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Sampling: Futret
  • The vocal tracks from "Nerves" and "Queen of the Night" were both borrowed from that of "Blackest Eyes" by Porcupine Tree and the song of the same name by Whitney Houston, respectively.
    • And again with "Stag Night", featuring the vocal track from Electric Six's "Gay Bar"
  • BALLS OUT MAGIC [MLP​:​FML] prominently features audio clips taken from the show.
  • "Drop it Like Your Mother Got Shot" features audio samples from both Bambi II and "Drop it Like Its Hot" by Snoop Dogg.
  • The featured quote from Troll 2 is used at the beginning of "Delicieux".
  • "Conté Hit & Run" uses samples by Kakukaku Shikajika, mascot for the eponymous Conte mini-van in Japan; as seen in their ad.
  • The beginning of "Big Biscotti Bucks" uses a vocal sound byte taken from the 1986 version of Running Scared.
  • The HARDEST OUT sample is from a local (south London) grime rap group called crem dala crem.

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