SNK Boss: Arc System Works

  • Guilty Gear has Justice. Most of her attacks have long reach, a typical Punch-Slash-Heavy Slash combo could take off a large chunk of health off.

    She also has an attack called Gamma Ray which racks up an excessive number of hits, and getting hit guaranteed that you would be dizzied and thusly vulnerable to another blow (Or worse, ANOTHER Gamma Ray if her life was low enough, which means 50% of her life). This attack even does a huge amount of damage if you block it, and she is not above throwing it out after knocking you down, forcing you to block.

    And you know her Imperial Ray attack, where she fired a red laser which went across the whole screen in a vertical circular motion? The attack that was a super in her later appearences? That beam which covered a lot of ground and ensured you'd have to stop what you were planning to do and block it, especially up close? In Guilty Gear 1, it's a standard special she can spam however much she wants no matter her health or tension level. Not to mention at some ranges, it can fill up her Tension meter in about a fraction of a second. Even worse, she can do a dashing version of it, where she will inevitably end up at point-blank, racking up more than 10 hits for a good chunk of your lifebar, instantly dizzying you and filling her Tension Gauge with that single move. Followed up by a Gamma Ray, this is a stun loop that can kill you no matter the amount of life you have.
    • Guilty Gear X has Dizzy, which has the same attack as Justice. Her strength and defense are artificially increased in computer-controlled mode.
    • Guilty Gear XX has I-No, whose boss version has a CPU-only (until Accent Core) move called Megalomania in which the background goes black, a bunch of warning signs appear as I-No sprouts wings, and she fires off a shitload of weird heart-shaped balls that detect movement and wreck your health bar if you are unlucky enough to get hit (around 70-80% damage, depending on the version and how many of them hit).

      Also, when fighting Dizzy in Story Mode or in Gold Mode, she gains a new super as well, called Hikari no Tsubasa (Wings of Light), where she suddenly becomes naked while laser beams sprout out from her body. This super has 3 versions, one of which is an Instant Kill (in all versions before Accent Core, the screen pops up as SLASH, but in Accent Core it's DESTROYED). Whichever version you get depends on what distance you're at when she enters the crouch stance. If you're very far away, she will attempt to trap you in an inescapable ray of light from underneath as she fires out a circular laser (think Justice's Imperial Ray on steroids). If you're about mid-screen she'll do the circular laser, but it will randomly slow down and speed up. If you're unfortunate enough to be close to her, you get the Instant Kill version where she fills the entire screen with lasers that cannot be blocked.

      There's also Gold and Black modes for individual characters, and are a great way to artificially increase the difficulty when fighting the CPU. Black Mode grants unlimited super meter, and Gold Mode's bonuses vary based on the character who's in Gold Mode; for example, Gold Johnny's Mist Finer becomes a One-Hit Kill if it connects. Both modes also appear in Story Mode, disguised in the normal palette for the character.
    • Robo-Kys, in Story Mode, are usually not the Gold Version, but their psychic AI plus the fact that only Overdrives deal damage to them makes them hard to beat. Luckily, your character gets to damage him in some opening intros, meaning Robo-Ky doesn't always start at full health.
    • The final Mission of Guilty Gear XX Reload features a half-health Ky versus a Gold, Infinite Tension, EX Sol with regeneration. Yeah, that's a fun one.
    • Guilty Gear XX Slash added Order Sol, whose boss form (fought randomly in place of I-no) was not only obscenely fast and strong, but had a CPU-exclusive move called Flame Distortion (basically a chemically-enhanced Dragon Install) that further increased his strength and speed, regenerated his health and gave him a nigh-infinite charge meter for a set time, and recharged his super meter.
    • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core makes it even worse - it has both Boss I-No and Boss Order-Sol, fought in sequence. Instant Kills are unusable during the fight with I-No, and you can't continue against Order-Sol - lose one set and it's game over. Not to mention that you need at least 10 Overdrive finishes and use no continues to fight Order-Sol after beating I-no.
    • There's also Kliff Undersn. First, his foward+Heavy Slash takes off a good 2/3rd of your health bar. Secondly, Zugaisai now hits 26 times and takes off half of a health bar. Every attack with his sword does an unreasonable amount of damage. Oh, and there's a mission where you fight him as a half health Eddie. Yep, one Zugaisai is all it takes.
    • In Xrd -SIGN- we have Ramlethal at the end of most arcade modes. Her tension regenerates at a ridiculous rate, leading her to spam her powered up Overdrives which causes over a quarter of a life bar of damage even if you try to block them. She is also extremely aggressive.
  • Arc also demonstrates their penchant for adding ridiculously cheap bosses into other fighters as well in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, where you can fight superpowered versions of Cell, Broly and Goku in the Maniac difficulty Maximum mode. They all move twice as fast as anyone else, take half damage from all attacks, do double the damage of their normal counterparts, have infinite ki and possess special attacks that would make their anime counterparts stare at them slackjawed with drool dribbling out.

