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Series: Baby Songs
Baby Songs is a Direct-to-Video series of Music Videos aimed at young children, especially toddlers and babies. Created in 1985 by Amy Weintraub and Brooks McEwan, together with music by famed children's musician Hap Palmer, and inspired by the music videos on MTV, Baby Songs features songs and videos that focus on subjects relatable to its target audience, including walking for the first time, taking a bath, and potty training. Each video begins with a short animated segment of a baby boy (often with his Canine Companion) doing something related to the song.

There are 12 videos in total, not including Hap Palmer's other works.

  • Baby Songs
  • More Baby Songs
  • Even More Baby Songs
  • Baby Songs: Baby's Busy Day
  • Baby Songs: ABC, 123 Colors and Shapes
  • Baby Songs: Good Night
  • Baby Songs: Animals
  • Baby Songs: Sing Together
  • Baby Songs: Silly Songs
  • Baby Songs: Rock & Roll
  • Baby Songs: Christmas
  • Baby Songs: John Lithgow's Kid Size Concert

The Baby Songs series contains examples of:

Babylon 5American SeriesThe Bachelor

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