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Scenery Porn: Anime And Manga
Dammit, where's my camera?

  • See the image accompanying this page? It's from 5 Centimeters per Second by Makoto Shinkai, perhaps anime's greatest purveyor of scenery porn.
  • .hack//SIGN
  • Almost everything from Paprika... in fact just about everything by Satoshi Kon follows this trope.
  • The anime adaptation of Aoi Hana has a lot of it, exploiting Kamakura's eye-catching sceneries.
  • The first episode of Black Lagoon gave a nice glance at the scenery in the South China Sea. Black Lagoon in general goes pretty far with lavish scenery all the time. Just most of it is the craptown of Roanapur rather than the South China Sea, but it's still full of incredible detail.
  • Blame is a unique version of this trope. It obviously lives and breathes Scenery Porn, but it is much less "pretty backgrounds" and more amazingly-detailed, gritty, futuristic architecture... and it works.
  • Le Chevalier D Eon. The animators in this series like to use many types of cinematic shots and camera pans that are more associated with live-action than anime, and it results in many GORGEOUS shots of Paris and Versailles.
  • Now and Then, Here and There has some amazing sunsets and vistas.
  • Hal Film Maker seems to be really good at this with their Slice of Life work.
  • The Macross universe as a whole has this. Macross Zero, Macross DYRL, and Macross Frontier are standouts.
    • Macross Frontier did it wonderfully with the first several episodes showing off the beauty of the Frontier fleet. One episode is mostly Sheryl exploring the fleet in amazement at gorgeousness that rivals her own. But over the course of the series and their conflict with the Vajra, those shots steadily turn into Scenery Gorn. The last scene in the series, of their new home, is full of Scenery Porn though.
  • Productions from Kyoto Animation exhibit beautiful scenery that were often inspired by real world locations. Among them include:
    • AIR, where the beautifully rendered sea and blue sky with white clouds serve as symbols in both the game and the anime series. The town is also depicted with great detail.
    • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya pays a surprising amount of attention to its backgrounds, a small city and the local high school, despite the fact that these locations will initially seem mundane. The locations were inspired by Nishinomiya. Sharp-eyed viewers will also witness the five planes of motion illustrating such exciting activities as Kyon walking to school and the background in the Asakura vs. Yuki fight.
    • Angel Beats!! practically spits them out. The opening has several and the whole season has a background which really highlights the mood of the show.
    • Kanon and CLANNAD were also inspired by real-world locations and are depicted beautifully.
    • "K-On!" takes a leaf from other Kyoto Animation works and features spectacular scenery, whether it be the sunsets and sunrises the girls see, or local parks and rivers.
  • Melody of Oblivion's watercolor-style backgrounds are very beautiful, although because of the rich symbolism, they often are important to the plot.
    • To be fair, a number of anime JCStaff worked on (things like Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile to name a few) have that great watercolor background going on. Sometimes, it goes to the detriment of actual animation quality, but the backgrounds are plain beautiful.
  • The scenery in From the New World is nothing short of beautiful. It's clear that A-1 Pictures puts a lot of time, money, and effort into the series, as every bit of detail for the village and its surroundings are well illustrated.
  • Kimini Todoke's anime adaptation is saturated with beautiful, pastel-colored backdrops.
  • Kamichu! has a lot of shots of Onomichi, the seaside town where the main characters live, emphasizing the hilly landscape and shoreline.
  • Blue Drop contains many beautifully animated sceneries, usually involving lots of seabirds or Hagino's spaceship standing in for a submarine.
  • Masashi Kishimoto of Naruto has become a master of this in recent years. From the panoramas of Konoha, to the other villages, to various battlefields.
  • Ken Akamatsu loves this trope.
    • See (don't worry, it's Work Safe) the title page from one of his early doujins. Yes, he even puts Scenery Porn into actual porn.
