Series: Answer Me Nineteen Ninety Seven

From left to right: Joon-hee, Yoo-jung, Shi-won, Yoon-jae, Hak-chan, Sung-jae

Answer Me 1997 (응답하라 1997, Reply 1997, Answer to 1997) is a 16 episode long Korean Drama which aired on cable network tvN in 2012.

The series begins in 2012 with our heroine Sung Shi-won at her Busan high school reunion, where one couple is about to announce their marriage. From there, the drama skips back and forth in time from 1997 to 2012 to follow the adventures and misadventures of the extreme H.O.T fangirl Shi-won, her family and her group of high school friends. Comedy, hijinks and lots of heartwarming moments ensue.

This series provides examples of: