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Screams Like A Little Girl: Webcomics
  • Art in Sequential Art made a "girly shriek" just because of a thump upstairs. Of course, he was watching a horror movie at the time, but still...
  • Freefall
    • Florence is puzzled by a scream she hears, and Helix explains: Sam screams like a girl squid.
    • In another strip, Florence thinks she's startled Sam, but he explains: "No, you did not surprise me. My plans to scream like a little girl when I reached the kitchen were made hours ago. It's pure coincidence you happened to be here at the time."
  • Nodded to in Something Positive where Aubrey tactlessly reminds Davan of the time when he was a kid, was attacked by a dog, and wet himself in public, then she reassures him that his screams didn't sound girly. "A little like a boiling lobster, but not girlish at all."
  • Girl Genius
    DuPree: Oh my Gosh! I'd know that girlish scream anywhere!
  • Referenced in Ozy and Millie. Millie finds herself holding something she'd rather not. She asks Ozy how she can let go without screaming like a little girl. Ozy's answer? "You ARE a little girl." Millie takes the hint.
  • Sam in Sluggy Freelance does this.
  • While he is admittedly female at the time, Elliot in El Goonish Shive would have liked his scream to be a little more manly.
  • Harv in Warrior U.

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