    Cell can summon tons of ki orbs around him that turn into ridiculously fast lasers that home in, has energy balls that never stop and spams a superpowered warp Kamehameha.

    Broly uses the huge ki sphere attack 5 times in a row(one is a super in normal conditions) which each one doing as much damage as a single one would normally do, and can fill half the screen with energy blasts faster than most characters can shoot one.

    Goku has an oversized Kamehameha bigger and faster than Super Saiyan 3's and can fire two different, seemingly endless streams of ki comes in the size of most special attacks with each individual blast and both are homing. He can also use an unblockable grab move across the entire length of the screen. You can only thank the programmers for being merciful enough to not let the AI realize they don't have to charge their ki and only having to fight them one at a time.
  • Fist Of The North Star Twin Blue Stars Of Judgment has a superpowered version of Raoh at the end. Renamed Ken-Oh (After his tyrant persona in the source material), the boss version has all of his powerups active, can Musou Tensei at will, and has a new super which fires a HUGE FUCKING LASER (Basically the true version of Tensho Honretsu or Heaven Command Charge) at his opponent.
  • BlazBlue, avoids this somewhat as both bosses (Hakumen and Nu-13) are considered generally balanced. However, they (as well as two other characters, Rachel and Ragna) have "Unlimited" versions which fit this trope to a tee, with the exception that they can be unlocked and played.

    Unlimited Hakumen's damage output and speed are increased to the stats that he has when in Mugen mode, and his super meter gain is sped up to 3-4 times the normal speed. He is the penultimate boss in most character's Arcade Modes.

    Unlimited Nu's drive attacks summon two swords at once instead of one, her Legacy Edge summons out more swords from the gate, her Calamity Sword fires 4 swords instead of one, and she has super-meter auto-gain. She is the final boss in most characters' Arcade Modes. She comes back in Continuum Shift as Unlimited Lambda, with everything stated above and more now that Lambda has more moves at her disposal.

    Unlimited Rachel can do Sword Iris without the Lobelias as a requirement, and both it and its super version go in either two ways: one summons four in a row in front of her, and the other one is a delayed strike in which the second lightning bolt tracks the opponent. Her strikers also last longer and she has super meter auto-gain. She is the final boss in Nu's Arcade Mode.

    A quick mention must be given that the end of almost everyone's arcade mode you have to beat Unlimited Nu. The exception being the two boss characters of the game. On the PS3 version, the earlier bosses give you bronze trophies. Unlimited Rachel gives a Silver Trophy when you defeat her, and she lives up to the challenge. If you do really well though, you can fight Unlimited Ragna as a Bonus Boss who will give you a gold trophy. Speaking of which...

    The worst of them all is Unlimited Ragna, who is always in Blood Kain, is faster, and stronger. And he also has super meter auto-gain as well as his drive moves healing him even more than usual. And Triple Health! He is the True Final Boss of Calamity Trigger's Arcade Mode and the final boss for Hazama/Terumi's Arcade Mode in Continuum Shift.

    In the console version's Story Mode, whenever a opponent needs to be more boss-like for story purposes, the game simply gives them an unlimited super bar.
    • The PSP version and 2010 DLC for the PS3 and 360 versions have Unlimited versions of everyone else!