    • Mahou Sensei Negima! is infamous for its beautiful backgrounds which were made on a computer. Most of the tankoubon volumes actually have appendices showing off the models, and listing the real-world architectural influences they draw upon. Many people complain that they look out of place, what with the character models being simplistic to the point of Only Six Faces, although they certainly add a great deal to the atmosphere, especially once the Magic World arc gets started.
    • While it isn't as advanced or as noticed, Ken Akamatsu's previous series, Love Hina, had its backgrounds similarly developed.
  • ICE contains a quite a few pretty shots of the dystopian future world it tries to warn against.
  • Kara no Kyoukai may be a subversion, as it features incredible artwork and attention to detail, but in a very gloomy, run-down city setting. Not the second movie though, you get a very beautiful city for at least a good half.
  • Gankutsuou was known for this, regarding specially the psychedelic patterns
  • Mushishi has lots of it as well.
  • Mouryou No Hako has lovely background animation with vibrant colours and gorgeous shots of flowers, trees, riverbanks, picturesque little villages and the like.
  • Origin: Spirits of the Past is completely this, to the point where the characters and plot only get in the way.
  • The works of Katsuhiro Otomo, such as AKIRA, whose formal education was in the field of architecture, is known for his painstakingly rendered urban landscapes. You will say holy shit. This is noticeable even in his earlier works, which take place in a city in the seventies and not in any magnificent Neo-Tokyo.
  • Ghost in the Shell
    • The Ghost in the Shell film has the haunting, wordless, boat ride sequence.
    • Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence was godly in this regard.
    • The Stand Alone Complex series have extremely detailed backgrounds for TV animation.
  • Pokémon:
    • Every single movie has at least one positively epic set piece in full Conspicuous CG. And they are gorgeous.
    • You're also likely to see that set piece get absolutely trashed at some point when the local Olympus Mons get pissed.
    • The movies also tend to open with gratuitous, sweeping shots of wild Pokémon. These are also typically gorgeous.
    • The entire three part mini arc with the resolution of Team Galactic, from Hunter J's ship getting sucked up with water to the Spear Pillar...whoa. Just whoa.
    • The regular series isn't too bad, either. The backgrounds have gotten a lot better: just compare the forests as seen in the Orange Islands arc to those in Black and White. The trees, riverbeds, and cliffsides are more meticulously painted, and so are some of the city areas.
  • Texhnolyze, despite its bleak surroundings, features some startlingly beautiful and detailed scenery.
  • Both Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo (or really, any anime directed by Shinichiro Watanabe) feature this in spades.
  • Eve No Jikan and it's precursor Aquatic Language both feature sumptuously lit, gorgeously filmed coffee houses (with interesting clientele).
  • ef: A Tale of Memories plays this trope to sometimes absurd levels, often abandoning realism totally for its backgrounds.
  • Seirei no Moribito has the lush Ghibli Hills of their "real world" and the strange, spectacular Spirit World, both shown in eventless, lingering shots and accompanied by the proper soundtrack. Moribito's Scenery Porn might as well be X-rated. It's that damn good!
  • A Little Snow Fairy Sugar does this to show off the tourist-bait preserved medieval German village where the series is set.
  • In Mokke the characters are often placed in shots that offer a good view of the hilly surroundings around the main characters' village. Yes, the Japanese really love their hills.
  • Arguably a lot of Yotsuba&! is devoted to stunningly realistic and gorgeously detailed drawings of Yotsuba's ordinary Japanese suburb, including several beautiful shots of the surroundings.
    • Most fans say that it's why the chapters update so rarely.
  • Diamond Daydreams is rife with beautiful shots of Hokkaido, Japan's northern-most island—so much, that it sometimes feels as if show has been sponsored by the Hokkaido Tourism Organisation.
  • The city of Alto Mare in Pokémon Heroes. Based on Venice, Italy and absolutely beautiful. Hell, you could say this for all the Pokémon movies. Every one of them opens up with a gratuitous, sweeping shot of the environment, and every one of them has some kind of ridiculously epic set piece that will probably get messed up pretty bad. It's become a joke among fans that the studios use research for movies as an excuse to go on a vacation.
