Say My Name: Video Games

  • The Binding of Isaac:
    • Isaac's name is shouted in the boss fight with Mom. And in the fight with Satan. ISAAAC!
  • Inverted in Kill Switch: part of the game's Mind Screw flashback story is a mystery girl's insistent question that the main character say her name. The trope's name itself is Arc Words for the game.
  • Ninja Gaiden II (part of the original trilogy for the NES) had Ryu Hayabusa and his love interest Irene Lew saying their names constantly.
  • Kingdom Hearts II:
    • TRON's new password is the heroes' names, which gets shouted dramatically by the heroes themselves. Here's a video that shows nearly every instance. Granted, there is one time in the game where they are addressed as "Donald, Sora, Goofy." This is only because Donald got there first.
    • Kairi's favorite word seems to be "Sora" or "SORA!" or "Soo... raa..." She can even say it while disembodied!
  • Speaking of Roxas, one scene in the prologue features Axel and Di Z screaming Roxas's name at him over and over again. A lot of the Organization XIII members will also cry out "Roxxaaaaasss..." upon being defeated in battle.
  • The "cutscene" that occurs in the middle of the final boss battle consists entirely of Sora and Riku saying each others' names.
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep:
    • The game has everyone good who was lost throughout the series saying Sora's name; asking him to save them.
    • When you encounter the Bonus Boss: Xe...ha...nort...? Xeha...nort... XEHANOOOOOOORRRTT!
    • In any game, whenever a party member heals another, they will usually yell the name of whoever they're healing. The one exception is for Captain Jack Sparrow in the second (third?) game, who gets referred to as "Captain!" because "Jack!" was already used for Jack Skellington.
    • In the second game, summon characters will always say Sora's name upon being summoned.
  • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days has "Xion!" being used by Roxas a lot.
  • Used in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex The Game, when Batou comes across two Motokos fighting (not unlike Pazu's situation in 2nd Gig), he figures out who the impostor is by yelling out, "MOTOKOOO!" and shooting the one who responded because the Major does not react when someone yells her given name.
  • Within the Tales Series, it is common for the lead male character to scream another character's name during a dramatic scene. This video only scratches the surface of how much the Tales Series loves this trope.
  • Every playable character in Resident Evil 6 will scream the name when you or your partner died.
  • It comes as a rather funny boss dialogue in Leon's campaign:
  • Metal Gear Solid:
    • Done with Raiden in MGS2 whenever you die, by both Colonel Campbell and Solid Snake (who use "Raiden"), and Rose who uses his real name, "JAAACCCKKKK!".
    • At the end of MGS 1, where Snake's old friendly nemesis Grey Fox gives his life to destroy the radome on Metal Gear REX, Snake screams out a mighty "FOOOOXX!!!"
    • Nearly every example from the second half of MGS2 can be viewed here, while those from the entirety of MGS3 can be viewed here.