      Unlimited Jin has enhanced Drive attacks that summon up more ice pillars. His normal specials are now the EX versions and all of them freeze you. On top of that, his D Ice Sword fires 3 at once, and his Icecar now has bouncing properties, meaning you can juggle after them now. And his Ice Wave super now fires 2 at once and his Ice Arrow super keeps you in the air longer while he recovers at the same rate.

      Unlimited Noel is faster, can fire all 3 versions of her Optic Barrel in succession, fires 3 missiles if the gun hits with Fenrir, fires 5 missiles without bullets with Thor, and her Chain Revolver moves can now be done more times.

      Unlimited Taokaka has faster Drive attacks, can chain any move into any other move, and her "This is for the tuna!" super now does 100 hits. Also her Hexa-Edge can now be done in the air.

      Unlimited Tager gets wheels installed in his boots, allowing him to run at super fucking fast speeds and able to go across the screen in 30 frames. He also has autoguard against all mid and high attacks while he's running, and his Genesic Emerald Tager Buster sucks you in hyper-fast when magnetized. Speaking of which, his magnetism now lasts for 30 seconds instead of 7. THE POWER OF SCIENCE!

      Unlimited Litchi has enhanced versions of her Three Dragons move that move farther and deal multiple hits, and her All Green now makes 3 energy geysers appear.

      Unlimited Arakune can now run, is really fast in the air, and when the opponent is cursed he now summons 3 of every bug.

      Unlimited Bang has 20 Nails instead of 12, can now autoguard everything with his Drive attacks, and can use his B and C shuriken the same way as his A and D shurikens. All of his special moves except his nails now add to his Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan meter, and his command throws add 4 symbols instantly, as well as the ground version teleporting him a short distance to reach the opponent. And his Heavenly Phoenix goes across the screen. He's basically Continuum Shift Bang but with benefits.

      Unlimited Carl becomes slower and takes a LOT more damage, but in exchange Nirvana becomes hyper fast, does not drain health when under Carl's control, and has enhanced attacks.
  • The upgrade to the console version of Continuum Shift changed every Unlimited character from Calamity Trigger. And Continuum Shift Extend also adds even more movesets to these already horrible characters (seen here).

    Unlimited Ragna no longer has triple health, but he still has his insane movement speed and his other attributes. To make matters worse, any attack that involves his sword now drains health like his D moves. He also has a new followup to Dead Spike to make it more useful, which can be easily comboed after his Hell's Fang followup for massive damage. But none of that compares to the worst part about him - he can do Devoured By Darkness without meter. Extend gives him a Distortion drive where he launches towards the enemy in an attempt to grab them For Massive Damage. He is the final boss in Jin's and Hazama's Arcade Modes.

    Unlimited Jin is pretty much the same except with the new freezing system, certain moves can freeze multiple times, some as much as 10. His Arrows of Ice super now has a Yukikaze followup afterward, and speaking of Yukikaze it now comes out regardless of whether it countered something or not. Extend allows him to use his Ice Arrow distortion (plus the auto-Yukikaze) mid-air.

    Unlimited Noel now has the old versions of her supers as regular moves, and Thor shoots the normal spray of bullets before the 5 missiles. Extend gives her a new distortion where she dashes on her opponent, and if she hits, she'll blow them up.

    Unlimited Rachel fires out 3 Lobelias from her cannon instead of just 1. She also has her old Sword Iris back from before which goes in a random pattern. And her Tempest Dahlia now fires out even deadlier objects than before and does not depend on the Silpheed gauge. Extend gives her a homing Sword Iris-esque distortion that doesn't consume her Lobelias at all.

    Unlimited Taokaka now has a new special and two new supers. One of them summons a bunch of Kaka kittens to stampede upon the opponent, and the other throws a series of objects at the opponent. All of her attacks that can be charged are now unblockable when fully charged, and do an insane amount of damage. Her projectile-throwing moves throw 3 objects at the same time, and the bowling ball she throws with the C version of the move doesn't disappear until it goes offscreen and can combo opponent endlessly if it hits a grounded opponent. Her Drive attacks have a much slower startup and thus are much harder to combo and can't be aimed to as many directions but they move much faster once they actually begin and if they connect, do absolutely ridiculous amounts of damage and can kill any character in 2-4 hits. Extend gives her yet another distortion where a Kaka kitten will bring a bomb and try to stay close to the opponent until the bomb goes off.

