->''"Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything -- and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. It's [[TitleDrop Arrested Development]]."''

''Arrested Development'' is a single-camera SitCom, debuting in 2003.

The show follows the farcical exploits of a wealthy family grappling with the loss of their fortune as the family patriarch is arrested for numerous dubious dealings involving [[IncompetenceInc the family business]]. The show's tone is quick-witted and fast-paced, tempered with a voice-over documentary-style narration[[note]]provided by producer Creator/RonHoward[[/note]] and coupled with {{Running Gag}}s, {{Brick Joke}}s, nested {{flashback}}s, and other complex narrative structures.

Michael Bluth is the OnlySaneMan in a family that doesn't know how to live frugally; he is trying to keep the company afloat and the family together, but his siblings live their lives on a whim. His older brother GOB ('''G'''eorge '''O'''scar '''B'''luth II -- pronounced "jobe", like the biblical Job [[note]]although Gob himself doesn't know the correct pronunciation of the Biblical Job[[/note]]) is a mostly incompetent magician who performs ''[[InsistentTerminology illusions]]''. Michael's twin sister Lindsay is a fair-weather activist for whatever cause happens to catch her attention at any given moment; her husband, Tobias, is a disgraced psychiatrist turned disgraceful actor (and is in denial about his obvious homosexuality). Michael's younger brother, Byron "Buster" Bluth, is a bizarre ManChild who still lives with his mother, Lucille (who is constantly drinking and critical of everything and everyone). Michael's father, George, is enjoying his time in prison. Michael's well-behaved, but also quite awkward and confused son, [[Creator/MichaelCera George-Michael]], and Tobias and Lindsay's rebellious and StreetSmart daughter, [[Creator/AliaShawkat Maeby]], frequently steal the show; the rest of the family is ignorant of the {{UST}} [[KissingCousins between them]].

The show was [[{{Uncancelled}} brought back]] for a fourth season on May 26, 2013, exclusive to Creator/{{Netflix}}. It uses [[ADayInTheLimelight character-focused episodes]] and AnachronicOrder to bring the viewers up to speed on the missing five years of the family's lives. '''Mark spoilers for Season 4.''' The show has been renewed for a fifth season, and, according to Brian Grazer, has been scheduled to go into production in early 2016, with the seventeen episodes being released later that year.

The show [[TheWikiRule has a Wiki]] [[http://arresteddevelopment.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page on Wikia]] and comprehensive coverage on [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrested_Development Wikipedia itself]]. The now-defunct fan site [[http://web.archive.org/web/20130121170947/http://the-op.com// Balboa Observer-Picayune]], archived on the Internet Archive, also has thorough coverage of the show's first three seasons. There is a [[Recap/ArrestedDevelopment Recap page]] listing the show's episodes and the tropes used in each of them (still in [[TitleDrop development]]). You can also vote [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/crowner.php/BestEpisode/ArrestedDevelopment here]] for the best episode.
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!!Arrested Development in general provides examples of the following tropes:

* AbortedArc: Many plot twists from the first three seasons are dropped, and often never mentioned again. For instance:
** "Hand to God": [[spoiler:Maggie falls pregnant, for real this time, after sleeping with Michael again. (although this was meant to be a one-off as Julia Louis-Dreyfus wasn't expected to return to the show)]]
** "Spring Breakout", which ended with [[spoiler: Kitty coming into possession of a cooler containing George Sr.'s sperm.]]
** "Exit Strategy": [[spoiler:The real Saddam Hussein was hiding in the Model Home in Iraq after all]].
** [[invoked]] [[WordOfGod Mitch Hurwitz]] has stated that the "George Sr. turning into a woman" plot-line that Season 4 hinted at has been discontinued in Season 5, as he felt it was too close to Creator/JeffreyTambor's role in ''Series/{{Transparent}}''. Ironically, that role was specifically written for Tambor, making it possible that that the entire show was partially inspired by his performance in ''Arrested Development'' (and thus by an arc that it ultimately caused to be dropped).
* AbusiveParents: George Sr. and Lucille Bluth have treated all of their children with varying degrees of abuse, which continued (to an extent) well into their adulthood:
** Michael and Gob were constantly played against each other (and occasionally manipulated into physically fighting each other. Said fights were videotaped and sold later as ''Boyfights'') because George believed it to be a way of preparing them for conflict in life. They were also constantly undermined to keep them [[WellDoneSonGuy working for George's approval]] (Gob' desire to pursue a career in magic is constantly mocked, and his parents make it clear that he is TheUnfavorite; Michael had a ridiculously extreme work ethic instilled in him, and George would often shoot down his ideas for the family business, regardless of what he thought of them).
** Lindsay is often reminded of the fact that she has never really achieved anything, and Lucille constantly makes cracks about her weight since she was very young. Her abuse is probably the darkest [[spoiler:when it is learned that she is adopted, and Lucille admits they didn't want her and only adopted her to spite [[SitcomArchNemesis Stan Sitwell]], who had been trying to adopt her himself]].
** Buster was made to have a [[MyBelovedSmother crippling overdependence]] on his mother, only for her to discard him whenever she considers him to be an inconvenience or imposition; George is also highly disdainful of his lack of independence and maturity.
** George would also traumatize his children by making them associate certain unwanted behaviors with severe mutilation, in order to teach them "lessons" (such as leaving a note when they run out of milk).
** They have also spoiled all of their children except Michael to the point that they have virtually no work ethic, which most of the siblings seem to consider a form of abuse.
** Tobias and Lindsay neglect Maeby so much she practically ruins her own life just to get their attention.
** Michael neglects, manipulates, deceives, and guilt trips George Michael increasingly over the seasons, leading to them falling out in season 4.
* AccidentalMurder: In 'Off the Hook', [[spoiler: Buster kills quite a few people through a remote-controlled drone in Afghanistan without realising that he wasn't just playing a video game.]]
** It's also a possibility that this is what happened to [[spoiler: Lucille Austero]].
* AdamWesting: Carl Weathers is going to get a stew on!
** Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Creator/ConanOBrien, and Andy Richter in Season 4.
* AesopAmnesia: Michael frequently learns that he shouldn't be so overbearing toward George Michael and should let him have fun. He forgets this just as frequently. Probably deliberate since Michael is kind and well-functioning [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative compared to his family]], but is still pretty flawed.
** Similarly, there are several occasions when it dawns on Lindsay that she should actually pay attention to her daughter. [[SnapBack By the next episode]], she's gone back to being obliviously neglectful.
* AdultsAreUseless:
** ''Almost'' everyone in the Bluth family is a dysfunctional incompetent who either deliberately or unconsciously destroys everything good that ever happens to them. The exceptions? The teens. George Michael almost single-handedly runs the frozen banana stand that's the family's only steady source of income while Maeby bluffs her way into a studio producer job which she succeeds in until discovered (through George Michael's gaffe, so even the kids aren't perfect)
** [[spoiler: She gets it back when Hollywood execs go nuts over the teenage wonder, so in this case the adult cluelessness works in her favor]].
--->''[running into members of their family while skipping work]''\\
'''Maeby:''' What are they doing here?\\
'''George Michael:''' They're grown-ups, they're allowed to have fun whenever they want! We're kids, we're supposed to be working!
* AllThereInTheStinger: The "OnTheNext" segments of episodes, rather than being a preview of what will happen on the next episode, they serve as stingers to show what will have happened behind the scenes by the time of the next episode. While these stingers usually are done for some throw away gags, occasionally some important details are revealed, such as the revelation that [[spoiler:Rita Leeds is a MRF (Mentally Retarded Female)]], before they become plot relevant.
* AluminumChristmasTrees: In season 4, one of the running jokes is a terrible, cheaply shot, early '90s movie about the Fantastic Four. Many fans assume it's completely made up, but that's an [[Film/TheFantasticFour actual movie]], and in fact the circumstances of production in-universe are similar to what actually happened, although the actress who played Sue Storm is actually named Rebecca Staab.
** Plenty of people outside California didn't know John Beard was an actual newscaster.
* AnachronicOrder: Season 4 follows this. Several events are skipped or revisited from another character's point of view, and one episode's context can be completely changed by a future episode that happened at the same time.
* AndStarring: With Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter.
* ArcWords: Season 1 has "light treason". Season 3 has "Mr. F." Season 4 has "Love Each Other" and repeated uses of the number four.
* ArcSymbol: Season 4 has an ostrich representing the moment a Bluth family member starts to become more self-reliant.
* ArtisticLicenseCars: In season two, George is looking at a Ford Escape at a dealership and is told by a salesman that it's the replacement for the Bronco, which was dropped because of the O J Simpson police chase. It isn't, and it wasn't. The Bronco was discontinued because of a combination of declining sales, safety concerns regarding the removable roof [[note]]In 1992, Ford began using Torx bolts instead of hex bolts and ceased publishing literature explaining removal was removed (because safety equipment such as the seat belts and third brake light were attached to the roof, it was no longer legally removable), though it was still physically possible to remove it. Conversely, Dodge redesigned the Ramcharger in 1981 to have a non-removable steel roof and GM did the same with the [=K5=] Blazer[=/=]Jimmy in 1992 for similar reasons.[[/note]] and the increasing redundancy compared to the two-door, fixed roof Explorer coupled with the lack of a competitive product for the GM Suburban. The Bronco's replacement was the full size, four door Ford Expedition. This was done to make the {{pun}} about George Bluth's flee from justice.
* ArtisticLicenseGeography:
** In-universe. Portugal, down ol' South America land.
** This:
--->'''Lindsay:''' You've had $80,000's worth of cartography lessons. Get us a channel to the ocean!\\
'''Buster:''' Okay okay okay. Obviously this blue part here is the land...
** Also the US Army mistakes [[spoiler: Tobias's testicles]] for a photograph of middle eastern countryside. They even seem to have aircraft flying to a specific, imaginary location based on this evidence.
* ArtisticLicenseShips: The ''Queen Mary'' actually is welded to the dock, and actually had all the boilers and engine components removed before being docked.
* AshcanCopy: InUniverse. In the 90s, Imagine Entertainment quickly cobbled together an extremely cheap and sloppy made ''ComicBook/FantasticFour'' film, after Ron Howard was told at a company Christmas party by a drunk lawyer that Imagine would lose the license if they didn't do something with it within six days. The bartender team of the Christmas party was then hired to play the lead roles, and they were hired to tend bar again at the film's wrap party six days later.
* AsYouKnow: Lampshaded in season 4. [[spoiler:Tony Wonder and Sally Sitwell keeps wondering why they are constantly discussing the details of their scheme out loud since they have already talked it over enough times to know it by heart]].
* AttackOfThePoliticalAd: When George Michael lets Gob do an ad for his school president campaign, Gob attacks George's rival, Steve Holt, on the grounds that he doesn't even know who his father is. [[spoiler:It turns out Gob is Steve Holt's biological father]].
* AwesomeButImpractical: George orders a jetpack to try and escape and George Michael winds up with it instead. The instructional DVD is in Japanese and even that shows that there is so much work into getting the jetpack to work properly for so little reward. When he does get it going, he ends up crashing into Tobias ([[ItMakesSenseInContext who is dressed in a mole suit]]) and wrecking Tiny Town, much to Gob's (and the Japanese investors') disgust. Gob later tries to use it to enter the prison, but forgets to strap it on.
* BedTrick: During season 4, [[spoiler:Oscar]] plays this on [[spoiler:Lucille]], pretending to be [[spoiler:George]]. The UnfortunateImplications of this are ignored, as [[spoiler:Lucille]] isn't particularly shocked to find out the truth.
* BigBad: [[spoiler:Lucille, who was behind all of the Bluth Corporation's illegal activity. Foreshadowed by her "dealing with" Michael's math teacher when he was a child, and stating that George Sr. is hardly a criminal mastermind]].
** [[spoiler:Sally Sitwell is apparently shaping up to be this]] for the story arc started by season 4.
* BirdsOfAFeather: [[spoiler:GOB and Tony Wonder]]'s relationship starts out as a [[spoiler:revenge scheme]], but end up developing feelings for each other because of how much they have in common.
* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler:The fourth season ends with George-Michael finally standing up to his father, who had just lied to him about not knowing that Rebel was with him, but it's implied that the relationship is so strained that they won't reconcile]].
* {{Black Comedy}}: Provides numerous examples of this.
