Series: Beastmaster

aka: The Beastmaster
Starring Daniel Goddard in a loincloth. Oh, and there's a plot in there. Somewhere. Maybe.

-Beastmaster intro

Emerging on the heels of the enormous popularity of Hercules and Xena, BeastMaster was a recycled TV series of the film of the same name and shared the general Walking the Earth in The Time of Myths sort of theme. The series lasted from October, 1999 to May, 2002. A total of 66 episodes in three seasons.

Starring Daniel Goddard as Dar, Jackson Raine as Tao, Steven Grives as King Zad, Monika Schnarre as The Sorceress, Grahame Bond as The Ancient One, and Marjean Holden as Arina.
    King Zad 
    Ancient One 
    First Sorceress 
    Second Sorceress 
    King Voden 
  • Guyliner: He wears kohl eyeliner in every episode he is in.
  • Light Is Not Good: Voden wears white everything, which despite tramping through forests always remain immaculate, as well as having bleached hair. He is also very pale.
  • Royally Screwed Up: Not only is he insane, his insanity actually increases in each subsequent episode. In one episode his own mother notes his madness.

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The Beastmaster