Short-lived GameShow broadcast on Creator/{{ABC}} in 1985, created by Creator/MerrillHeatter of ''Series/TheHollywoodSquares'' fame. Like that show, ''All-Star Blitz'' involved celebrities and a puzzle board (referred to as the ''Blitz Board''). Four celebrity panelists sat under three stars each, and gameplay involved asking trivia questions of the celebs. Just like the ''Squares'', contestants could agree or disagree with the answers the celebs gave. Right answers lit up the stars over the celebs' head, and as the stars lit up, they also revealed portions of a word puzzle on the Blitz Board that comprised two to six words, which the contestants could opt to solve. Two puzzles won the game, a prize package and the right to play the ''Blitz Bonanza'' [[BonusRound endgame]].
!!GameShowTropes in use:
* BonusRound: The ''Blitz Bonanza''. Here, the contestant spun a wheel to reveal up to four parts of the puzzle; if they landed on an already-revealed part of the Blitz Board, that spin was considered "wasted", and the contestant could take a fifth spin if they forfeited the prize package won in the main game. Solving the puzzle won a cash jackpot that started at $10,000.
* GameShowWinningsCap: Contestants who made it to the Blitz Bonanza four times retired undefeated.
* Personnel:
** TheAnnouncer: John Harlan voiced a variety of games over the years, but was most noted for ''Series/NameThatTune''.
** GameShowHost: Peter Marshall, doing pretty much what he did on ''Series/TheHollywoodSquares''.
** StudioAudience
* ProgressiveJackpot: Winning the Blitz Bonanza earned the contestant a jackpot that started at $10,000 and increased by $5,000 (later $2,500) each time it wasn't won. The jackpot froze when it hit $25,000 (later $20,000).
* ShowTheFolksAtHome: The number of words in a puzzle. Peter Marshall mucked it up in the pilot's first bonus round, but the contestant didn't get the clue.
!!This show provides examples of:
* CatchPhrase: "Hello, stars!" "Hi, Peter!"
* CreativeClosingCredits: Bumpers, in this case- whenever the tiebreaker game or the Blitz Bonanza followed the commercial break, the Blitz Board would be used to say "(x) next up".
* FanRemake: Done by Creator/{{Greggo}} and taken to conventions, frequently with anime stars; the format is the "four free stars" one, the Blitz Bonanza is randomized on the computer and stopped with a buzzer device (no budget or ability to haul a big wheel around), and all the payouts are in yen (as per most of his shows), with a prize for the Blitz Bonanza.
* OpeningNarration: "[Celebrities' names], all in the game that's just over their heads!" (theme song singer sings "All-Star Blitz" [[RuleOfThree three times]]) "And here's the master of the Blitz Board, Peter Marshall!"
* SpiritualSuccessor: This show was basically ''Series/TheHollywoodSquares'' minus the tic-tac-toe elements -- you have celebrities needed to form a pattern in a grid, contestants agreeing and disagreeing, and Peter Marshall.
* SurrealThemeTune: For a while, the ThemeTune was remixed with some downright ''weird'' {{scatting}} ("[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSq5359Jhog Hobba hum hobba heeba humba]]"). The only part that stayed throughout was the repeated "All-Star Blitz!" chant (which, as mentioned above, was used in the intro). The scat mix was apparently used for only one week.