Self Demonstrating: Shu Ouma

What am I? Do I stand out of the tropes page?

(This page is probably best read in Yuuki Kaji’s voice in Japanese or Austin Tindle’s for English.)

My name is Shu Ouma. In my childhood, I was involved in this horrific event called Lost Christmas, a pandemic that infects most of Tokyo. As a result, I became unsociable and have quasi-friendships with my classmates at high school.

Then everything changes when I meet the famous pink-haired singer, Inori Yuzuriha. Turns out she is part of a terrorist group called Funeral Parlor, that wants to save Japan from the hands of a corrupted organization named GHQ.

As such, I receive this power called the ‘Power of the Kings’, which has the ability to extract these ‘void objects’ from people’s hearts.

At first I refuse to take part of the fight as I just want to be normal. However, I decide to not just because of Inori, but to save many others I care about and I accept all the guilt actions.

These are things that know me: