''B-Fighter Kabuto'' is Toei's 15th entry in its ''Franchise/MetalHeroes'' series, and the second of its ''B-Fighter'' series. Its footage was used to create ''[[Series/{{Beetleborgs}} Beetleborgs Metallix]]''.

Ten years after the Jamahl Empire fell, a new threat, the Melzard tribe, emerges. At the revamped Earth Academia called Cosmo Academia, Takuya Kai and Guru work on a new generation of Insect-Powered PoweredArmor suits. When the Melzard launches their first attack, two of the suits are immediately entrusted to Kengo Tachibana and Ran Ayukawa. The third is soon entrusted to OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Kouhei Toba. With the new team in place, the Melzard's schemes for Earth have reached a dead end.

!!The New Generation B-Fighters:
* Kouhei Toba/'''B-Fighter Kabuto''': TheHero; an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent who becomes involved in the fight against evil.
* Kengo Tachibana/'''B-Fighter Kuwaga''': [[TheBigGuy Big]] [[TheLancer Lancer]]; a student inititally bitter with Kouhei for taking the mantle of B-Fighter Kabuto instead of him. However, he does warm up to our hero.
* Ran Ayukawa/'''B-Fighter Tentou''': [[TheSmartGuy Smart]] [[TheChick Chick]]; she is so involved with technology that she is naive on natural matters.

!!Our heroes are soon joined by:
* Mac Windy/'''B-Fighter Yanma''': A FunnyForeigner from New York, very much [[FourTemperamentEnsemble Sanguine]].
* Julio Rivera/'''B-Fighter Genji''': A Peruvian archaeologist, love interest for Ran, who taught her to experience the beauty of nature. Played by legendary suit actor Seiji Takaiwa, in one of his only face roles.
* Li Wen/'''B-Fighter Min''': A Chinese elementary schoolteacher and TechnicalPacifist.
* Sophie Villeneuve/'''B-Fighter Ageha''': A French violinist and love interest for Kouhei; responsible for wakening the Astral Saber.

!!Melzard Tribe:
* Mother Melzard: The BigBad
* Dinosaur Warrior Raija: The [[DinosaursAreDragons Saurian-Armored]] [[TheDragon dragon]].
* Deep Sea Fish-man Dezzle: Raija's fish-armored brother and arch-enemy.
* Insect Swordswoman Miola: The Insectoid-armored DarkChick.
* B-Crushers: ThePsychoRangers:
** '''B-Crusher Deathcorpion''': A NobleDemon.
** '''B-Crusher Mukaderinger''': The DirtyCoward.
** '''B-Crusher Killmantis''': The MasterSwordsman.
** '''B-Crusher Beezack''': A MasterOfDisguise and Killmantis's partner-in-crime.
!!''B-Fighter Kabuto'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler:Raija and Dezzle in Episode 36.]]
* BeeAfraid: Beezack's armor motif.
* ButNotTooForeign: Except for Mac, all the {{Sixth Ranger}}s are played by Japanese actors. Sophie's actress is half-Mexican, not that you can tell.
* ByThePowerOfGrayskull: "''Cho Juko!''" ("Super Heavy Shell!")
* CreepyCentipedes: Mukaderinger's armor motif.
* {{Crossover}}: The first B-Fighters appear to aid our heroes for some episodes.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Kuwaga Titan joins the good guys in the finale in order to battle Mother Melzard's final form.]]
* HumongousMecha: The heroes get assistance from two giant Kojin ("Shell Gods"), Kabuterios and Kuwaga Titan.
* JapaneseBeetleBrothers: B-Fighter Kabuto and B-Fighter Kuwaga, like their predecessors, are a Type A.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: The B-Crushers, especially Deathcorpion and Killmantis.
* PowerTrio: Kabuto, Kuwaga and Tentou, like their predecessors.
* ThePsychoRangers: The B-Crushers, opposites of the four New B-Fighters
* ScaryScorpions: Deathcorpion's armor motif.
* SlayingMantis: Moila and Killmantis are both themed after one.