Series / Balala The Fairies

If you want to see China's version of the Magical Girl genre, then you have Balala the Fairies (Simplified Chinese. 巴啦啦小魔仙). Being a Live-action show, which is common in China and not so for the genre, its much like their form of Pretty Cure.

Outside of the human world, there is a magical world where human fairies capable of using magic, ruled by the powerful Fairy Queen. However, there's also the presence of dark magic, which is forbidden from study or use. Luna, a fairy imprisoned for such research, escapes from her cell. Soon after, she steals a Power Crystal unguarded from the queen's throne room and flees into Earth. Despite predicting such an incident would happen, she tries the fairy guardian of the stone Shirley, who was absent from her duties. As punishment, she is sealed within a magical box and sent to the human world, not able to return until the stone is returned and Luna captured.

The magical box falls into the hands of two sisters, the underachieving manhua fan Maggie and the Teen Genius Michelle, after it scares the owner of the shop where it was found. After they take it home, Shirley emerges from the box and tells them of her mission. Disguised as a babysitter, she trains the girls to becoming magic users themselves in her quest. Also encountering Lili, a jealous classmate who rivals the sisters and becomes the pupil of Luna, they go off on adventure to stop the Big Bad from causing havoc.

Currently still under production with three seasons, two of which are animated. An animated version featuring a fourth main character, Xiao Qian. The live-action show consists of 52 episodes and the animated version is currently ongoing.

A film also came out in January 2013.

Tropes include: