[[caption-width-right:300: Tsaketa!]]

-> I'm Nadia G, and this is Bitchin' Kitchen!

A half-hour long CookingShow starring Nadia Giosia as the loudmouthed "Nadia G". In each episode, Nadia makes three dishes revolving around a certain theme, from break-ups to being broke, with plenty of wisecracks and tips from both Nadia and her trio of quirky correspondents.

Originally starting as three-to-five minute episodes on Website/YouTube (all of which [[http://www.youtube.com/user/BitchinKitchenOnline/ are still available]]), ''Bitchin' Kitchen'' proved to be so popular that it was initially picked up by the Creator/FoodNetwork in Canada, then by the Creator/CookingChannel in the United States, where it currently airs every Wednesday. The show's website also offers a Supper Club for repeat viewing. Nadia has also written two cookbooks: ''Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen Cookbook'' and ''Cookin' for Trouble''.

Has its own [[DrinkingGame/BitchinKitchen drinking game]].

!!This show contains examples of:

* AdrenalineTime: Liberally applied to show the full prepwork and cooking process within seconds instead of minutes or hours.
* AlcoholicParent: Prety much spelled out when Nadia makes Drunken Peaches:
--> '''Nadia:''' My dad used to make this recipe all the time, but instead of port, he'd use homemade wine! ...and there were no peaches. [{{beat}}] *quietly bites into a peach*
* ArchEnemy: Yeheskel's is [[RunningGag black peppercorns]].
* BadassIsraeli: Yeheskel the Spice Agent is an aversion -- a compulsive whiner with a tendency to fold under pressure.
* {{Blooper}}: [[invoked]] The "Fantastic Foods 2" episode featured a short segment of bloopers.
* TheCameo: Many internet and celebrity chefs made an appearance in a music video for the Holiday Special, including WebVideo/EpicMealTime, WebVideo/VeganBlackMetalChef, Guy Fieri, Andrew Zimmern, Duff Goldman, Kelsey Nixon, Ben Sargent, and Alie & Georgia.
* CanadaEh: Nadia, who is from Montreal. Interestingly enough, she DOES finish most of her sentences with "eh", though it's more of an Italian thing than Canadian.
** MistakenNationality: For a French-Canadian born into an Italian family, Nadia's pronounced accent originally led viewers to think she was from New York.
* CatchPhrase:
** "Alla prossima!" ("'Til next time," which Nadia uses to close every episode)
** "Mi!"
** "Tsaketa!"
** "You nerds!"
** "I got some ready to go!" whenever she's getting out the [[OneIPreparedEarlier dishes that needed time in the fridge]].
* ChristmasSpecial: The hour-long spectacular aired in 2011.
* ComedicSociopathy:
** When Nadia's response to how she deals with stress is "lash out and take it out on [her] loved ones", you know she isn't the sweetest apple in the cart.
** Panos is henpecked by his wife to the point that all he can do is cry on a salmon.
* EroticEating: Nadia always samples each of her dishes as soon as they're done. Cue the satisfied moans and description of how all the flavors and textures fit together.
* {{Fanservice}}:
** The camera isn't shy about getting good shots of Nadia. Lampshaded by her once after putting something in the oven with "now that you've looked at my bum."
** Nadia invoked this for the Holiday Special's music video by donning a red latex catsuit and [[ThreeMinutesOfWrithing writhing around]] with presents.
** Cranked up a bit more in the "childhood favorites" episode with Nadia's [[BareYourMidriff belly-baring T-shirt]]...which, considering it's a Franchise/GarbagePailKids shirt, still ties into the episode's theme.
* GratuitousForeignLanguage:
** GratuitousItalian by the loads. The first cookbook provides a glossary, and the show has both short spots where Nadia defines a word for the viewer and at least one ad where she does multiple words.
** Torrents of gratuitous Greek any time Panos' wife appears.
* GreatestHitsAlbum: The main gag for one episode featured Nadia having one of these and offering it for sale. The director's snark about its...questionable quality killed the joke.
