''America's Test Kitchen'' is a CookingShow on PBS and essentially the TV version of ''Cook's Illustrated'' magazine, hosted by editor Christopher Kimball. Unlike most cooking shows (particularly those on Creator/{{PBS}}), it focuses on the "science" of cooking; it could be thought of as a more straight-up version of ''Series/GoodEats''. In addition to recipes and general cooking tips, the show also features a science corner, letters to the editor (Chris Kimball), an Equipment Corner (consumer cooking goods reviews) and a tasting lab.

A spin-off (more like very minor variation) is '''Cook's Country''', once again featuring host Chris Kimball and pretty much the rest of the America's Test Kitchen staff.


* DuelingShows: Kimball has noted the similarity to ''Good Eats'', and taken care to point out the differences.
** The show was a lot more similar to ''Good Eats'' in the early going thanks to a "science desk" segment featuring John "Doc" Willoughby, which even used the same kinds of props and puppets Alton Brown used to explain food science concepts. This segment was dropped after the third season, though Willoughby returned some years later for a "Man on the Street" segment.