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Sandbox: The Potter Prophecy
Web Video: The Potter Prophecy

The Potter Prophecy is a 30 minutes-long Harry Potter fanfilm directed by Ken Guzzetti and Erin Pyne, of The House of Black fame. The fanfilm explores the events leading up to the Potter’s murder, as told in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

After the Prophecy is revealed by Trelawney, James Potter meets with his friends the Marauders one last time before going into hiding. He asks Sirius to be his Secret Keeper, but Sirius convinces James that Peter Pettigrew would be the better choice. Peter betrays them to Voldemort, who sets off on Halloween night to kill Harry.

The cast of Web The Marauders Worst Memory reprise their roles in addition new cast members including Rich Land (Hagrid) and Evan Christ (Harry Potter).

The film doesn't seem to be online any more, but it has been available at Harry Potter conferences.

This work provides examples of:

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