Series: Alarm für Cobra 11

aka: Alarm Fur Cobra 11

Germany's Autobahnen are the safest superhighways in the world (despite not having a mandatory speed limit), but you'd never know it from watching this show.

German-language Buddy Cop Police Procedural Action Adventure Series about plainclothes detectives working for the Nordrhein-Westfalen Autobahnpolizei, a police agency responsible for patrolling the Autobahn superhighways in North-Rhine Westphalia.

Just visualise it: This is a petrol-exploding, collaterally-damaging, bullet-spurting take on the legendary hardcore profession of... writing traffic ticketsnote .

A Guilty Pleasure that combines the dead-serious tone and high production values of the CSI franchise with car stunts worthy of Michael Bay or The Dukes of Hazzard. Nearly every episode has at least two or three frenzied chase sequences and at least one multi-car pileup. It's said that the producer had it added to his contract that he could make at least one pileup and ensuing explosions in each episode.

During Germany's version of Cash for Clunkers, this show was happy to help you, deliberately paying you for your car so that you could later see it being blown up or crashed spectaculary.

tl;dr version: German CHI Ps. With Car Fu.

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Alarm Fur Cobra 11