Series / Aktuelle Kamera

The daily state-run newscast in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). At the beginning of its run, the reporting was relatively uncensored and was sometimes quite critical of the current regime. However, after its coverage of the East German uprising in 1953, the government quickly clamped down, whereupon the show became another run-of-the-mill propaganda generator for a dictatorial state. However, it should be noted that many East Germans simply ignored the newscast and tuned in to the West German television. Aktuelle Kamera (the Current Camera) was on air from 1957 to 1990, surviving the reunification of Germany for two months. Think George W. Bush-era Fox News Channel, but with Middle School production values.

Appeared famously in the movie Good Bye, Lenin!, where protagonist had to create fake newcasts to maintain an elaborated masquerade that East Germany still exists.

This series provides examples of: