Series: Brotherly Love

Starting on NBC and moving to TheWB after a season, this Sitcom featured real-life brothers Joey, Matt, and Andy Lawrence as fictional Philadelphians Joe, Matt, and Andy Roman. A total of 40 episodes were produced between September 1995 and May 1997.

The brothers' late father owned an auto garage along with his second wife Claire (Melinda Culea), the mother of Matt and Andy. In the pilot episode, estranged older half-brother Joe comes through town intending to sell his 25% of the garage to Claire, but he discovers that the garage is struggling financially. After getting to know his younger brothers, he decides to stick around and help Claire run the business.

Rounding out the main cast were the garage's two staff mechanics, the intellectual Lou (Liz Vassey) and the lovable oaf Lloyd (Mike McShane).

This show provides examples of:

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