* HideousHangoverCure: Averted in her hungover episode. Even the [[http://bitchinlifestyle.tv/Bitchin-Kitchen/Recipes/Bitchin-Supperclub/Celery-Pineapple-Banana-Smoothie.html green smoothie]] looked delicious.
* IncomingHam: Since everyone is a LargeHam, this is unavoidable.
* INeedAFreakingDrink: When Nadia asks Panos' wife how she deals with her marriage, her response is "a little ouzo goes a long way."
* IWantMyJetpack: [[AwesomeButImpractical Deconstructed]] as a RunningGag.
* KitschCollection: The entire kitchen is decorated with porcelain and chrome baby dolls and skulls. Lampshaded when Nadia goes on about her grandmother's creepy collection of figurines while the camera zooms into the set behind her.
* KnownOnlyByTheirNickname: "The Spice Agent", only because [[RunningGag no one knows how to pronounce "Yehezkel Mizrahi"]].
* LargeHam: Everyone, especially Hans.
* MrFanservice: Hans is really ripped and never misses a chance to flex.
* MusicVideo: Some episodes feature one, with Nadia actually singing (or, in the case of the hipster brunch episode, rapping) about the show topic.
* NationalStereotypes: Italians with Nadia, Israelis with the Spice Agent[[note]]Yehezkel Mizrahi![[/note]] and Greeks with Panos. Muscleman Hans is Polish, but he plays up his muscles instead of his nationality.
* NiceShoes: Nadia has quite the collection, her website shows you where to get them, and every episode is guaranteed to feature multiple shots of them, with an entire sequence in "Fantastic Foods 2" being dedicated to "the moments I hold dearest to my heart"--a shoes montage. The opening credits even get one.
-->'''Nadia''': It's a little obscure, that recipe, no?\\
'''[[TheVoice Director]]''': Who cares, they're watching for shoes.
* OneIPreparedEarlier: The majority of the dishes on the show can be eaten right out of the pot or pan. For anything requiring significant cooling or resting, though, this trope will be used.
* PerpetuallyShinyBodies: Hans, due to being thoroughly oiled-up every time he's onscreen. He even bastes himself in one episode.
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: Hans, Panos and the Spice Agent.
* RhetoricalQuestionBlunder: A trademark of Nadia's, who actually answers her own rhetorical questions.
-->Man, this dish is so good, what more can you ask for? Not be poor, I know, I know.
* RuleOfCool: Chalkboard cabinets. Zebra print floor. ''Chainmail handtowels.''
* RunningGag: Nadia has a serious crush on Creator/ChristianBale (once represented by [[FanDisservice Yehezkel in a speedo]]). Also, she wants a [[AwesomeButImpractical jetpack]].
* SarcasmMode: Abused regularly by Nadia.
* SoundEffectBleep:
** Occasionally used with the side characters, especially Panos.
** Nadia combines this with SymbolSwearing, as a tiny version of the "skull heart-and-utensils" logo is put over her mouth when she drops a bleepable word.
* TakeThat: In the "break-up meal" episode, Nadia said that ''mosto cotto,'' or grape must, is a [[JustForPun must]] in balsamic vinegar, and that calling it balsamic vinegar with no ''mosto cotto'' in it is "like calling spray can cheese 'Parmigiana' or Music/{{Nickelback}} a 'rock band.'"
* TransparentCloset: The Spice Agent seems to be inside one of these, what with his crush on Creator/TobeyMaguire, stealing his mother's stockings while drunk, and how his first experience (with soap) was in the men's locker room.
* TheUnpronounceable: The Spice Agent's name is Yehezkel Mizrahi but nobody in the show knows how to say it...[[EvenTheSubtitlerIsStumped even his caption is in Hebrew]] . Nadia gets around the problem by having a recording of someone else saying the name play on cue. Even the glossary in the first cookbook can spell "Yehezkel" but can't suggest a pronunciation.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Hans, being the stereotypical buff-and-oiled-up bodybuilder, never wears a shirt.

-->Alla prossima, you nerds!