Series / Battlestars
Game Show created by Merrill Heatter of The Hollywood Squares fame and hosted by Alex Trebek, which ran for six months on NBC in 1981-82 followed by a few more months in '83.

Battlestars bore a striking resemblance to Squares, except that it had only six celebrities who sat in triangles. Each celebrity was surrounded by three numbers. A randomizer selected one of the numbers, which corresponded to whichever celebrity would be asked the question. Also unlike Squares, the questions offered two possible answers. If a player "captured" all three numbers surrounding a star, (s)he then had to "capture" two more in a similar fashion to win $500 and the game.

This show is not connected to either the original Battlestar Galactica or its reimagined version.

Game Show Tropes in use:

  • Bonus Round:
    • The original series used "Battlestars Two" (though it was often just called the "picture round"), which obscured a famous person's face under 16 blocks. Three blocks were chosen to reveal the face, and the contestant could then choose up to three more blocks to remove. Getting it with four blocks removed won $5,000 note , and each block afterward lowered the jackpot.
    • The revival had "The Main Event"- they used the three celebrities the winner captured. Each was asked a multiple-choice question with three answers given, and the contestant could choose to agree or disagree with each. The contestant won $500 for each right answer, and a Progressive Jackpot if all were correct.
  • Golden Snitch: One player could light up numerous lights in a row, then lose due to missing a question and having the opponent light up the critical light.
  • Personnel:
  • Progressive Jackpot: For the New bonus round, the "Battlestars Bonanza" typically began with $5,000 cash plus a total of about $2,000-$3,000 in prizes, increasing until won.

This show provides examples of:

  • Color-Coded Multiplayer: The panelists' backdrops turned either red or blue according to which contestant captured them. The champion was blue and the challenger was red, the reverse of what's usually seen on game shows.
  • Opening Narration:
    • 1981-82: (names of the six celebrities). Those are the Battlestars! And here's the man in command, Alex Trebek!
    • 1983: (names of the six celebrities), all on The New Battlestars! And here's the man in command, Alex Trebek!
  • Panel Game
  • Recycled IN SPACE!: It's literally The Hollywood Squares IN SPACE!