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Decker is a comedy-action web series, later tv show, which follows began in 2014 as a spinoff/tie-in to the web series On Cinema with many of the stars and recurring guests of that show doing roles in Decker. The series follows CIA agent Jack Decker, played by Tim Heidecker, who fights terrorism and fights for the American way generally because US President Davidson, played by Joe Estevez, usually lacks the courage to do so. Tim's on cinema co-star Gregg Turkington also appears in the series as Special Agent Jonathan Kington, the master of codes and movie buff, just like Gregg's persona in On Cinema. It is a spoof of actions films and has deliberate bad acting, writing and special effects.

Its first three seasons (Classified, Port of Call: Hawaii, and Decker vs Dracula) aired on the Adult Swim website while season 4 Decker Declassified aired on the Adult Swim tv network. The series is frequently mentioned in On Cinema, which Tim and Gregg serve as regulars, often as a source of tension.

This show provides examples of:

  • Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene: In season 2, Decker takes Kington to the USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center, which provides information about the Pearl Harbor attack, to give him an understanding of why they are fighting terrorists. Decker even dives in the ocean to retrieve his grandfather's, who died during the pearl harbor attack, dog tags

  • Author Appeal: Kington is an avid movie buff, and often snacking on popcorn, is shared by his actor's, Gregg Turkington, On Cinema persona.

  • Bond Gun Barrel: In Gregg's Decker Versus Dracula: The Lost Works which highlights what the ending of Decker vs Dracula would have been like, it features Kingston in a very bond like gun barrell sequence though he is holding a crucifix instead of a gun.

  • Canon Discontinuity: Tim considers Decker vs Dracula to be outside of the Decker Canon to the annoyance of Gregg

  • Cut Short: The third season, Decker vs Dracula, was abruptly cut after 3 episodes because tim didn't like this seasons and episode 4 is just a message saying its cancelled while Dekkar's, Tim's band, song Empty Bottle plays for most of the episode. 2 additions videos have been made though with the first by Tim to explain why its cancelled, generally blaming the artisiic choices by Gregg, while the other is by Gregg who explains what the ending could have been like.

  • Deliberately Monochrome: When Decker uses a time machine to go back in time to 1941 Japan to stop Pearl Harbor, the setting during that period is in black and white while present day and future scenes are in color.

  • Determinator: Jack Decker is always willing to fight for America's freedom

  • Faceless Goons: Most of the mooks wear a bandit mask which hides their faces.

  • False Friend: Lanoi Arnold. He was Decker's oldest friend and seem to welcome him warmly when Decker came to Hawaii for vacation but Arnold had already betrayed him to the Taliban in exchange for money to renovate his bar

  • Fatal Flaw: Gregg obsession with movies caused him to accept a bugged VHS tape which allow terrorists to learn Decker's plan.

  • The Future: Decker Unclassified takes place in 2076.

  • Genre Shift: Decker vs Dracula incorporates horror, particularly universal monster horror, into the otherwise political thriller based series since Gregg had creative control during that season. This is cut after the season is abruptly cancelled and returns as a political action thriller in Decker Unclassified until the last episode of the season where its revealed that Dracula was working with the first lady

  • Haunted Castle: Dracula lives in one and is the base of operations for his league of monsters.

  • Ideal Hero: Jack Decker is portrayed as this, fighting for the America and its Freedom and is generally always morally in the right.

  • In Memoriam: Episode 5 of Decker Unclassified is dedicated to musicians who died in airplane disasters.

  • Legion of Doom: Various monsters like Dracula, Frankestein, Wolfman and the Mummy team up to take over the world during Decker vs Dracula.

  • Middle Eastern Terrorists: The Taliban and Al Queda are often the villains in the series.

  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Decker is always willing to save America from danger even though he hates President Davidson's policies.

  • Patriotic Fervor: Decker deeply cares for America and is willing to whatever is necessary to protect America and Freedom

  • Plot Hole: In Decker Unclassified, it is shown that Decker found out that Abdul was a terrorist even before Decker completed his green beret training. Yet back in the first season of Decker, which chronically takes place after his training is complete, he did not suspect Abdul as a terrorist when he provided Decker intel about the terrorists.

  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: In a somewhat breaking the fourth wall break, Kington walks off the set in episode 5 of Decker Unclassified after its revealed Dekkar (Tim's band in On Cinema) is to appear in the episode since Gregg dislikes the band. He does come back later in the episode though.

  • Show Withina Show: It is the show in the On Cinema webseries. It is type 1 (characters involved in production) as the "characters" in on cinema are the ones acting in Decker. Also Type 3 (show is a plot point) as it is often referenced in on cinema as a source of drama between Tim and Gregg.

  • Training Montage: There is one when Kingston is overseeing the training of Decker's son and the progress he makes.

  • Waving Signs Around: In episode 2, while walking to the white house, Decker encounters a group of sign waving protesters, with signs like "Keep USA Free" and "Treat Arabs Fairly", whom he doesn't particularly like.

  • You Have No Idea Who You're Dealing With: President Davidson says "do you know who i am" after getting captured by terrorists though it isn't particularly threatening sounding as much as it is desperate after failing in an attempt to warn Decker about an inside mole.


  • Channel Hop: Decker was originally released through youtube though Decker Unclassified got a tv release on Adult Swim (all seasons though are available to view on the Adult Swim website).

  • Troubled Production: somewhat in universe in the context of on cinema. Tim and Gregg clash over certain artistic choices, especially on Decker vs Dracula as shown in a video Tim posts to explain why that season was cancelled. Given Tim and Gregg are acting in their on cinema personas during the behind the scenes video, there's no indication there was legit trouble with the production of Decker.

  • What Could Have Been: Gregg made a video showing what the ending of Decker vs Dracula might have been like if it wasn't cancelled after 3 episodes (he apparently planned it to be 20)