* BlahBlahBlah: The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwWAsNZTnug lawyer's commercial]] sounds like "You don't need doublespeak; you need Blah Blah Blah!" He's actually saying "Bob Loblaw," who becomes a recurring character and also runs the Bob Loblaw Law Blog. Newspapers also occasionally have the headline "Bow Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb!"
* BlandNameProduct:
** Maeby works for Tantamount Studios.
** In season 4, Herbert Love buys Lindsay a diamond pendant from Tiffani's. (It's an in-universe knockoff brand.)
** The show's soundtrack interestingly contains many musical examples of this, with composer David Schwarz creating Bland-Name versions of popular songs that would presumably be too expensive to license.
*** "Free at last" stands in for George Michael's "Freedom"
*** "Balls in the air" is a parody of Survivor's "Eye of The Tiger"
*** "The Yellow Boat" plays as the Narrator explicitly states that "Yellow Submarine" was too expensive to get the rights to.
* BookEnds: The first and last episodes feature Michael, at a boat party, coming to the realization that nothing good will ever come from supporting his family and deciding to take George Michael and ditching them, as well as the police showing up by boat to arrest a Bluth. According to the DVDCommentary, [[InternalHomage a lot of the blocking was also deliberately reused from the first episode]].
** Also, in the fourth season, chronologically listed, the earliest scene depicts George Michael punching GOB in the face after discovering he dates his girlfriend. Said season ends with [[spoiler:George Michael punching Michael for the same reason]].
* BorrowedCatchphrase: Most of them. See the trope page.
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: George has a son named Michael, and Michael has a son named George Michael.
* BreakoutCharacter: George Sr. and Tobias were originally planned to have smaller roles, but were bumped up to main characters due to their actors' performances.
* BrickJoke:
** GOB's girlfriend at the end of the third season: [[spoiler: Ann, the third place contestant in the beauty pageant]].
** On seemingly dozens of occasions, Oscar [[spoiler: very obviously insinuates that he is Buster's father rather than his uncle ("If only my father were here." "...Maybe he IS..."), but Buster remains completely oblivious until, offhandedly, Oscar refuses to "share his Pop Secret (brand popcorn)" with Buster. "Pop Secret? ...Is Oscar my real father!?"]]
** In the first and last episode of the 1st season George Sr. says
---> '''George Sr:''' I have the worst [bleep]ing attorneys.
** In a throwaway line in the second season, Steve Holt [[spoiler: upon discovering that GOB is his father, worries he inherited his receding hairline. In the fourth season, this is shown to be accurate.]]
** In Season Four:
--->[[spoiler:'''Barry Zuckercorn''': Take to the seas!]]
** In the first episode of Season 1, George Sr says that he made Lucille the CEO because "they can't arrest a husband and wife for the same crime". When Michael tells him that this isn't an actual law, he responds with "I have the worst *Bleep*ing attorneys". In the second episode of Season 4, in a flashback, [[spoiler: we see the source of this idea]]:
---> '''Young Barry Zuckercorn''': [[spoiler: Yeah, because they don't have to be together, because you can't try a husband and wife for the same crime, right?]]\\
'''Barry's father''': ...Sure.\\
'''Young George, Sr''': [[spoiler: We have the ''best'' *Bleep*ing attorneys!]]
** In "Queen B.", [[spoiler:Tobias and Marky try to warn Lindsay that the float she is aboard will explode, due to a bomb planted in her suitcase by Marky, her boyfriend, when their boat is rocked by an explosion, since the suitcase they put on the Love float was Tobias']]:
-->'''Narrator''': And it turns out to be kind of romantic... that [[spoiler:Lindsay and Tobias have matching suitcases]].
* ButtMonkey: Tobias, Buster -- both before and after [[spoiler: he lost his hand]], Ann.
* CaliforniaUniversity: A strange example of this occurs in Season 4, when the college George Michael attends is said to be UC Irvine, but the scenes were [[CaliforniaDoubling actually filmed]] at Occidental College. One wonders why they didn't just invent a fake university with a punny name, or mine the name "Occidental" for all of the [[MultipleReferencePun multiple reference puns]] it was worth.
* TheCameo: The main cast of ''Series/{{Workaholics}}'' show up working for the airline Michael tries to get an in-flight magazine from.
* CantGetAwayWithNuthin: Anytime Michael indulges himself or ever puts himself first (only a handful throughout the series) it has terrible consequences that are immediately revealed to his family who use the occasion to declare him just as bad as the rest of them (who ALWAYS indulge themselves and put themselves first).
* CantGetInTroubleForNuthin: Maeby's attempts at teen rebellion tend to fail miserably. At best, they're not even noticed. At worst, her parents want to be included.
* CatchPhrase: Many, with inevitable [[BorrowedCatchphrase borrowing]] later on.
** Gob's InsistentTerminology of "illusions".
** Responding with "But where did the lighter fluid come from?" when he fails his fire illusions and only lighter fluid spews out from his sleeves.
** Also "Come on!"
** "I've made a huge mistake."
** "I don't think so."
** "What am I doing?!"
** The Narrator has "In fact..."
** Buster's "Hey brother..."
*** "Hey coworker..."
*** "Hey [[CallBack hermano]]..."
*** "Hey campers..."
*** "Hey [[BrickJoke possible nephew]]..."
*** "I'M A MONSTER!!!" Especially in Season 4.
** Maeby's standard deflection of "Marry me!" started when somebody pointed out that she seemed a little young to be a movie executive.
*** She realized she needed a new deflection when somebody responded "Okay!"
*** When she needed to seem younger, it was "Babysit me!"
*** She once said "Marry me!" to [[IncestIsRelative her uncle]] Michael... which wasn't as bad as when Michael used it (see CastIncest).
** Maeby says "shit" a lot in season 4.
** Oscar's cries of "I'm Oscar! ...Dot Com!", after [[spoiler: George Sr tricks him into getting sent to jail]].
*** The [[spoiler: Saddam Hussein lookalike]] at the end of 'Exit Strategy' says something similar when trying to explain that [[spoiler: he is only a Saddam Hussein lookalike, and the real Saddam Hussein had a scar on his forehead: "I'm No Scar! ...Dot Com!"]]
** Kitty: "Say goodbye to ''these'', Michael!"
*** "Because it's the last time you're going to see them."
** Steve Holt: *arms raised* [[PokemonSpeak "STEVE HOLT!"]]
*** His mother Eve Holt used to do the same thing with her own name.
** Also, each member of the Bluth family (Buster excluded, [[WordOfDante Tony Hale]] says that Buster has too much respect for chickens to imitate one) has their own impression of how a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x-7v3PJ6Eg chicken]] sounds and moves. [[invoked]]
--->'''Michael:''' Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?
** "Is she really?" or "Really?" Michael's response to anything positive George Michael has to say about Ann.
*** "Her?"
*** "Who's Ann?"
** Michael saying "And I have no problem with that"
** "No touching!" and variations of it gets used a lot in the prison scenes.
** "Typical."
** Barry is "very good"
** "Well, that was a freebie."
** Annyong
** Douche chill!
*** Annyong!
** "Don't call it that." anytime someone calls Orange County "The O.C."
** "The fact that... tells me you're not ready."
** "You're out of the movie!"
** Tony Wonder gets "Same!" in Season 4.
** "Did somebody say... WONDER?"
* CentralTheme: A rather [[YankTheDogsChain depressing]] one being CharacterDevelopment-->ShaggyDogStory. It ''is'' called "[[MeaningfulName Arrested Development]]" after all. It's ramped up in season 4 where, after a time skip, everyone at first seems to have made some significant positive strides in their life. The season is a slow motion train wreck culminating in the batshit insane Cinco de Quatro.
** Season 4's specific theme seems to be deconstructing the FawltyTowersPlot by exploring all the effects of lying egregiously in relationships and to oneself regarding relationships.
** Along similar lines to the FawltyTowersPlot, the overarching theme of the [[HistoryRepeats Bluth family history]] seems to be to try and use deception, guile, and blackmail to gather economic, social, political, or personal power and [[ShaggyDogStory then lose it all horrifically when history intervenes]].
*** The entire plot of the series is set off when George's arrangement with [[spoiler:the CIA and Iraq]] is torn apart by TheWarOnTerror, in a parody of the unfolding Enron scandal of the time.
*** The housing project they spent the initial run of the program failing to get off the ground was finally completed between season 3 and 4 -- just in time for the housing bubble to burst, sparking the great recession.
*** Fakeblock, the Anti-Social Network, is already running into this during season 4, but [[GenerationXerox George Michael is just taking his first steps down this path.]]
*** Seems set to happen again with the wall central to season 4 and the political ambitions riding on it, this time to be derailed by the 2016 presidential election.
* CerebusSyndrome: Happens with the fourth season. While there still are comical hijinks like in the previous three seasons, there's less focus on them, and more on the characterization and drama. The season ends with Lucille 2 [[spoiler:disappearing, while it's implied that one of the Bluths murdered her]], and with George Michael [[spoiler:punching his father in the face]], and neither of these is played for laughs.
* CharacterDevelopment: Averted. The entire point of the series is that none of the characters can mature.
* ChekhovsGag: Very commonly throughout the show. Each episode more or less consists of a series of these, typically coming together perfectly (for us) and horribly (for the Bluths) at the end.
** Prominently in Season 1 is [[spoiler:George Sr admitting that he may have committed some "Light... Treason."]] While originally assumed to be a one-off joke, never to be referenced again, at the end of the season we see that [[spoiler:he did: by working with and building model homes for Saddam Hussein.]]
** A big one is the fear the children have of amputees because of their father using a one-armed man to teach traumatic "lessons" to them.
* ChekhovsGun:
** In Season 1, [[spoiler:The [[SdrawkcabAlias H. Maddas]] files.]]
** Season 4 has [[spoiler: the roofies GOB gave Michael in the first episode]], and [[spoiler:Tobias and Lindsay's matching luggage.]]
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: Implied between Michael and Tracey; In a flashback where a young Michael gets in trouble at school, one of his first worries is that "Tracey won't want to marry me."
* ChristmasEpisode: "In God We Trust" and "Afternoon Delight."
* CliffHanger: Season 4 ends with almost all of its plot points unresolved with the intention of continuing them in the next season:
** George Sr, [[spoiler: because of a drop in testosterone and a rise in estrogen suddenly is acting like a woman]].
** The Wall, which [[spoiler:is not built, not able to be built due to George Sr not having the land, and is still being backed by Herbert Love's campaign.]]
** Lindsay [[spoiler: is going to run for Congress after Herbert Love fell into a coma.]]
** Sally Sitwell's [[spoiler:scheme with Tony Wonder]].
** [=GOB=] [[spoiler: and Tony Wonder's relationship]]
** Tobias [[spoiler: was caught in Marky Bark's explosion.]]
** Lucille [[spoiler: had just requested a real divorce with George Sr.]]
** We're still not done with [[spoiler: Lucille's arrest]] just yet.
** Lucille was going to [[spoiler: return to rehab after Tobias called her The Invisible Girl.]]
** Maeby is [[spoiler:arrested for statutory rape of a student who she believed was an undercover cop who was of age]].
** There was also a throwaway scene where [[spoiler: the Spanish woman George-Michael had sex with during his stay as an exchange student in Spain]] shows her friends George-Michael's "Star Wars Kid" video [[spoiler: before standing up to reveal a baby bump. Is George-Michael the father? Will Michael become a grandfather?]]
** George Michael [[spoiler: and Maeby's potential relationship.]]
** George Michael [[spoiler: seems to have been targeted by Anonymous]].
** George Michael [[spoiler: punched his father and they were at a stare down]].
** Buster is [[spoiler:arrested for Lucile 2's murder]]
** We have no idea who [[spoiler: played The Thing in Fantastic 4: The Musical, since Tobias gave the costume to Buster, and Buster left it on the ground.]]
** All of the main characters have motives, so we have no clue who's responsible for [[spoiler: Lucille Austero's disappearance and probable murder]].
* ClusterFBomb: Buster gets one in Season 1, GOB gets one in season 2 and Maeby gets one in Season 4.
* ComedicSociopathy: Michael is at the helm of a sinking ship of fools.
* TheComicallySerious: Wayne Jarvis
** Ice
** As is Larry, George Sr's surrogate in the third season.
* ComicTrio: The three Bluth brothers occasionally form this dynamic, with GOB as the schemer, Buster as TheFool, and Michael as the ineffectual StraightMan.
* CoattailRidingRelative: Virtually the entire family coasts on George Sr.'s and Michael's business successes. Tobias, being especially pathetic, even occasionally tries to jumpstart his nonexistent show business career by exploiting ''GOB's'' equally nonexistent fame.
* ColonCancer: John Beard's ''To Catch a Predator'' rip-off, which has the full title of "John Beard's To Entrap a Local Predator: Orange County Edition: Super Creeps"
* ConsultingMisterPuppet: Franklin.
* ContinuityLockout
** Though later episodes made painstaking efforts to sum up the episode thus far when returning from act breaks, presumably to catch viewers who might have been flipping channels.
** The ContinuityLockout is less about the plot and more about missing those sneaky little hidden jokes. For instance, if you miss the first couple episodes, you'll have no idea why the family is always driving a staircar everywhere.
* ContinuityNod: All over the place.
* CorruptTheCutie: A major arc of the fourth season is [[spoiler: George Michael's descent]].
* CountryMatters:
** As a LastSecondWordSwap.
--->'''Tobias:''' ''[to Lindsay]'' Great, and now you're mocking me!? You selfish cun-- ''[sees Maeby]'' ...try music loving lady!
** Also the StealthPun noted below in which Michael tells GOB to get rid of the Seaward, his boat, and Lucille says she'll leave when she's ready to. Later, he gets a boat actually named the C-Word. The boat is also a multi-part pun, as it stands for this trope and "cancelled", which was an impending threat for the show.
* CringeComedy: All over the place.

* DarkerAndEdgier: Season 4 takes a lot of the characters pretty dark places, most notably making [[spoiler: Michael and George Michael]] as pathetic and unlikable as the rest of the family, and already pathetic but still likable, characters like [[spoiler: Buster and Tobias]] into jerkasses.
* DeadpanSnarker:
** The narrator becomes increasingly sarcastic throughout the second and third seasons.
** Michael has his moments as well:
---> '''Michael:''' Well, I'm sorry. It's just too late. I'm moving to Phoenix. I got a job. Something you apply for, and then they pay you to, uh... never mind. I donít want to ruin the surprise.
* DecoyLeader: [[spoiler: George, Sr to Lucille]], as revealed in the GrandFinale.
* DecoyProtagonist: Double-Subverted. Michael appears again to be the protagonist of season 4, but then the episodes switch to character-centric episodes, and then George-Michael becomes the clear protagonist.
* DinnerAndAShow: Family dinners/get-togethers are almost guaranteed to [[HilarityEnsues descend into chaos]].
* DontExplainTheJoke:
** GOB has a tendency to do this, such as when talking about how all of Michael's girlfriends are "dogs."
** In Season 4, when Tony Wonder "magically" turns a bunch of men gay.
---> '''Narrator''': It was pretty easy to figure out how he did it. They started out gay.
* DoubleAesop
* DoubleEntendre:
** Tobias's frequent homosexual {{Un Entendre}}s.
** Gob's comment after getting a shock from seeing a picture of Jesus in a dark room.
--->'''Gob:''' For a second I thought that was a real guy.
* DoubleMeaningTitle: The show is about a family with several children in different degrees of arrested development, who own a development company whose president gets arrested. Character development that ensues only after this arrest. Also, said development company struggles for three years with a deadlocked development project.
* DownerEnding: Holy ''hell,'' season 4. [[spoiler:Michael and George Michael's relationship is most likely beyond repair; Michael's taken a seemingly irreversible [[TookALevelInJerkass level in Jerk Ass]] and the Sudden Valley residents have fled; George Michael's relationship with P-Hound is over and his perpetuated lie about Fakeblock has attracted the attention of Anonymous; both Maeby and Tobias are jobless sex offenders; Buster's arrested for Lucille Austero's murder; Lucille and George are divorcing; Sally Sitwell is poised to be a BigBad and is taking over Lucille 2's campaign; Gob has no money to pay the Mongols he hired to build the wall and is made to be the new president of the Bluth company despite a scandalous relationship with Tony Wonder. Lindsay, who seems to be the only one who's come out even slightly ahead, has completely rejected any chance at personal growth.]]
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Lucille was once named one of the "World's Worst Drivers" by Fox.
* DudeNotFunny: InUniverse example. "And secondofly, I know you're the big marriage expert around here. Oh wait, I forgot your wife is dead."
* DumbassHasAPoint: In '''¡Amigos!''', Michael says that he's not so crazy about George Michael dating Ann, a girl Michael is not so crazy about. GOB, the resident buffoon of the series, instead asks if Michael is not so crazy about letting his son grow up, resulting in a few seconds of silence and Michael conceding to the point.
* TheDutifulSon: A premise of the show up to martyrdom levels; Michael the OnlySaneMan sacrifices his personal agenda trying to keep the FamilyBusiness afloat.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The pilot.
** The model home, the penthouse, and George's prison are not the sets we see from episode 2 on, but locations that look vastly different.
** The Narrator spoke in a much more subdued tone of voice in the pilot, without the playful intonation that would become his trademark.
** John Beard has a mustache.
* ElSpanishO: In one episode, George Bluth is mistaken for his brother while in Mexico. He tries to explain that they want his "brothero." It's even funnier that he puts the accent over the "e" (like you would if it were a real word in Spanish), so he's saying "bro-thero" instead of "brother-o".
* EndOfSeriesAwareness: through out the whole run, as its viewership was small enough that it was always on thin ice.
* EveryoneKnewAlready: Tobias' "Mrs. Featherbottom" act isn't fooling anyone. It doesn't help that it's a transparent rip-off of ''Film/MrsDoubtfire'' (with a bit of ''Film/MaryPoppins'' thrown in). But the family agrees to humor him because he is actually quite effective at doing all the housework.
* EvolvingCredits: in season 4, depending on the character who gets his/her DayInTheLimelight, the narrator introduces the show as if he/she was the main protagonist. The subtitles on each character ("his brother", "his mother") change to be from that character's perspective as well. Each character also gets [[EvolvingMusic an additional instrument playing over the]] ThemeTune:
** Michael - trumpet
** Lindsay - sitar
** Tobias - saxophone
** GOB - electric guitar
** Buster - accordion
** George - acoustic guitar
** Lucille - flute
** George Michael - wood block
** Maeby - scat vocals
** [[spoiler: Season finale (although centered on George Michael) - all of the above]]
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin:
** "Dead Dove: Do Not Eat"
--->'''Michael:''' ''[looks inside bag]'' I don't know what I ''expected''.
** Tobias is a never-nude, which the narrator points out is exactly what it sounds like.
---> '''Michael:''' I thought he just liked cut-offs.
* FadeToWhite: Scenes fade out to white instead of the usual black.
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption: The adult cast is never going to grow up and accept responsibility. Similarly, every season finale ends with Michael and his son fleeing the family only to somehow get drawn back into their mess.
* FakePregnancy: Used [[ZigZaggedTrope every which way]] in a two-part storyline in which Michael Bluth's ex-fling [[AmoralAttorney Maggie Lizer]] not only pulls this on Michael to try and win him back, but also lies to two cops who have contracted her as a surrogate mother for their son and pawns the surrogacy off on a client so they can sue a local restaurant for causing the client's supposed "obesity." And then in TheStinger [[spoiler: Maggie apparently learns she's actually pregnant thanks to one last romp with Michael in the preceding episode.]]
* FakeBuzz: Maeby drinks some virgin martinis and thinks she's drunk. George Michael tries to explain that "virgin" means non-alcoholic, but the venture is fruitless. Another time when Maeby and George Michael find some of Gob's fake wine (wine bottles filled with water). They drink it and think they are drunk. This leads them to get to second base.
* FakingTheDead: [[spoiler:George Sr.]] in the beginning of the second season.
* {{Farce}}
* FauxDocumentary: The show is shot with handheld cameras, and nothing is shown outside the realm of what could be captured with a camera crew following the main characters and supplementary photography (at one point [[spoiler:Kitty's claims that George Sr. was going to give her the company]] result in the series' only "footage not found" (apart from a callback at the end of the episode and a reference to the "great times" in Lindsay's and Tobias' marriage). The idea was much more explicit in the first half-season, when the "footage" briefly went static in a car accident, and a judge forced the camera to leave the courtroom.
** The show more or less abandons the concept temporarily whenever they want to feature flashbacks of the adult characters as children. The clips are shown with a fake [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_8_mm_film super 8]] filter. This is probably a stylistic choice.
** In commentary on the pilot they discuss the documentary style they wished to mimic since it was so popular at the time. Although it wasn't held very strictly, they used digital cameras and had a rule to follow the action rather than lead it. There's at least one instance of a boom mic being used as a gag.
* FauxtivationalPoster : George Michael has a poster thats says "Fun and Failure: They both start out the same way"
* FearfulSymmetry: George and Oscar Bluth attempted to fight for Lucille once, but quickly gave up after every move made was identically countered.
* LeFilmArtistique: ''Les Cousins Dangereux'', a French film about a [[KissingCousins forbidden relationship between cousins]], which interests George Michael and Maeby ([[PornStash the former has a copy hidden in his sock drawer]]).
** And a poster hidden behind the "Fun and Failure" poster in his room
* FistPump: Steve Holt's CatchPhrase is shouting "STEVE HOLT!" with raised arms.
* {{Flanderization}}:
** Tobias. His [[TransparentCloset closet got way more transparent]] in the third season, to the point that practically every third line of his was a gay joke, and half of these were gay sex jokes.
** ''The Narrator'' also suffered this in the third season to some degree, though this could arguably be seen as an (ultimately unsuccessful) attempt to prevent further ContinuityLockout.
** Gob was a much more competent magician in the first season. At least he seems to grow out of his habit of spilling his magic secrets every time someone asks how he does it. Probably why the [[WeirdTradeUnion Magician Alliance]] cuts him more slack.
* FlashBack
* FloatingContinent: Apparently a housing development idea of George Sr.'s that never got off the ground.
* TheFlorenceNightingaleEffect: A nurse who falls in love with coma patients.
* FollowTheLeader: InUniverse with "[[Series/JudgeJudy Mock Trial With J. Reinhold]]", "Bud Court" and "[[ToCatchAPredator John Beard's To Entrap A Local Predator: Supercreeps!]]"
* {{Foreshadowing}}: For example, count how many times in the 1st and 2nd season we see Buster alongside [[spoiler: artificial hands]].
** Including [[spoiler:his hand chair. After discovering that it was given to Lupe's family, Buster says "I never thought I'd miss a hand so much"-]] a full six months before he does.
*** In the very first episode, Michael's mother complain that someone cut the foot off her fox fur.
** Also in the second season premier, George Michael mistakenly thinks Michael is saying [[spoiler: Aunt Lindsay is not his real aunt]] when he was only talking about her nose being fake.
** The second season premier features a newscast which briefly mentions a seal attack.
** He also wins a stuffed seal from a claw machine. [[spoiler: And briefly imitates the claw with his left hand]]
** And let's not forget "The Immaculate Election", where Gob "helps" George-Michael by attacking his candidacy opponent (Steve Holt), by [[spoiler:pointing out that Steve [[DisappearedDad doesn't even know who his father is]], while simultaneously reminiscing about the anti-abortion girlfriend he [[strike:had]] didn't have in high school. Well, Steve Holt's parentage gets revealed during TheTag. Guess who...]].
** In "Sword of Destiny", Buster briefly uses [[spoiler:a semi-realistic plastic hand instead of his hook]]. This is more of a plot point in "Righteous Brothers", the Season 2 finale, where it causes Oscar, mistaking it for [[spoiler:Buster's real hand]], to burn himself on the corn baller and injure himself while Buster is ironing. While these two events are insignificant at the time, they lead to [[spoiler:Buster discovering that Oscar is his real father, and a fingerprints-less Oscar being unable to prove his identity while being held in prison]].
** "For British Eyes Only" manages to doubly foreshadow a later reveal. The episode begins with a flashback to an earlier conversation where Michael responds to his son telling him he has a stupid girl problem with: "I don't even have a girl, much less a stupid one." Later in the day Michael meets a women named Rita. [[spoiler: Who is mentally ''reta''rded]].
*** Another incidence foreshadowing the same reveal is when [[spoiler: Rita sits on a bus stop bench that says "Wee Britain" in a way that it ends up appearing as "Wee Brain"]].
*** Trevor confronts Michael, asking [[spoiler:"How would you like someone going after some stupid person in your family?"]]
** Maeby is introduced as "[George Michael]'s cousin, Maeby," which could also be written as "[George Michael]'s cousin, maybe." A running plot point is George Michael desperately trying to find evidence that they aren't truly related. In the last season, there are several foreshadows revolving around Michael's mysterious sister N. Bluth [[spoiler: which resolves to show that Lindsay is really 3 years older than Michael and adopted, therefore making Maeby biologically unrelated to the Bluths]].
--->'''George Michael''': Aren't you my cousin?\\
'''Maeby''': Maeby(/Maybe)!
** Gob says he "could be a father" in "Best Man for the GOB". [[spoiler:He is]].
** One of Maggie Lizer's first lines is a pun on her name: "Maggie Lies-'er ass off!" [[spoiler:She was lying about being blind the whole time.]]
** Michael noticing similarities between the model home and the palaces of Saddam Hussein in Season One.
** The first mention of Tony Wonder in "Good Grief" foreshadows [[spoiler:his and GOB's relationship in season 4. He doesn't appear in the episode except for a picture in ''Poof'' magazine - which GOB holds up, saying "[[DoubleEntendre I should be in this Poof]]!", right after obliviously (?) and repeatedly hitting on a male employee. For a FreezeFrameBonus, the magazine article text compares Tony Wonder to Liberace]].
** Gob foreshadows ''his entire plot arc'' for Season 4 in "Flight of the Phoenix" while trying to guess why Michael is in such a panic.
--->'''Gob''': [[spoiler: If you were ashamed of being in love with a man, suddenly discovered these new feelings, then I might say something like, 'Homo much?']]
* ForegoneConclusion: From the moment Michael buys into the idea of a vote to decide who leaves George Michael and P-Hound's dorm room, it is instantly obvious that Michael is going to lose that vote. What makes it funny is that Michael is completely oblivious about how unwanted he actually is despite George Michael's rather overt hints, uses several hours on (over)thinking about every possible outcome of the vote, boneheadedly insists on rules for the vote that only come back to bite him in the ass, and never considers for a second that he might actually lose.
* FrenchMaid: In an episode preview Lindsay dresses as one thinking that she'll get to write off her debt to Bob Loblaw with a sexual favor...but finds herself performing actual maid duties.
* FriendlyLocalChinatown: The series has an unusual ethnic enclave in "Wee Britain", which is inspired by the German-themed Old World Village in Huntington, California.
* FullyAutomaticClipShow: There's one of Maeby saying "marry me!" in the season-4 episode "Colony Collapse", in response to Gob [[spoiler:accidentally proposing to Ann]].
* FunWithAcronyms:
** The [[{{Creator/HBO}} Home Builders Organization]].
** [[spoiler:Mentally Retarded Female, aka MR F.]]

* GenerationXerox: A recurring theme in Season 4:
** Michael and George Michael, [[spoiler:although growing further apart, do end up have a relationship with the same woman.]]
** Tobias and Maeby [[spoiler:both inadvertently end up as registered sex offenders.]]
** [[spoiler:Lindsay's appearance and mannerisms match up closely with Lucille's when she becomes the new Republican candidate for Congress. She even has a rivalry with Lucille Austero's running mate Sally Sitwell, reflecting her father's with Stan Sitwell and her mother's with Lucille Austero.]]
** Sally Sitwell [[spoiler:is revealed to have alopecia, much like her father Stan Sitwell.]]
** The season ends with [[spoiler:Buster getting arrested like Lucille was earlier in the season.]]
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: When they were children, George Sr. instigated fights between Michael and Gob, filmed them, and released them. The tapes were very popular in Latin America. [[invoked]]
** The same could be said about the cornballer. [[invoked]]
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: [[Radar/ArrestedDevelopment All the time]].
* GibberishOfLove: George Michael tends towards this whenever he thinks he's got even an inkling of a shot with Maeby.
** When his father meets Rita for the first time, we see where he gets it from.
* GirlsWithMoustaches: GOB sets Michael up with a mustached girl out of revenge.
* GiveAManAFish: And he'll want to use your yacht, and I don't want this thing smelling like fish!
* GlamorousWartimeSinger: Lucille Bluth in [[UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar Vietnam]]
* GoldenMoment: Occurs almost entirely with Michael and George Michael, his son. Lampshaded when while making snacks with his father at the end of an episode George Michael remarks that he doesn't need his dad to stay out of his life, he's the biggest part of his life. Michael states, referring to the snack they are making, "That's a little cornball, son."
* HisNameReallyIsBarkeep: Invoked when actor Judge Reinhold starts a reality courtroom show a la ''Series/JudgeJudy'' with himself as the judge. He then calls it ''[[ComicallyMissingThePoint Mock Trial with J. Reinhold]]''. It eventually spawns [[FollowTheLeader an imitator show]] starring Bud Cort.
* [[spoiler: HopeSpot]]: The ending of 'Blockheads': [[spoiler: Michael and George Michael finally forgive each other, and confess that they each didn't know that the other was dating Rebel Alley (which in Michael's case is a lie.) They hug, and just when we think the ongoing arc of their worsening relationship finally been solved... George Michael realises that something was weird about Michael's confession: '[[WhamLine How'd you know about the photo booth?]]' Michael, unable to respond with the truth thanks to [[ChekhovsGun the roofies GOB gave him the previous day]], is lost for words, and George Michael lashes out and punches him in the face.]] Cut to credits.
* HypocriticalHumor: Most lines spoken by GOB, Lindsay, and Lucille Bluth, with other members of the family getting a few here and there.
** And, of course, Tobias's frequent claims that everybody else is a closet homosexual given the slightest provocation.
** Done subtly with Michael: Despite his best efforts, he turns out to be just as meddling and arguably as abusive as his parents.
** In the second season finale, the narrator explains how the ''Les Cousins Dangereux'' American remake was doing very badly due to the excessive bowdlerization, for example the film having to state constantly that the protagonists [[NotBloodSiblings weren't biological cousins]]; [[spoiler: later in the episode when George Michael and Maeby make out, the narrator, deadpan, reminds us that George Michael and Maeby might not be biological cousins]].
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Every episode's title rides somewhere within the scope of DoubleMeaningTitle, PunBasedTitle or {{Homage}}:
** "Public Relations": Michael hires a woman to handle public relations for the Bluth family, then after dating her finds their relationship becoming very public.
** "Making a Stand": Gob makes a banana stand, then unites with Michael to make a stand against their father.
** "Exit Strategy": The second-to-last episode, in which the Bluths go to war-torn Iraq (argued to be war torn due to a lack of an exit strategy) to [[spoiler:find the evidence that exonerates their father]] (giving the show an exit strategy).
** "Justice is Blind": [[spoiler:Maggie Lizer's dog Justice is blind and Maggie can see]].
** "Queen for a Day": For the one day that Tobias owns the bar "The Queen Mary" he has it (accidentally) renamed "Tobias is Queen Mary".
--->'''Tobias:''' I guess I can have them remove the ''Mary''.
** "Missing Kitty": George Sr.'s secretary Kitty is missing.
** The first two episodes of the second season ("The One Where Michael Leaves" and "The One Where They Build A House") are titled with the IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming of [[DuelingShows Dueling Show]] ''Series/{{Friends}}''.
*** The following episode is called "Amigos".
** The episode "Good Grief", centered around the Bluths' different reactions to hearing about the [[spoiler: "death" of George Sr.]] This episode features homages to Peanuts including a beagle lying on the roof of a red doghouse, using music directly from the Charlie Brown specials, and being titled after main character Charlie Brown's catchphrase.
*** Don't forget the Charlie Brown Depressed Walk wherein the character walks slowly with their head down with the aforementioned music, just like in the specials.
** "Family Ties": Michael Bluth (played by Creator/JasonBateman) investigates into whether or not a woman he just met has family ties to him as his sister. She is played by Justine Bateman, who has family ties to Jason Bateman (she's his sister), and also starred as Mallory Keaton on the TV show "Family Ties".
* IdiotHoudini: Nearly all of the Bluths.
* IfYoureSoEvilEatThisKitten: A variant in season 4 where [[spoiler:the military gives Buster a kitten to test if he has enough control over his new hand to avoid crushing it]].
* ImportantHaircut: A lot of the story lines revolve around hair and lack thereof.
** George Sr. has a habit of swapping identities with his twin brother Oscar by force, either by putting on a wig or shaving his brother's head.
** Tobias has treated himself to four thousand hair plugs, which resulted in him nearly dying as the transplant was rejecting his body. He also sported a classy wig while disguised as Mister Featherbottom. Erm, ''misses''!
* IncestIsRelative: It starts with George-Michael and Maeby. Then it snowballs.
** Their respective parents have this going on too. Even outside of Lindsay once coming onto Michael, there are occasional implications about the fuzzy line in their dynamic.
** Then there's Buster and Lucille. On the episode "Motherboy XXX," [[note]]The XXX is actually a roman numeral 30, but the double entendre does not fall on deaf ears.[[/note]] Buster tells Michael, "Whenever she'd [Lucille] change clothes, she'd make me wait on the balcony until zip-up Ė and yet anything goes at bath-time".
** Plus there's also:
--->'''Buster''': Sister's my new mother, Mother! And is it just me, or is she looking hotter, too?
** And the:
--->'''GOB:''' You know that Kitty is starting to sound pretty damn sexy to me. Maybe I oughta... \\
'''Michael:''' ...That was Lindsay.
** In the final few episodes there are two other examples: Michael hires a prostitute (to manage the company) because he thinks she is his long-lost sister, and then in the finale we learn that Lindsey tries to make a move on Michael and GOB tries to move in on her. Also Michael and Tobias do some spooning (same-sex in-laws count as incest, right?).
** The gag involving Michael's hired prostitute gets infinitely better when you realize the actress that plays her is Creator/JasonBateman's sister, Justine Bateman. And even better than that when the show starts ''deliberately'' calling attention to the CastingGag.
** Another honourable mention would have to be Michael and Maeby singing "Afternoon Delight" together.. Only to find out a little too late what [[IntercourseWithYou the subtext of the song is]].
*** And Lindsay and George Michael doing the same thing later in the episode to get back at Michael and Maeby, not having stayed long enough to find out what the song is about. [[spoiler: Although as of the season finale, neither of these pairings are technically incest]].
** Played with when Lindsay offers to be a mother-figure for George Michael and he mistakes it for a proposition.
** "Gentlemen, start your engines!" Both Michael and George Michael toward a Lindsay they don't recognize in season 4. Doubles as a way of underlining the LikeFatherLikeSon theme the season has regarding those two.
*** [[spoiler: And there's the fact that they both start hooking up with a woman who reminds Michael of his dead wife/mother of his child. How many kinds of incestuous implications does that have?]]
** And there's also a scene where Gob hugs Michael, assuring him if he feels anything it's "just the dove" and the scene quickly shows that the dove is walking on the counter behind Gob. Yeah, it's that kind of show.
* IndirectKiss: When Lucille is confined by ankle bracelet to a non-smoking room, she hits on the idea of blowing the smoke into Buster's mouth and having him run onto the balcony to exhale it. It looks ''[[ParentalIncest so wrong]]''.
* InnocentInnuendo: In-show, Tobias. Almost everything he says conspires to sound gay.
* InsistentTerminology: They're not ''tricks''. They're ''illusions''. Used to G.O.B.'s chagrin in "Family Ties," among other episodes.
** Though oddly enough, he eventually talks about a prostitute "turning illusions," the exact reason he gave in the pilot for why he doesn't like to say "tricks."
** As much as he insists that they're "illusions" rather than "tricks" during actual magic shows, he tends to not have an issue with them being called "tricks" (and even does so himself) in casual conversation, implying that the whole thing is actually just a poor attempt to make himself seem more sophisticated while performing, rather than an actual preference.
*** Illuminated in Season 4: [[spoiler:G.O.B offers up his InsistentTerminology, but when it's clear his bar tab is riding on the issue, he has no problem shouting, "Who wants to see a trick?"]]
* IntercourseWithYou: ''Afternoon Delight''. After figuring it out, George-Michael and dad find it too vague to mind singing it.