  • CLAMP have made some good manga examples of this, which may or may not carry over to the animated adaptations. Present more or less in all their works but mostly in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, where some of the background art is truly spectacular (Rekort, Outo and Piffle, anyone?).
  • Dragon Ball is also rife with breathtaking establishing shots (that more often than not get blown up in the course of fight scenes) — it helps that Toriyama has a small army's worth of assistants to draw in all the windows of a skyscraper.
  • Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is positively awash with it, both in the manga and in the anime. There is no chapter or episode without some beautiful landscape thrown in, and there are a lot of chapters consisting of NOTHING ELSE than Scenery Porn. It is also should be considered as epitome of the grass Porn.
  • In Amanchu, Kozue Amano again showcases her ability to draw lovely backgrounds, which was already the trademark of her highly successful other work, ARIA.
  • Binchou-tan blends the moe-aesthetic with lots of lovely shots of the hill and the town at its foot. Whether this is a match made in heaven or hell is up to debate.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler has some pretty stunning scenes. Sakura petals, cityscapes, giant Ferris wheels... pretty much all of the background work (of the manga) is impressive.
  • Time Stranger Kyoko.
  • YuYu Hakusho has a nice moment of this, when, during a tournament held on an island, one fighter flies (he's one of the few in the series who can) up high over the island to get a good look at the ocean and feel the sunshine and the breeze; understandable, he's from the Demon World.
  • You could say Scenery Porn is largely responsible for the snail's-pace at which chapters of Berserk are released.
  • Basquash! treats the viewers to some very pretty shots of a shabby cityscape.
  • Eiichiro Oda's detailed drawings of backgrounds and buildings in recent volumes of One Piece (especially the Thriller Bark arc) may qualify: although they don't distract from the story or the foreground, careful attention is still paid to them and they are one of the reasons for the more cinematic quality of the anime of late. Also, whenever the characters visit a new locale in the manga, a good page and a half is almost always dedicated to giving readers a good view the place.
  • Eden of the East does this, even with Washington DC where particular attention was paid to Dulles and the White House. The entire frikkin' show. Magnificent.
  • Osamu Tezuka, the grandfather/deity of manga and anime, loved to do this. Many of his serious works, like Buddha and Phoenix, devote a noticeably large number of pages to showing gorgeously drawn vistas and photorealistic architecture. His works often devote entire pages to such beautiful scenery for nothing more than an establishing shot. There is also a huge contrast between Tezuka's simplified and cartoony character designs and the detail put into the full-page landscape art; it creates an effect that makes the characters stand out by visually separating humans and animals from inanimate objects and greenery.
  • Real Drive wallows in it, to the point of completely abandoning the plot just to show some lovely scenery.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena has one of the most unbelievably beautiful schools ever. Both versions are extremely unlikely, but the quality and gorgeousness of the scenery makes it well worth it. Amazing in that Utena was a budget series.
  • So imagine just what Kunihiko Ikuhara was able to do later with the truckloads of money he got for Mawaru-Penguindrum! See: the Takakura home, Himari's room, the gates to Ringo's school, Ping Seven, the lingerie shop, the building where Ringo lives with her mom, the Natsume mansion, etc.
  • Monster has a good bit of this, with many Real Life locations being painstakingly drawn.} To some extent this can be said for every Manga written by Naoki Urasawa. Pluto is especially fond of this as well.
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei has this in spades, with some of the most mind-blowing scenes also beautifully rendered.
  • Kenichi Sonada's Riding Bean and Gunsmith Cats (both anime and manga versions) are set in Chicago. Sonada took a tour of Chicago before Gunsmith Cats was drawn, and took copious photographs and notes. As a result, it's not only possible for natives of the city to pinpoint where the action sequences take place, but also when, as Sonada happened to be visiting the city during a major face-lift being given to the Field Museum—and his animators faithfully reproduced the scaffolding that framed the building for a significant period of time.