    Unlimited Tager is the same, but Gadget Finger no longer requires the opponent to be knocked down. His drive attacks and 6A can also be charged, and his Astral Heat is now performed with 1D, as well as his super which is 1C. His super-fast magnetic projectile now consumes only half of his magnetic gauge instead of all of them. Extend gives him a Megaton Punch as a new super.

    Unlimited Litchi is a unique case, as her play style is completely changed. Her teleports and stuff from Calamity Trigger are still here, but she now has a new Chi Gauge instead of using 6B to charge up her moves. Extend allows her to use her Chi attack Distortion at close range rather than at a distance (this one is taken straight from Jam Kuradoberi's uppercut super), and All Green generates 3 geysers, starting from right in front of her. She can also parry with 1D, and doesn't dash. Instead she Flash Steps.

    Unlimited Arakune has a new super move which summons a bag of insects. If the opponent hits it, small red bugs pour out of it, and if the opponent touches any of them, they are instantly killed (complete with an amusing 5-second snippet at the end of the normal Astral Finish theme, which fittingly enough is the part which says "until the world is covered in Azure"). Also, that new Fever Mode gauge he has is now a thing of the past, as he now curses instantly like old Arakune. Extend gives him a stronger version of his crawling special move as a distortion.

    Unlimited Bang borrows the 3-hit command combo and teleport from Chipp Zanuff. He now also has a multi-hit aerial auto-combo as a new super (which is also based on Chipp's super, Zansei Rouga).

    Unlimited Carl is exactly the same as before. Extend gives him one of Relius' supers.

    Unlimited Hakumen is completely different from before in that he has actual changes. All of his specials now cost only 1 magatama (not his supers), Enma can be canceled, the dash preceeding it works much like wavedashes in Tekken in that just inputting the motion causes Hakumen to dash, it can be done repeatedly, pressing A at a precise time gives performs a better version of Enma which is faster and can be jump cancelled and neither it or Enma itself cost any magatama to perform, all of his counters end in Yukikaze or Tsubaki, his actual Yukikaze comes out instantly like Jin's, and as a bonus his version is both invincible and unblockable during execution unlike Jin's which is only unblockable, and his Shippu now does multiple hits and stuns the opponent for a long time if they block it, leaving them open for Yukikaze if you have the meter to spare. Extend gives him a new all-kick autocombo super.

    Unlimited Lambda is another unique case in that technically it isn't Lambda. When you attempt selecting her Unlimited form, you'll find that it's none other than Nu. That's right, the bitch is back, and worse than ever. She is exactly the same as original Unlimited Nu, except with the added moves from Lambda and more cancel fun. Although it sounds lame, it actually makes her cheaper than before. Extend gives her a new autocombo super.

    Unlimited Tsubaki is now the new Calamity Trigger Unlimited Hakumen. She has literally no changes except that she now has a Quick Charge function like Order-Sol (her technical predecessor) and charges her Install quicker. Extend gives her a diving attack as a new super.

    Unlimited Hazama is about 3 times as fast as he is normally is and has super meter auto-gain, as expected. What isn't expected is that he has a green force field around him that, if you get caught in it, drains your health and adds it to his. Extend also gives him a new Distortion where he grabs then flings his opponent all over the screen with his Ouroboros. He is the final boss for most characters in Continuum Shift. The console version changes him up a bit in that all of his specials which require a certain move to be performed before it no longer require it, he has a new kicking move (a weaker version of Jayoku Houtenjin that still fatal counters), and his command throw leads into a stronger version of his Mizuchi Rekkazan.

    Unlimited Mu has an exclusive super which is a carbon copy of Dizzy's Imperial Ray super from Guilty Gear, and the Attack Drones that she summons can now move freely and fire at will. And you can also continuously summon as many as you want, essentially making the battle a Bullet Hell shmup. Extend allows those attack drones to cause Collision Damage, and Mu now has two more Distortions: One is a grab-range distortion and the other one fills the screen with electric orbs.

    Unlimited Makoto is unique in that the majority of her movelists has been changed. It's a combination of Dudley's and the other Makoto's moves. The one thing that makes her broken, however, is her new 100-heat super, which makes you mash B in order to get OVER Z 9000 damage! Extend gives her a multi-punch auto-combo super.

