Script / Derek The Rock Star

Derek the Rock Star is a 2011 story written and illustrated by Nate Spidgewood. It's about a teenage boy named Derek Finn who starts up a new rock band called Insane Brats. But this job was ruined by a group of FBI agents that hate rock music, so he teams up with his bandmates to defeat the agents and take the genre back.

It can be read at Writing.Com (here and here) and Deviant ART (here).
Derek the Rock Star provides examples of:
  • Sphere Eyes: What the characters were drawn with in the illustrations.
  • Staying Alive: In The Stinger of the story, the agents are revealed to be alive.
  • Surprisingly Happy Ending: After celebrating the death of the agents, Derek quickly becomes down in dumps when he realizes his map flew out to the ravine. But then when he arrives home with his friends, other people suddenly started congratulating him and a happy ending ensues.
  • Take My Hand: During the chase scene, Derek gets dragged by Roland off the motorcycle and into the agents' car, but Peter speeds up after it and reaches his hand out for Derek, who also reaches out. They tried to catch each other's hands, but they couldn't reach. However, Peter finally manages to take Derek's hand and drag him back onto the motorcycle.
  • Take That: To the country music genre.
  • Terrible Trio: Roland, Bradley and Philip. Babyface also joins this group, though he doesn't wear a dark FBI suit at all.
  • Token Minority: Manny.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Roland's henchmen.