  • Sengoku Basara, renowned for its high quality matte paintings, is fitted with some pretty stunning landscapes, from buildings to battlefields, trees, flowers, fire, the ocean and the sky.
  • Dennou Coil has beautifully rendered shots of the town and the virtual environments mixed with it.
  • Mononoke (not that one) has very detailed, stunning backgrounds similar to ukiyo-e art, particularly in the earlier arcs.
    • Although "that one" is no slouch in the scenery porn arena, either.
  • Noir does this for some of its locales, in particular Paris and the Alps.
  • Any manga written by Ueshiba Riichi largely consists of Scenery Porn. You can spend hours examining all the details he put into backgrounds.
    • While Mysterious Girlfriend X is loved by many, the only reason most can form into words is the beautiful backgrounds.
  • Ah! My Goddess has a spectacular amount of this. Kosuke Fujishima is a huge fan of highly-detailed, perfectly-rendered buildings, often drawing vast scenes of a town market or technological district, not to mention Keiichi and Belldandy's amazing Temple/House. It extends to his love of vehicles as well.
  • Sora No Woto is.... Just... Look. Look I brought you a PV
  • Last Exile pretty much never stops doing this.
  • Fist of the Blue Sky has lots of this, compared to its Scenery Gorn predecessor, Fist of the North Star.
  • Red Line takes this to downright perverse levels, combining with Technology Porn before the pair begin making sweet love to your eyeballs, and then the race begins...
  • Tekkon Kinkreet is chocked full of these. Nearly every background, inside and out, are painstakingly detailed, yet still manage to retain a soft, hand-drawn appearance. This even applies to scenes that incorporate CGI, which also uses textures that are hand-drawn.
  • Nurarihyon No Mago always does sweeping shots of their massively detailed scenery. The shot often also moves into the main house as though a camera were gliding through. Add in the impressive CGI cherry blossoms that sway in the wind magnificently and you can see that it is fuelled by this trope. Both of the opening credits are also amazing in this respect.
  • Kurozuka does this with everything from flowers to blood and dystopian cities.
  • Hell Girl, particularly at Ai's house and in the psychedelic scenes.
  • Tanaka Yutaka is known for well-illustrated manga with at least a few pages of Scenery Porn, but his Mimia Hime turns it Up to Eleven.
  • Hanasaku Iroha is very, very beautiful to look at, with the background almost reaching movie level. Many of the scenes are so photo-realistic that screen captures taken into photo shop and adjusted with the automatic "levels" tool don't change at all!
  • ROD the TV pulls this off. See.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica takes this to Up to Eleven not just with the breathtaking shots of a futuristic Japan (just look at Madoka's house in the first episode!), but also with the witches' barriers, which combine Deranged Animation and Design Student's Orgasm to make for some surreally beautiful environments.
  • The Inazuma Eleven anime has extremely detailed backgrounds. And with the camera revolving around Endou or Tachimukai whenever either of them uses God Hand, the shots are redone with a new background every time it's used in a new location.
  • Danball Senki is led by the same team (Level-5 with OLM) as Inazuma Eleven and it shows, although the CGI is a bit more conspicuous (likely an intentional stylistic choice, since it's a futuristic sci-fi series).
  • The Wandering Son anime. Even for all its faults with the manga fans, you can't help but notice how high-quality and gorgeous the anime is. There's not a moment of Off Model, the anime team payed attention to detail, and the series overall looks like an anime movie rather then a Twelve Episode Anime. It's especially noticeable at the end of the first episode, with the Sakura Blossom scene.
  • Every Kekkaishi volume cover is breathtakingly pretty in some way, to say nothing of the scenery within the manga itself.
  • The main reason The Walking Man exists.
  • Ikebukuro is gorgeously drawn in Durarara!!.
  • In the Saint Beast anime there is a lot of time spent panning over the peaceful scenery of heaven.