* {{Irony}}: A RealLife example. A factor that greatly contributed to ''Arrested Development's'' humor and uniqueness (and eventual cult status) was the high level of {{Continuity}} between episodes and the innumerable [[BrickJoke brick jokes]], callbacks, and [[RunningGag running gags]] present throughout the series that rewarded longtime viewers and, in the process, helped set it apart from the myriad of other sitcoms it competed against. However, many people now believe that it was this level of continuity that at least partly accounted for ''Arrested Development's'' perpetually low ratings. Most sitcoms, due to their episodic nature, allow a viewer to jump right in and enjoy the humor without being confused by the plot. On the other hand, many first-time viewers may have abandoned ''Arrested Development'' after getting lost in the plot and/or being confused by the self-referential jokes.
* IWantYouToMeetAnOldFriendOfMine: Creator/AliaShawkat and MaeWhitman previously starred together on the [[Creator/ABCFamily Fox Family]] show ''State Of Grace''.

* JerkassHasAPoint: Many of the Bluths qualify for this, making rather astute observations when not being too self-absorbed. In several instances, Lindsay and Lucille both tell Tobias that he has no talent or ability as an actor. With his consistent inability to get acting work coupled with his pompousness, not many people disagree.
* JigsawPuzzlePlot: Season 4 is very much this.
* JumpingOutOfACake: As part of a ZanyScheme pulled by GOB and George, he hires a narcoleptic stripper to do this. [[spoiler:She does, but ends up [[BrickJoke punching Buster in the face]].]]
* JoinsToFitIn: GOB founded the Alliance of Magicians, as he feels the magician's craft isn't taken seriously.
* JustTakeThePoster: Tobias does this when an ad for an acting job is pointed out to him. [[PlayedForLaughs When he shows up for the audition]], [[NiceJobBreakingItHero he's the only one there]].
* KentBrockmanNews: At 15 episodes, LA newscaster John F. Beard is tied with Henry Winkler/Barry Zuckercorn for most common recurring cast member/character.
* KissingCousins: George Michael's crush and his cousin Maeby.
* LadyDrunk: Lucille is almost never seen without a drink in her hand.
* LampshadedTheObscureReference: The episode "S.O.B.s", Tobias brings up someone named Freddie Wilson while talking, prompting the other characters to say they "don't get that reference". This doubled as an in-joke about how some people thought the show's inability to gain mainstream appeal was caused by its numerous and sometimes obscure jokes about pop-culture and topical references.
* LargeHam: A veritable buffet line.
* LastSecondWordSwap:
** "You selfish c-ount..ry... music... loving... person."
** "She just called to ask me to bring her a tube of vag... is... table paste. Hi, George Michael."
** Then there's this:
--->'''Lindsay:''' Look, if you say no, you're just going to drive him right to her.\\
''[enter George Michael]''\\
'''George Michael:''' Hey, Dad, can you drive me to Ann's?\\
'''Michael:''' Nnnn... Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes.
* LateArrivalSpoiler: The clips that play on the DVD menus can be quite spoileriffic for the episodes on that disc.
* {{Leitmotif}} [[DrinkingGame Count the number of times]] you hear Europe's "The Final Countdown" in relation to Gob.
** (It's actually a SuspiciouslySimilarSong version the first time, though. You can still [[DrinkingGame take a shot]].)
** The second season provides one whenever Oscar and Buster spend time with each other and start talking about fathers.
** [[spoiler: ''[[Music/SimonAndGarfunkel Hello Darkness My Old Friend]]]]''
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doCkO3-N8Rk&t=1m13s Hey, what you tryin' to say to me?]]
* LemonyNarrator: The amount of times Ron Howard breaks the fourth wall probably counts in the hundreds.
** He also takes considerable offense to the bad narration of [[ShowWithinAShow Scandalmakers]].
* LenoDevice: Jim Cramer is shown talking about the Bluth company on his show and in a later episode makes a live appearance. John Beard is an actual Fox local anchor and is presented as [[AdamWesting an exaggerated version]] of himself. Beard has been cast [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0063906/ in several series]] either as a generic anchor or AsHimself.
** In a variant, [[spoiler:Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu appear in Season 4 to reprise their roles as [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 Joel and Crow]] to riff on Debrie's ''ComicBook/FantasticFour'' movie, to show that the movie was ''that'' bad]].
* LethalChef[=/=]CordonBleughChef: Lindsey, who starts off with such delights as Hot Ham Water and "Cream Soda" (soda water with cream in it), before "advancing" to raw chicken served in the water it was defrosted in. Not to mention her tendency to leave the stove on and then wander off...
* LetThePastBurn: An episode ends with Michael and his son, George Michael burning down the family banana stand while they watched as a means of putting the days where they miserably had to work there behind. Their father is not pleased [[spoiler:because he had hidden a secret stock of cash in there and the two of them failed to find it]].
* LiesToChildren: Thanks to Lucille's insane lies to cover up her alcoholism, Lindsay has grown up believing that vodka goes bad if not finished the day it's opened and that wine only becomes alcohol if left to sit.
* LiteralMinded: Doctor Fishman, a very literal doctor who [[RunningGag appears several times throughout the series]]. He's even credited as "Literal Doctor":
** 'Let 'Em Eat Cake', referring to [[spoiler: George Sr, who had escaped out the window]]:
---> '''Doctor Fishman''': Excuse me, Mr. Bluth. [[spoiler:We lost him]]. He just, uh... [[spoiler:got away from us]]. I'm sorry.
** 'The One Where Michael Leaves', referring to [[spoiler: Tobias, who was covered in blue paint]]:
---> '''Dr. Fishman''': It looks like he's dead.
** In the epilogue of the same episode:
---> '''Doctor Fishman''': You look really hot.
** 'Hand to God', referring to [[spoiler: Buster who has lost his left hand, making him ''all right'']]:
---> '''Doctor Fishman''': [[spoiler:He's going to be all right.]]
** 'The Sword of Destiny', referring to Michael, who is suffering a rupture ulcer:
---> '''Doctor Fishman''': Iím sorry to say this, but it's too late for me to do anything for your son.\\
''[everyone gasps]''\\
'''Michael''': ...Let him keep talking!\\
'''Doctor Fishman''': ...Because Dr. Stein here has already been assigned to his case.
** 'A New Start', after moving to India, referring to Tobias, who broke his head twice:
---> '''Doctor Fishman''': This man here broke his skull in two places. Once outside the airport and once in the elevator when his sheet got caught and he was pulled off his gurney.
** 'Off the Hook', where he has become an army doctor and is referring to Buster, who, [[spoiler:after falling over while remotely piloting a plane, has been given a large artificial hand]]:
---> '''Doctor Fishman''': Mrs. Bluth, [[spoiler:your son went down while piloting a plane over Afghanistan.]]\\
'''Lucille''': Oh my god.\\
'''Doctor Fishman''': He deserves [[spoiler:a big hand for that, and we gave him one.]] I'm afraid besides that, there's nothing we can do.
* LiveEpisode: Parodied with the end of "S.O.B.S"
* LoveDodecahedron: Combined with IncestIsRelative.
* LoveEpiphany

* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Subverted: she's actually a [[spoiler:'''M'''entally '''R'''etarded '''F'''emale]]. ''Mr. F!''
** Maeby shows shades of this, especially in early episodes.
* ManipulativeBastard: Lucille and George Sr.
* {{Narrator}}: Creator/RonHoward.
* MeaningfulName:
** George Oscar "Gob" Bluth = Florida Man.
** George Michael's cousin Maeby. As in, his cousin, ''maybe''. ([[spoiler:Turns out [[NotBloodSiblings she's not]]]].)
** George Sr., while under house arrest, hires a man to wear a camera and a microphone and relay his words to the rest of the family during a consultation with a lawyer. The guy's name is Larry Middleman.
** In the GrandFinale it is revealed that [[spoiler: Annyong's real name is Heh-Loh]].
** Tobias in the fourth series [[spoiler: dates a (recovering) junkie named [=DeBrie=]. Lampshaded when Tobias ends up discarding her quite literally in a pile of debris. To drive home the joke, it's actually labeled as such.]]
** Rebel from the fourth season.
* {{Metaphorgotten}}: Gob, on after the seal that [[spoiler: bites off Buster's hand]] gets its flipper eaten by a shark.
-->'''Gob:''' Poor little guy. He's probably out there somewhere, swimming around in circles, freaking out his whole family.
* MidBattleTeabreak: In a season 4 episode, Michael and GOB get in a fight in a padded children's play area after agreeing it is the safest place to fight. Shortly after the fight begins, they crash through the wall of the knife store next door. At this point, they stop the fight long enough to return to the play area.
* MisplacedWildlife: The vulture that's hanging around Sudden Valley doesn't look like any American species.
* MusclesAreMeaningless: Lucille seems to be stronger than she looks, she can break through a barricaded door with little difficulty.
* MyFriendsAndZoidberg: "I'm going to stay here with all these... hot men. And Ira."
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Tobias' business cards: ''Dr Tobias Fünke, analrapist'' [[note]]See TheProblemWithPenIsland below.[[/note]]
-->'''Buster:''' ''[gasps as he reads the card]''\\
'''Tobias:''' It isn't pronounced like that.\\
'''Buster:''' It's not the pronunciation I was worried about.
* NoBisexuals: PlayedForLaughs with Tobias and played disturbingly straight with [[spoiler: GOB and Tony Wonder, two straight-identifying men who have sex and share some sort of confusing feelings]].
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: The season 4 character Herbert Love is a pretty clear imitation of former presidential candidate Herman Cain.
** Pop singer Mark Cherry appears to be a takeoff on Justin Bieber.
* NotBloodRelated: George Michael desperately looks for evidence that he and Maeby are NotBloodRelated. In the end, it turns out that [[spoiler:they're not... because Lindsay isn't]].
** Also, the Bluth's "uncle" Jack Bullet, who they ''exclusively'' refer to throughout the episode as as "Fake Uncle Jack", likely because a major plot point of the episode is [[spoiler: his sexual desire for Lindsay]].
*** "...and remember, he's ''not really their uncle''."
** When it's revealed that [[spoiler:Lindsay is adopted, she comes on to Michael and Gob comes on to her]].
* NotCheatingUnlessYouGetCaught: Most of the conniving characters have no qualms about their schemes and are only concerned by the repercussions if they get discovered. As Bob Loblaw summarizes it "Why should you go to jail for a crime somebody else... noticed?".
* NotSoDifferent: Michael tries to be a good father to his son, but unfortunately in practice he's every bit as domineering and controlling as his own parents were.
* OnceMoreWithClarity: Several scenes in Season 4. The negotiation over film rights between Michael and George Sr. being the most prominent example.
* OneSteveLimit: Averted. Lucille Bluth's best friend/social rival is Lucille Austero, played by Liza Minnelli. When the name confusion is not being PlayedForLaughs, the show refers to her as Lucille Austero, or Lucille Two. To a lesser degree, there's a bit of a theme with the names of most of the male Bluths. There's George Oscar Sr, Oscar, George Oscar II ("GOB"), Michael, and George Michael. The only one to escape this is Buster.
** Tobias also has a brief relationship with a transvestite (whom he believes to be a woman) bodybuilder named Michael.
** There is, however, only one Steve: Steve Holt!
* OneWomanWail: Parodied in the latest season. 'Co-oo-o-oooooo-oooooo-oo-ooo-incidence.'
* TheOnlyWayTheyWillLearn: Extreme "lessons" are a theme of the series, from Maeby's KissingCousins scheme to the lessons the Bluth children learned at the hands of J. Walter Weatherman.
* OnlySaneMan: Michael Bluth is all too aware of this trope.
** Although George Michael and Maeby are mostly sane as well. At least until Maeby got a movie job.
* OnTheNext: subverted; they're almost always one-off jokes based on hanging plot threads of the episode they accompany. Of course, there ''are'' a few {{Double Subversion}}s where the preview is actually true...
* OutOfTheFryingPan: [[spoiler:Near the end of Season 3, George is finally exonerated for his crimes, leaving the Bluth company in an actually good position for the first time in years. However, during the boat party, Annyong shows up to reveal that he had been feeding information and evidence against them to the SEC, and then Lucille steals the Queen Mary, putting them in a worse position than ever.]]
* OutdatedOutfit: Lupe's hand-me-down jumpers
* OverlyLongGag: Season 4 is especially fond of this, as episodes are longer on Netflix than they can be on network TV:
** In "Flight of the Phoenix", Michael trying to work out the details of the roommate voting scam.
** In "Indian Takers", Tobias and Lindsay buying an increasingly-extravagant mansion.
** Gob and Tony Wonder downing the contents of their drinks in real time.
** Lucille and Buster's [[IndirectKiss "smoke transfer"]] lasts significantly longer than it seems like it should.
** Gob [[CannotSpitItOut unsuccessfully]] trying to tell Ann he wants to break up, stuttering through a nonsensical sentence in such a manner that would give WesternAnimation/PorkyPig a run for his money.
