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Series: Bet On Your Baby
Game Show on ABC hosted by Melissa Peterman which involves making predictions on one of the most unpredictable things you could ever predict: the actions of a young child.

Four couples play per episode; one half takes their child into a "Babydome" to try and get them to perform a task, while the other half must predict how well they do. If the punter gets it right, the couple wins $5,000 in college tuition for their child. Regardless of performance, the four couples then get a chance to play a qualifying game for a chance at $50,000 in tuition in a Bonus Round: it's basically Concentration, except with their kids uncovering the rebus by manipulating toys instead of matching prizes. The winning couple then smash open up to five piggy banks to determine their final prize.

That's about it, actually. The first season was burned off on Saturday nights beginning in April 2013. Somehow it got renewed, and promptly returned in June 2014 on, yet again, Saturday nights.

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