  • Rebuild of Evangelion, being a retelling of Neon Genesis Evangelion using modern computer-rendered animation and CG, has a fair share of this. One notable example is an Establishing Shot in 2.0 depicting the day-by-day movement of Tokyo-3 in a calm morning. The shifting buildings, the moving solar-power thingies, train lines and such, all well animated and scored by a fitting soundtrack. The original series also has its moments, specially every time Shinji runs away.
  • Both OVA series of Ai no Kusabi go out of their way to beautifully depict the sci-fi futuristic world of Amoi. The 2012 OVA especially with all of it's CGI shots of the landscape and sky.
  • Arashi No Yoru Ni never disappoints with the shots of the mountains and the plains, it's so idyllic and peaceful, makes you want to live there forever!
  • Tari Tari is set in the seaside resort town of Enoshima, Japan and the stunning backgrounds are at a level of detail that make you feel like you are looking at pictures of the town.
  • The makers of Natsuiro Kiseki make sure the viewer never forgets that the town of Shimoda is located on Japan's extremely scenic Izu peninsula.
  • K is filled with this. Any long-shot can be a wallpaper. The show loves to play with lighting and is so damn pretty.
  • Most of The Sky Crawlers is this.
  • Eyeshield 21, Onepunch Man, and pretty much anything else drawn by Yusuke Murata is sheer artistic smut.
  • Adekan is this taken Up to Eleven. It's ridiculously rich in detail, beautifully drawn and makes the reader want to fall straight through the pages right into it... Then again... maybe not...
  • Cesare most definitely. Fuyumi Soryo seems to take any opportunity she can to provide highly detailed shots of streets, the Arno river, elaborate estates and other such things that make up late 15th century Renaissance era Pisa.
  • The anime-adaption of Sword Art Online. Everything literally screams how well-producted and high quality this show is. Just look at the title-image of the novel's main site. It doesn't matter if it's Aincrad, Alfheim or the real world, The Scenery Porn is very strong in this adaption.
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYAs anime adaption has so, so much. Especially during episode 6, where Saber makes a beautiful waterfall by using Excalibur. If the video is on 1080p, it's possible to see the gravel' being thrown in the dust by attacks.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth likes to have the Power Trio stop and admire the beauty of Cephiro, a land maintained in harmony and lacking in natural disaster through the efforts of the Pillar. It's very lush and green, with an opening shot of a vast sparkling sea, a floating island, and a cool volcano. It makes the subsequent decay into Scenery Gorn more powerful.
  • Lupin III uses scenery porn to set the tone of the work, and showing the audience how well-off Lupin is doing at this time. He's varied from abandoned warehouses to ritzy hotels.
  • The Attack on Titan anime is absolutely full of it in almost every single scene.
  • Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, being animated by Mad House, has some beautiful scenery, emphasizing the melancholy world that Ai and her friends travel.
  • Yama No Susume has Aoi and Hinata hiking through some gorgeous scenery.
  • Ghost Talkers Daydream: We could easily say the manga in its entirety, due to the painstaking attention to detail in each scene. But these two scenes from chapter 12 is where it really shows.
  • In Sailor Moon Crystal, the Creative Closing Credits feature a particularly scenic nighttime vista, panning over painterly cliffs with multiple waterfalls, a moonbow and a shooting star. A detailed skyscape is likewise featured as a reflection in water, with a gigantic full moon, sparkling stars, and even a few nebulae.
  • Sakasama no Patema could just as easily be renamed: "Scenery Porn: The Movie", as each scene is picturesque and often includes use of dramatic lighting and camera angles. The movie's soundtrack sets the tone for each shot, further enhancing the effect.
  • Aldnoah.Zero has some truly spectacular backgrounds.
  • Umi Monogatari has plenty of lovely shots of the seaside town in which the story takes place.
  • Monster Rancher was animated by TMS Entertainment in their prime and is very well-animated. If it's raining, for instance, the characters get a soft, fuzzy outline. Ditto with effects for fire and energy beams.

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