** Gob takes a roofie one morning to try to forget about finding out just then that he contracted syphilis. The result?
-->'''Narrator''': ...and soon Gob found himself experiencing what, on the street, is referred to as a "roofie circle," whereby a roofie is taken the day after a degrading event too late to erase the memory of the degrading event itself but not too late to erase the prior day's attempt to erase the event. Thus, with no memory of taking the roofie but the memory of the event very much alive, the victim of the roofie circle finds himself constantly trying to re-erase the memory but only succeeds in erasing the memory of the attempt to erase the memory. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and relationships grow testy. And what begins in shame almost always ends in a Mexican hospital with stage 4 syphilis.
** In "Red Hairing," Michael and Lindsay hug several lengthy times...in order to frustratedly brief each other about how their respective schemes are playing out.

* ParentWithNewParamour: Played with throughout the series with each of Michael's new love interests.
** They have one of the major obstacles to Michael forming a new relationship being fear about the effect it might have on his son, even though George Michael tends to approve and be encouraging.
* ParentalSexualitySquick: Comes up a lot, considering Lucille's considerable libido.
* PeriodPiece: Season four fills in all the years since the show was cancelled, and has a lot of fun with the 2007 real estate crash.
* PersonAsVerb: ''"Don't go all Michael on me."''
* PokemonSpeak: "STEVE HOLT!"
* PoliceBrutality: A running gag in which George Sr. or Oscar (or one disguised as or mistaken for the other) gets tackled by police and a second later, one officer clubs him on the head with a nightstick. (Also, it's always [[ThoseTwoGuys the same two cops]], each switching off on nightstick duty.)
** As well as GOB getting tazered.
** Season 4 has [[spoiler: an unwitting Tobias appear in an episode of a ''Series/ToCatchAPredator'' [[PoorMansSubstitute ripoff]] hosted by John Beard. The perp gets the "why don't you have a seat over here" treatment, and is then lured outside and subjected to a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown by the crew as well as police officers assisting the show, before being arrested.]] [[PoliceBrutality This is implied to be their standard operating procedure]].
* PrimalScene: In ''Visiting Ours'', GOB unfortunately witnesses his parents getting it on when he is detained against the window of the conjugal trailer they're in. It happens again in ''Prison Break-in''.
* PrisonRape: Referenced and [[BlackComedyRape played for humor]] several times:
** In one first season episode, George Michael is revealed to have watched an episode of ''Series/{{Oz}}'' as a small child (having confused it for ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''), and is terrified of visiting his grandfather in prison as a result.
** In the third season of ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'', George Bluth complains about being under house arrest with his wife (after having spent most of the first two seasons incarcerated):
--->'''George Bluth Sr:''' In prison I just had to lie there and take it. Here, I have to lie there and ''give'' it.
** In the same episode, George gives a speech to troubled youth about life in prison in order to scare them straight (i.e. off of drugs or gangs or whatever), but ends up describing prison rape to a group of gay youth who are expecting to be scared straight (i.e. into becoming heterosexuals). Needless to say, they are excited by the prospect of sweaty groping in the dark by buff men.
** It's also made fun of when Lindsay visits her father in prison during a previous season and he's explaining why he wants her to stop coming:
---> '''George Sr:''' I'm paying thousands of dollars in Krugerrands.\\
'''Lindsay:''' What?\\
'''George Sr:''' Gold Krugerrands. Your mother snuck them in here, stuffed them in energy bar wrappers to keep me from getting strangled in the shower or worse.\\
'''Lindsay:''' Stabbed?\\
'''George Sr:''' In a way.
** In season 4, the activist/terrorist Marky Bark expresses fear of being imprisoned, commenting that prison is like [a restaurant running on the barter system], except there's only one thing to swap.
** Possibly experienced by Tobias in a spell of imprisonment in the fourth season. [[ItMakesSenseInContext He ends up as a registered sex offender]], and the narration indicates that this status resulted in him being savagely beaten with a spoon. He also learned from his prison experiences [[TheProblemWithPenIsland the problem with calling himself an analrapist]], and starts to call himself a theralyst instead.
* PunnyName: Taken to AddedAlliterativeAppeal TongueTwister levels; Lawyer Bob Loblaw, owner of Bob Loblaw's Law blog. He is quite the mouthful. One headline reads "Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb." The new season gives us "Low blow, Loblaw".
** Also Maggie Lizer as in Maggie Lizer ass off.
* RacistGrandma: "Oh Gob, you could charm the black off a telegram boy!"
** And several of Lucille's remarks towards her housekeepers and other Latino hired help. She also has said a few negative things toward Asians.
** Season 4: George Sr. and Lucille state they don't tip black people, and are confused at others who see a problem with that.
* ReallyGetsAround: Michael, surprisingly. GOB tries to be this.
* RecklessGunUsage: Tobias gets fired from his job as a security guard by trying to get rid of some mice from a clothes shop (which GOB let loose) by firing randomly at them with his revolver.
* RememberTheNewGuy: Franklin, GOB's puppet was apparently used sometime before the beginning of the series. However, the cast as a whole seemed to suddenly remember him all at the same time, on the episode of his debut.
* RepeatedCueTardyResponse: In ''Exit Strategy'', Michael is in a meeting with Wayne Jarvis. Wayne dramatically says, "[GOB]'s on the news right now," and turns the television on. GOB is not on the news. They wait for quite a while before the aforementioned news report finally comes on.
-->'''Wayne Jarvis''': [[LampshadeHanging And imagine the impact if that had come on right when we turned on the TV.]]
* TheReveal:
** In Season 1: [[spoiler:George has been working with Saddam Hussein to build houses in Iraq.]]
** In Season 2: [[spoiler:GOB is Steve Holt's father]].
** In Season 3:
*** [[spoiler:Lindsay is Nellie, the Bluths' adopted daughter.]]
*** [[spoiler:Lucille has been behind almost all of the Bluth family's corruption from the start.]]
*** [[spoiler:Annyong has been working as a mole for the SEC to take down the Bluth family out of revenge. [[WhamEpisode He succeeds]].]]
** In Season 4:
*** [[spoiler:The "famous person" GOB is dating is Tony Wonder.]]
*** [[spoiler:Sally Sitwell is TheChessmaster behind most of the series' events.]]
*** [[spoiler:Perfecto is underage, leaving Maeby as a registered sex offender like her father.]]
*** [[spoiler:Fakeblock doesn't exist, and is instead the result of a series of increasingly elaborate and dangerous lies on George Michael's part.]]
*** [[spoiler:George Michael is "George Maharis", Rebel Alley's other boyfriend.]]
*** [[spoiler:Lucille 2 was killed on the night of Cinco de Quatro and all of the Bluths have motives for the murder.]]
* RichInDollarsPoorInSense: Most of the Bluth family, with the exception of Michael.
* RuleOfFunny
* RunningGag: Plenty which can be found [[RunningGag/ArrestedDevelopment here]].
* RunningGagged: Maeby used to say "Marry me!" whenever her coworkers thought she looked too young to be working to remove suspicion. One of her coworkers takes the offer a little too seriously, and she stops afterwards.
** GOB did not get the message, as he [[spoiler: accidentally proposes to Ann]] in Season 4.

* ShapedLikeWhatItSells: The Bluths' one consistent moneymaker is the frozen banana stand, which is shaped like a banana.
* SharePhrase: On top of the show's numerous {{Borrowed Catchphrase}}s, Lucille, GOB, Michael, and Maeby all say "That was a freebie" in the third season, with about equal distribution (Maeby says it in two separate episodes, but Michael said it in [[Recap/ArrestedDevelopmentS1E7InGodWeTrust the first season]]).
** And of course, "I've made a huge mistake."
* ShoutOut:
** As the {{Narrator}}, Ron Howard frequently makes [[ActorAllusion references to his past career]]s on the classic TV shows ''Series/TheAndyGriffithShow'' and ''Series/HappyDays''.
*** "Jessie had gone too far, and she had best watch her mouth."
*** "No one was making fun of Andy Griffith. I can't emphasize that enough."
*** The Andy Griffith shout outs really start to pile up in Season 4 once [[spoiler:Ron Howard himself becomes a recurring character]].
** Tony Wonder wanted to call his magic DVD ''Use Your Illusion'', but it turns out [[Music/GunsNRoses some band]] [[Music/UseYourIllusion already had the rights to that]].
*** So he instead tried to call it ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Use_your_illusion_ii Use Your Illusion Too]]''
*** He finally settles on "Use Your Allusion," saying his act is full of references. [[ShapedLikeItself His act's title now references that his act's title is a reference.]]
** Rita's uncle holds out a jewelry box to her and when she reaches for it, he snaps it shut, causing her to laugh uncontrollably, like in ''PrettyWoman''.
*** In Season 4, Herbert Love tries the same trick, but [[spoiler:the box snaps shut on Lindsay's hand, hurting her.]]
** There's a censored mention of ''Series/VeronicaMars'' in "Family Ties."
** Season 4: [[spoiler:The story mentions a couple of horrible (fictional) movies. Clips from these movies are shown with [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 some very familiar audience silhouettes]] in the foreground. Turn up the sound and you'll hear some high-quality [=MST3K=] riffs - delivered by ''Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu!'']]
*** In one Season 4 episode, [[spoiler: Gob is seen with some friends at a club called "and Jeremy Piven", a reference to the opening from ''Entourage'']].
** The infamous sitcom ''MyMotherTheCar'' is playing in the background of an early season 1 episode.[[note]]The episode, in which Lucille gets into a car accident and claims Michael was driving, is titled "My Mother, The Car."[[/note]]
** The scene at the end of "Blockheads", where Gob is wiping off shaving cream from his face, mimics the final scene of ''Film/{{Cruising}}''. This can be seen seen as a commentary on the [[spoiler:unexpected homosexual relationship]] between Gob and Tony Wonder, as well as a possible hint that Gob is [[spoiler:the one who killed Lucille Austero]].
** In "Off the Hook", the way Buster, a child-like idiot savant, is [[spoiler:fooled by the Army into thinking he's playing a flight simulator, while he's in fact controlling a remote plane and killing real people]], is quite similar to what happens in ''Literature/EndersGame''.
** In "Pier Pressure," the first version of the song "Big Yellow Joint" bears very strong similarities to the Arlo Guthrie song "Alice's Restaurant."
** In Season 4, whenever Gob experiences some sort of existential crisis, often relating to his future and his love life, [[Film/TheGraduate "The Sound of Silence" plays in the background.]]
* SiblingRivalry: Quite a few, among them Gob and Michael, George and Oscar, Buster and Annyong.
* SideEffectsInclude: When Tobias and Lindsay performed as a singing hippie duo hawking drugs for a pharmaceutical company years ago, a young Maeby would deliver the side effects in between songs.
* SitCom
* SixthRanger: Oscar, who first appears late in the first season.
* SleepingSingle: Lindsay and Tobias do this.
* StandardizedSitcomHousing: One of the most surprising aversions, considering the family business and how self-aware the show is. The couch is off in a corner and it's possible to go from the front door to the kitchen without passing through the living room. The ''actual'' model home used in the {{pilot}} had a grand spiral staircase...leading to an unfinished attic.
* StatusQuoIsGod: Played fairly straight in the original three seasons (except for the occasional hand), then ''heavily'' defied in Season 4. By the end of the season, [[spoiler:Lucille Austero is dead/missing, Buster is going to be arrested, Tobias and Maeby are registered sex offenders, George Michael and Michael are at odds (not to mention very corrupted), George Sr. is a woman, and Lindsay has made a complete 180 in political stance and has access to a congressman's riches.]]
* StealthInsult: Michael can't go two lines without laying one of these down on his family.
--> '''Lucille''': It's so nice not to have to worry about contraception anymore. The doctor says that I couldn't be a mother now if I tried.\\
'''Michael''': And that was without even asking me.
* SubvertedCatchphrase: From TheStinger of 'Blockheads'. [[spoiler:Even the police seem surprised.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Buster''': I'm not a monster!]]
* SurroundedByIdiots: Poor Michael.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Lucille's housekeeper Luce was replaced by Lupe after a single episode.
* ThatCameOutWrong: Tobias is the master of ''faux pas''.
