamored with using his knowledge of criminal methodology to solve real crimes (and a bit more enamored with Beckett, who becomes the inspiration for his next main character), Castle pulls some strings and gets permission to work alongside Beckett and the NYPD as "research" for his next book. With Castle's analytical instincts (and over-active imagination) and Beckett's years of experience, They Fight Crime.

An interview with Fillion providing a lot of relevant information can be found here. The show also has its own wiki.

The show has a recap page and a shout out page.

For literal castles, try Big Fancy Castle. For the Stick Animation, try Castle Series.

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