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Scenery Porn: Tabletop Games
  • Many of the Land cards in Magic: The Gathering are pretty impressive.
    • In particular Mirrodin's metal fields, Ravnica's city-scapes and Zendikar's impossible rock formations. This is particularly noticeable with the full-card art variants for basic lands.
    • Many of the newer land cards from blocks go together with other like-blocked, same colored, lands to make large, overly detailed pieces of art.
    • The Invasion basic lands were particularly impressive, with all of the five basic land types having at least one example each of what could be considered the "definitive" Plains/Swamp/whatever.
  • A handful of Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Field Spells depict some absolutely gorgeous scenery.
  • As does the Pokémon TCG. A lot of the backgrounds in the card illustrations are gorgeous, especially in the Holon series.
  • The setting of Mortasheen has a lot of this for its weird and wonderful locations, which are macabre but not so depressing that they fall into Scenery Gorn. For example, there's the Corpse Sea, a crowd of zombies so vast that it actually qualifies as a sea, the Flesh Forest, a forest made out of meat due to bio-experiment runoff, and the Smut, a desert dominated by a sentient bone-collecting fungus.

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