* TimeSkip: Season 4 opens five years after the ending of season 3.
** JustifiedTrope: Because it's been roughly 6-7 years since the GrandFinale in real time.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Averted with the "Next Time on Arrested Development..." scenes, which are integral to the story and don't spoil future episodes at all... Besides the scene at the end of "Altar Egos", which completely spoils "Justice Is Blind": [[spoiler:Maggie isn't actually blind.]]
* UnEntendre: Almost everything Tobias says.
* VerbalBackspace:
--> '''Gob:''' Plus, she's religious. That one gets pregnant, it stays pregnant. Believe me, I dated a chick like that once in high school. ''[pause]'' No, I didn't.
* VerbalTic: Keep an ear out for every time the narrator begins a sentence with "And that's when..."
* VerbalTicName: Parodied with "Annyong", who always repeats this name back to anyone who says it- since it's Korean for "hello". Lucille actually just didn't care enough to actually learn his real name: [[spoiler:Hel-Loh]].
* VetinariJobSecurity: Things immediately fall apart any time Michael leaves.
* VisualPun: A double-whammy in "Making A Stand":
-->'''Narrator:''' Michael was trying to include his brother in the business, at his father's request.\\
'''Michael:''' So, the last couple of months have seen us ''hemorrhaging'' money...\\
''[piles of change suddenly burst from Gob's sleeves]''\\
'''Narrator:''' But he was finding himself overwhelmed by the change.
* WellDoneSonGuy: Subverted in that right until the end they keep working for approval from their father (or in GOB's case for both his father's and Michael's).
** There is also the fact that George deliberately undermined his sons to keep them working for his approval, as he believed it built character.
* WhamEpisode:
** "Let Them Eat Cake": [[spoiler:George's "light treason" was building model homes in Iraq for Saddam Hussein, and he fakes a heart attack in order to escape from prison.]]
** "Out On A Limb": [[spoiler:Buster's hand gets eaten by a seal.]]
** "Exit Strategy": [[spoiler:George, Sr has been cleared of all charges.]]
** "Development Arrested", big time [[spoiler:Lucille Bluth is the one who's been controlling both George and the Bluth company the whole time. Lindsay was adopted by the Bluths at age three and is the illusive "Nellie" (therefore, George Michael and Maeby ''aren't'' biological cousins). GOB's Christian girlfriend turns out to be Ann. Annoyong (real name: Hel-Loh) [[ChekhovsGun is a mole for the SEC]], and has been gathering evidence against Lucille to avenge [[BrickJoke his grandfather's stolen business]]. Finally, Michael and George Michael leave the family for good.]]
* WhamLine: Several throughout the series:
** 'Top Banana' gives us a hilarious one in its final moments:
---> '''George Sr''': [[spoiler: There was $250,000 ''lining the walls of the banana stand''.]]
** Also from 'Top Banana':
---> '''George Sr''': [[spoiler: How much clearer can I say... There's always MONEY... ''IN... THE BANANA STAND''!]]
** 'Justice Is Blind':
--->'''Vet''': Justice is fine. Although... [[spoiler:Dressing him up like a seeing-eye dog]] seems a little cruel.\\
'''Michael''': Cruel?\\
'''Vet''': Well yeah, [[spoiler:because he can't see.]]\\
'''Michael''': What are you talking about?\\
'''Vet''': Mr Bluth... [[spoiler:[[TitleDrop Justice is blind.]]]]
** 'Let Them Eat Cake':
-->'''Reporter''': ...But the real surprise here is that these homes appear to be [[spoiler:American-built.]]
** 'The One Where They Build A House':
-->'''Narrator''': But it was too late, as George Sr [[spoiler:would be declared dead within the hour.]]
** 'Good Grief':
--->'''George Michael''': ...[[spoiler:Pop-Pop]]?\\
'''[[spoiler:George, Sr.]]''': Hide me!
** 'Sad Sack':
---> '''Barry Zuckercorn''': [[spoiler:Those are balls.]]
** 'Out On A Limb':
--->'''Narrator''': And then a [[spoiler:loose seal bites off Buster's hand.]]
** 'Righteous Brothers', just when [[spoiler:it looks like George has finally turned himself in and done something good for the family]]:
--->'''Narrator''': Later, while [[spoiler:George Sr was shaving his unconscious brother's head, he wondered whether there really was a reward, and if there was a way he could get it.]]
** From the end of 'Mr. F':
---> '''Narrator''': But there was one piece of intelligence that Michael didn't have.\\
'''Agent 1''': Interesting...\\
'''Agent 2''': Don't even think about it J. She's an [[spoiler: MRF]].\\
'''Agent 1''': [[spoiler: MRF]], what's that?\\
'''Agent 2''': [[spoiler: '''M'''entally '''R'''etarded '''F'''emale]].
** 'Development Arrested':
---> '''Stan Sitwell''': 5%? Lucille actually gave you less than [[spoiler: her ''natural children'']]?
** Also from 'Development Arrested':
---> '''Lucille''': Well I know it was someone in this family...\\
[[spoiler: '''Annyong''': Or someone who ''used to be''!]]
** 'Blockheads':
---> '''George Michael''': [[spoiler: How'd you know about the photo booth?]]
* WhamShot: [[spoiler: Annyong hiding in the walls]] in the epilogue of 'Mr. F'.
* WhiteSheep:
** Michael, George Michael and Buster are generally this in relation to the Bluth family. They are by far the most decent and the least manipulative and selfish. Contrasted to the others who are greedy and power-hungry, and generally hold very few morals. Tobias also fits into this trope, although slightly less so since his ideas of this don't necessarily comply with other people's ideas of this.
** In Season 4, [[spoiler: this trope is deconstructed with all three of them: Michael becomes much more frustrated and selfish, abandons his family and eventually kicks almost all of them out of the movie, Buster is pushed ''far'' past his limits, and eventually punches Herbert Love in the face, and George Michael begins to show his natural Bluth traits, most notably the power of lying, and ends up digging himself deeper and deeper, and eventually punches his father in the face after he finds out that he was lying to him.]] Not to mention the fact that they're ''all'' implied to have motives for [[spoiler: Lucille 2's murder]].
* YourCheatingHeart:
** Herbert Love has a wife and kids, but has also been in lots of sexual harassment lawsuits during his campaign. Then again, [[spoiler: his wife is having an affair on him, with Buster.]]
** And in a weird variation on Season 4, [[spoiler:Oscar, George's twin brother, manages to have sex with Lucille while the Bluths were still married, but Lucille had no idea it was Oscar as he was [[BedTrick pretending to be George]]]].
!!Specific episodes and scenes provide examples of:
[[folder: A-M]]
* AccidentalMarriage: [[spoiler:Maeby and George Michael]] have one when [[spoiler:trying to entertain people in a senior citizens home]].
** Also, GOB ends up marrying a woman in an escalating series of drunken dares.
** Even funnier if you know that Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, who plays the woman he marries, were married in real life at the time of the episode's airing.
* AccidentalMisnaming: George Michael's girlfriend Ann, whom Michael and others variously call "Egg, "Yam," "Plant," "Plain," "Bland," and "Her?".
** Who?
* ActuallyPrettyFunny: In "The One Where They Build a House", Gob admires Michael's quip about his "business model".
--->'''Michael:''' Also, I'm not sure how "Solid as ''a Rock''" helps people forget the fact that we built houses in ''Iraq''\\
'''Gob:''' I love that.
* ApologyGift: Lucille Bluth reveals to Maeby that most of the items in her jewelry collection were gifts George Sr. gave her after she discovered his various affairs.
* AwkwardFatherSonBondingActivity: Usually any episode which involves Michael trying to bond with George-Michael. Same can be applied to [[spoiler: GOB and Steve Holt.]]
* BatmanGambit: Michael attempts several of these. A failed example includes when Michael tries to break up GOB with Marta by putting her in the magic act.
* BecomingTheMask: [[spoiler: In Season 4, GOB sets out to get revenge on a newly uncloseted, flirty Tony Wonder by winning his heart and then breaking it. Tony is secretly straight and just pretending to flirt, because he thinks GOB is gay as well and has a boyfriend with money. They both end up truly enjoying each other's company and developing feelings for each other - the Narrator says this is confused friendship, but after they're tricked into sex with each other GOB says the experience has confirmed he's in love. Troper bonus: literal full face masks are involved]].
* BewareTheNiceOnes: In one episode, Tobias (best known for homosexual innuendo), enters the same prison as George Sr. Tobias uses his therapist training and counseling skills to unintentionally convince the most powerful inmate to kill himself, and then heads a new prison gang centered around Wizard of Oz imagery, whose members were called "friends of Dorothy."
** He was certainly the most feared analrapist in the prison.
** In the final episode of Season 3, [[spoiler:George Michael punches GOB out cold when he realizes that his uncle has been dating Ann behind his back]].
*** [[spoiler: Her?]]
** In the Season 4 episode 'Off the Hook', [[spoiler: Buster punches Herbert Love in the face and knocks him out, and then possibly ''murders'' Lucille 2.]]
** In the final episode of Season 4, [[spoiler:George Michael punches ''his father'' for dating Rebel Alley while he still knew the discovery that George Michael was dating her as well]].
* BlatantLies
-->'''G.O.B.''': Lindsay's been staying at the Four Seas for, like, a monthó-she's probably charging the company.\\
'''Michael''': Lindsay's been in town for a month?\\
'''G.O.B.''': I don't think so.
* BodyDouble: Turns out that the houses in Iraq that the Bluth company built [[spoiler:were housing a group of Saddam doubles]]. Though for double spoilers [[spoiler: one on of them may be the real Saddam and a double was killed in his place]].
* BookEnds: The finale, "Development Arrested", is filled with them.
* BrutalHonesty:
-->'''Michael:''' Did you burn down the storage unit? \\
'''T-Bone:''' Oh, most definitely!
* BuffySpeak:
** A lot of the time, especially from Lindsay.
--->'''Lindsay:''' Michael, if this is a lecture about how we're all supposed to whatever, and blah blah blah, well you can save it because we all know it by heart.
** The narrator himself refers to Michael eating an entire "thing" of Candy beans twice.
* CelebrityParadox[=/=]YouLookFamiliar: Richard Belzer appears as himself in S.O.B.s and then later as his Homicide/ Law and Order character JohnMunch in Exit Strategy.
* ClusterBleepBomb:
** At the office:
---> '''Gob:''' Please refrain from discussing or engaging in any sort of inter-office [bleep]ing, or s[bleep]ing, or finger[bleep], or [bleep]sting or [bleep]eeing or or even [bleep]. Even though so many people in this office are begging for it. And if anybody does anything with my sister Lindsay, I'll take off my pants, I'll sh[bleep]. And I'll personally [long bleep].
** When the kids are making fun of their mother:
--->'''Buster:''' ''[impersonating Lucille]'' I'm an uptight [bleep] BUSTER! [''long'' bleep] YOU OLD HORNY SLUT!
** Dealing with the prostitute:
--->'''Nellie:''' We're gonna have some ground rules first, OK? No [bleep]ing, [bleep] [bleep]ing, or [bleep]asting. And no [bleep]ing unless you're wearing a [bleep] [bleep] or you [bleep] before you [bleep] me. And if this winds up on the web, I will [bleep] you in the [bleep].
* ContinuityEditing: Done deliberately ''very wrong'' in the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwWAsNZTnug sleazy commercial of Bob Loblaw]], where he closes the same book, three times.
* CreepyUncle: The Veals have one. GOB, Tobias and Buster all play this role for George Michael occasionally.
* DisappearingBox: GOB's "Aztec Tomb" in the first episode.
* DruggedLipstick: On GOB's ''ventriloquist's dummy''.
* GambitPileup: In "Making A Stand", George Sr. [[spoiler:attempts to carry out a illegal deal with a Columbian cartel by using GOB to unwittingly launder the money and distracting Michael by playing him against GOB]]. In response, Michael makes a plan to convince his father that [[spoiler:the cartel have kidnapped him after Michael caught on and called the deal off]] to teach him a lesson. However, after [[spoiler:GOB tells George Sr. the full details of the plan less than a minute into its setup]], [[spoiler:George Sr. plants his go-to scare tactic amputee J. Walter Weatherman in the group]] to give him a means to teach ''them'' a lesson about [[spoiler:teaching their father a lesson]]. After finding out that [[spoiler:GOB ruined their scheme]], [[spoiler:Michael gets into a fight with him which spills onto the balcony, where Michael falls over the railing]]. Once [[spoiler:George Sr. runs out to the balcony in shock]], [[spoiler:Michael comes up from his hiding place behind the railing]] to teach [[spoiler:George Sr.]] the lesson about [[spoiler:pitting GOB and him against each other that they had]] originally planned... at which point [[spoiler:the police, investigating the commotion upstairs, break in and shoot Buster's hand off- his fake hand, which he had been passing off as his good hand by concealing his real hand under his hook all along]], teaching them ''all'' the lesson he'd been trying to teach the entire episode about [[spoiler:using amputees to scare people]].
** "Development Arrested", to a lesser extent.
* HomosexualReproduction: Maggie Lizer was a surrogate mother of a gay couple, who used a material mixed from the sperms of both of them.
* HypocriticalHumor:
** LeaningOnTheFourthWall example:
--->'''Tobias:''' Those Hollywood shows are so incredibly detailed. ''[gets a pot of coffee out of a cupboard containing only the pot and a Starbucks cup]''\\
'''George Michael:''' ''[gets a granola bar out of an otherwise empty cupboard]''
** The third season is ''full'' of this, and it's almost always LeaningOnTheFourthWall.
---> '''Rita:''' ''[a Brit, played by the South African Charlize Theron]'' I just hate when they get Yanks to play British people.
* InstantlyProvenWrong: Episode "Faking It" has Michael discover a secret room in the model home filled with body-building magazines, themselves filled with muscular men. Tobias enters and has a conversation with Michael where he admits the magazines are his. He says they're from a body-building phase he'd gone through (rather than using them to ogle the men) and he hasn't touched them in years. He then opens one and we hear a talking magazine ad for a new television show.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall:
** The late season three episode ''S.O.B.s'' is chock full of references to the show's failing ratings and involves the characters pleading for support and trying to seem more relatable, while simultaneously stating that they would not be able to do a ChannelHop should they ultimately be canceled, and, by the end, [[spoiler:openly accepting the show's impending cancellation]].
** When they discuss the idea that there is a mole with a listing device in the company in 'Mr. F', the cameras focuses on each cast member, ending with George Sr.'s surrogate and then finally with a wide cast shot of the conference room with a studio mic hanging overhead that gets quickly pulled away.
** In Season 4, whenever footage from the original run is used, a watermark for "Showstealer Pro Trial Edition" is seen over it - a nod to the reduced budget on {{Creator/Netflix}}
* LeftHanging: Nearly every single plot and subplot in season 4 is left unresolved.
* LineOfSightName: In season 4, George Michael [[spoiler: gets the alias George Maharis when he introduces himself as George Mi--heiress (he had just been telling Maeby that the correct pronunciation was "airess", not "Harris")]]. As a GeniusBonus, [[spoiler: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Maharis George Maharis is a real person]], and while George Michael chose the name to escape the embarrassing implications of George Michael and Boy George, that name carries [[http://www.nndb.com/people/554/000091281/ very similar implications.]][[note]]Double Genius Bonus: Check out the name of the man the real George Maharis was caught with, and compare it to the name of the student Maeby has sex with.[[/note]]]].
* MeaningfulName: Sitwell repeatedly has problems with the adjustment of his eyebrows.

[[folder: N-Z]]
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Byron "Buster" Bluth, Mae "Maeby" Fünke, George Oscar "GOB" Bluth.
* PekingDuckChristmas: Not the holiday precisely, but a similar idea. The setting has two PunnyName restaurants. One is "Skip Churches", a Sunday Brunch place where Christians go in lieu of church. The other is "Miss Temple's", a Chinese restaurant frequented by Jews in lieu of synagogue.11
* PluckyOfficeGirl: Kitty has used her position as one of these to get enough information on everyone to perfectly manipulate them all. Problem is, she's crazy, so how well this works is left up to the viewer.
* PrisonEpisode: The whole first season features George Sr in prison, but "Key Decisions" also features GOB in prison, "Staff Infection"/"Missing Kitty" features Tobias in prison, and "Queen B." in Season 4 [[spoiler:features Lucille in prison after losing her trial]].
* ProductPlacement: Two references to Netflix appear the season broadcast by the service.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: The circuitous, {{Hyperlink Story}}-ish nature of season 4 is due to difficulties coordinating the actors' schedules. Tony Hale's schedule conflicts with ''Series/{{Veep}}'' in particular were so difficult to work with that Buster's focus episode is mostly self-contained.
* ReallySeventeenYearsOld: Maeby gets a job as a producer where she constantly has to hide the fact that she's still in high school.
* ShoutOut:
** Tobias gets license plates made in the name of his hopeful roles, one of which says [[Series/{{House}} "DR HOUSE" ]].
** See ActorAllusion above. Also an obscure, and apparently arbitrary, one: in "Fakin' It", Wayne Jarvis has the line [[BlueVelvet "Why do there have to be puppets like Frank?"]] in reference to GOB's puppet Franklin. [[invoked]]
** George Sr. apparently has seen Anime/AstroBoy. He certainly would fit the age range when it came out.
** George Michael is [[spoiler: being threatened by Anonymous. Yes, '''''that''''' Anonymous]].
** In "In God We Trust", Barry Zuckercorn goes to comb his hair in the mirror, then holds his comb to the side in Fonzie's famous pose from the ''Happy Days'' intro.
** In Season 4, produced by Netflix, [[spoiler: Tony Wonder and Sally Sitwell]] mention that they don't want their plan to be a [[Series/HouseOfCardsUS House of Cards]], a reference to Netflix's first original series.
* SitcomArchnemesis: Lucille II is this in Lucille's opinion and Stan Sitwell is this to George Sr. In both cases, the detested person is a really decent person, but is treated as a nemesis because the Bluth in question attributes their own kind of motivations to them.
* SmartPeopleSpeakTheQueensEnglish: Rita is a subversion. Her English accent is (according to the narrator) the reason that people don't figure out that she's [[spoiler:mentally retarded]].
* SnowballLie: [[spoiler:Hard to believe that Fakeblock started off as a simple woodblock app.]]
* SpousalPrivilege: Thoroughly mangled by George Sr.
* StealingFromTheHotel: Marky Bark offers a handful of hotel soap bars at the restaurant that only accepts trade. They're rejected.
* StupidSexyFlanders
* SubvertedPunchline: Actor ''Judge'' Reinhold appears on a ShowWithinAShow version of ''Series/JudgeJudy''. The title? ''Mock Trial with J. Reinhold''.
* TheTag
--> '''Narrator:''' On the next ''Arrested Development''...
* TakeThat: Done in-universe, oddly enough, when the narrator spends a good bit of an episode knocking the narration of a rivaling show, Scandalmakers.
** In the Season 2 blooper reel, you can hear David Cross tell off Fox's marketing team for its failure to market the show despite its great reviews and numerous awards and nominations. The best part is that he does it while half-dressed in his Mrs. Featherbottom costume.
* ThatCameOutWrong: The show specializes in these, usually half a dozen per episode from Tobias (who doesn't realize what he's said), but often from Michael as well (who only notices it half the time).
--> '''Michael:''' I screwed my own brother-in-law. (walks away) \\
'''Maeby:''' Well, I'm all grown up now.
* ThemeTuneCameo: Lindsay's ringtone.
* ThemeTwinNaming:
** George Oscar Sr. and his twin brother, Oscar George.
** At one point Maeby pretends to be a twin sister named Surely.
* TherapyBackfire: Lindsay and Tobias attempt counseling after Tobias quits his job to become an actor. A simple role-playing exercise leads to Tobias and the therapist nearly kissing and the therapist not only siding with Tobias, but also quitting ''his'' job to become an actor as well. This is something of a subversion as it's the therapist and Tobias who are portrayed as crazy.
* TitleDrop: In [[ArrestedDevelopmentS3E3ForgetMeNow "Forget-Me-Now"]].
-->'''Michael:''' Your average American male is stuck in a perpetual state of adolescence, you know, arrested development.\\
'''Narrator:''' [[LampshadeHanging Hey! That's the name of the show!]]
* TourGuideGag
* TranslationByVolume: Talking unnaturally loudly or slowly tends to be how the Bluths attempt to communicate with the various Spanish-speaking characters.
* TrickedIntoSigning: The "[[Recap/ArrestedDevelopmentS3E13DevelopmentArrested Development Arrested]]" episode had Maeby trying to get the family to sign away their life-rights for a movie she needed to make. Lucille needed them to sign a paper promising them money if they didn't sell their shares, so Maeby just puts those papers under hers and starts offering the family money to sign.
* TwinSwitch:
** George Sr. often tricks his twin brother Oscar into serving prison time in his place. Despite the frequency with which this happens, both [[TheStoner Oscar]] and the police fall for it ''every time''.
-->'''Oscar:''' Oh, stupid Oscar, when are you going to learn that there's no such thing as free shrimp?
** George Sr. finds himself on the receiving end when the mexican police confuse him for Oscar, wanted for drug charges. He eventually convinces them of his real identity. That's when they remember he's the cornballer.
* TWordEuphemism: GOB's yacht.
* UnusualEuphemism:
** When George Michael says that he has Pop-Pop in the attic, Michael thinks he's talking about sex. Later episodes show that Michael may have been justified in assuming this, since other characters use it to mean exactly that.
** "fronts-piece" and "I no dust Buster any more!"
** Michael [[LampshadeHanging wonders whether he missed out on some new slang development]] when both Lindsay and Gob use "crown" as a sexual euphemism.
** Buster says "Linus" instead of penis.
** Buster says "Charlie Browns" for testicles. Buster saw the Peanuts specials in a way very different from the rest of the audience, for sure.
* TheUnfairSex: Averted. Lucille is an abusive mother and Lindsay neglects her daughter.
* TheUnfavorite
--->'''Lucille''': I've never cared for GOB.
* UnsettlingGenderReveal: Barry Zuckerkorn apparently ''seeks out'' this trope, exclusively:
--->'''Barry''': Hey, you're not one of those silly men that's dressed like a woman, are you?\\
'''Prostitute''': No, baby, I'm the real thing.\\
''[Barry floors it and drives away]''
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: With the exception of Michael, George Michael, and to some extent, Tobias, Buster, and Maeby, everyone is a lazy, self-involved {{Jerkass}}. In fact, Maeby was as normal as her uncle and cousin at the beginning of the show, only to slowly move into Tobias/Buster territory through her Surely storyline and movie job (fortunately, she doesn't go anywhere near her mother or G.O.B. on the unlikability scale, let alone her grandparents). Michael, for all he really, really ''tries'' to be a good person and caring father, occasionally succumbs to hypocrisy and selfishness. This is {{Lampshaded}} in "S.O.B." In Season 4, without the rest of their family to make them look better by comparison, both Michael and, to a lesser extent, George-Michael succumb to this. Plus, Tobias, Buster, and Maeby really go off the rails in season 4.
* WallpaperCamouflage:
** Reoccurring trope. Tobias' blue paint, from his stint as a Blue Man Group understudy, allows him to camouflage against any blue background. He also camouflages himself against a glitter background using Lindsay's diamond lotion in order to spy on her.
** Buster's Milford Academy training allows him a high degree of skill in blending into the background of any situation.
* WeShouldGetAnotherTape: The TropeNamer is George Michael's eventual response to the RunningGag of his "Star Wars Kid" video in [[Recap/ArrestedDevelopmentS3E6TheOceanWalker "The Ocean Walker"]].
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Parodied. [[ChekhovsGunman Annyong]] disappears between the first and second seasons, never to be seen again... [[spoiler:until one On The Next gag toward the beginning of the third season reveals that he had been hiding in the walls [[note]]but you have to wait for it.[[/note]]. He reveals himself as a spy in the final episode]].
** Played straight with Cindy the Ostrich, who isn't seen again chronologically after attacking Lucille 2.
* WhatHaveWeEar: One of GOB's tricks, used in "Key Decisions" and "Colony Collapse".
* WholePlotReference: George Michael's Fakeblock sub-plot in season 4 is essentially a parody of ''Film/TheSocialNetwork''
* YouKnowWhatYouDid: Despite having acknowledged how untrustworthy Lucille is, Lindsay and Michael both fall for their mother's attempts to make them believe that the other thinks badly of them.
* ZipMeUp:
** Lucille, verbatim, [[IncestIsRelative to her sons]].
** Michael to Buster.