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Sandbox: Instant Death Bullet
This page is going to contain the examples that need going over, moving to another trope, or general clean up in relation to the latest TRS for Instant Death Bullet.

Some of these examples have good material listed under a sub bullet or buried in an aversion listing. Some of the Aversions are instead subversions.

Before adding an Averted Trope or Subverted Trope please see the corresponding pages first.

Please avoid adding aversions back as per the TRS thread found here TRS for Instant Death Bullet There are plenty of examples to make a page.

Special Efforts thread Visit here to help.

Discussion page for Instant Death Bullet

For Mook, Red Shirt, and general extras' examples of instant death bullet please add as much context as possible. Be specific. IE is it prominently used in a certain set of scenes.

For example. In True Lies during the escape from the terrorist base several of the Mooks are gunned down successively by Harry Tasker with one shot apiece.

This is a Gun trope. Examples that do not have anything to do with using a gun, needing more then one bullet, involving a spray of bullets, victim dying slowly, or leads to a victim being out right destroyed belong on other trope pages.

Ok here is what I ended up doing. I talked it over with a mod first before executing the plan. Any examples that I could sort on my own I did so. The other entries were put on discussion pages of the works pages with links to the special efforts and sandbox page. Some went onto the Instant Death Bullet Discussion pages for more consideration and sorting.

I have listed all the works I shifted to other locations and where they got shifted to. Some works got cleaned up and moved back to Instant Death Bullet Maain page and in one examples case was already covered under a different trope on the works page.

Works/Franchise/Series Discussion page

Instant Death Bullet discussion page

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