    Unlimited Valkenhayn has a new battle stance where he waves his arms around similarly to Magneto. He starts out unable to transform into a wolf, but once he transforms he can pretty much infinitely switch in and out of wolf form with impunity, and he also gains the ability to use his wolf transformation to escape many normally guaranteed combos, much like Bursting, but not limited in the number of times he can use it per round. His Beast Spiral can now be done 6 times in a row just by mashing A and it automatically homes into the opponent, and he has a new Spinning Piledriver super which always does a fixed amount of damage and can be easily comboed after latter. And now he also has an aerial-ramming super.

    Unlimited Platinum can choose which one of her Magical Weapons she wants to summon next (instead of the order being randomized with the ability to see the next one in the row), and they're always the powered-up versions she normally only gets after using a Distortion Drive to power one up. She has a new DD that breaks 3 Guard Primers on block, more than any other move in the game (besides Arakune's Astral Heat, which doesn't really count), and her Cure Dot Typhoon summons a colossal cat missile followed by a rain of cat bombs if it connects. Extend gives her a short range super which attacks upwards.

    Unlimited Relius has an infinite Ignis gauge, meaning he can use his puppet whenever he wants. He also has two new supers. One of them is a high-damaging variant of Venom's Dark Angel from Guilty Gear (a fireball super, and he can fire two rapidly if his gauge allows it), and the other is an instant autocombo with Ignis.
  • Chronophantasma has brought them back yet again, and now they have even more new moves to bring out the salt. Every Unlimited character can use a maximum-time Overdrive no matter what their health is, and the Overdrive versions of their normal Distortion Drives become their default ones.

    Unlimited Ragna now has a new Distortion Drive inspired by Sol Badguy's Dragon Install-enhanced Volcanic Viper.

    Unlimited Jin now has more opportunities to freeze the opponent, and has a new autocombo super.

    Unlimited Noel gets a super version of her Silencer.

    Unlimited Rachel is no longer the cripple she was in CS1, meaning she is now actually a threat. Especially now that both versions of her Sword Iris (the normal and the special boss version) have 0 cooldown frames, meaning she can spam them with gusto. She also gets a new super where she rains bats down from the sky like Storm in Marvel VS Capcom 3.

    Unlimited Taokaka has Almost Becoming Two as a super move again, as well as two new supers where she performs Sabretooth's Berserker Claw X super from Marvel VS Capcom 2 and summons a Kaka kitten riding a bowling ball like Teddie's Circus Bear.

    Unlimited Tager can now store up to 3 Spark Bolts, gets Maxima's Bunker Buster super, and a super version of Atomic Collider.

    Unlimited Litchi gains a lot more from Jam's arsenals (the sidestep backhand maneuver), changes her All Green property that it works like an All Green version of Tsubame Gaeshi, and worst of all, gains a new Distortion Drive which is basically MVC3-class Shinkuu Hadoken

    Unlimited Arakune still instantly curses the opponent and summons 3 of every bug, but his Curse meter no drains much more slowly, allowing him to transform the game's genre to a Bullet Hell.

    Unlimited Bang gets his Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan as a Distortion again, while his Overdrive has been replaced with a regular one. He also has Zantetsu's Yami Kari SDM as a new Distortion.

    Unlimited Carl gets his old Astral as a super.

    Unlimited Hakumen gets his own version of Hazama's Serpent's Infernal Rapture super, as well as a new autocombo super.

    Unlimited Nu can now delay the activation of her Legacy Edge super, and summons two blades when using Crescent Saber. She also has a new autocombo super where the opponent is impaled with miniature swords from all directions.

    Unlimited Tsubaki gets Chie's Agneyastra, and her command grab charges the entire Install gauge rather than 2 segments.

    Unlimited Hazama's Serpent's Infernal Rapture now teleports him to the opponent. He also gets a new autocombo super that also teleports him to the opponent... This might seem hopelessly unfair, but keep in mind: Hazama is a Hope Crusher and god can't help you now; Hazama made sure of that in the last game.

    Unlimited Mu can now use her Steins in three different ways. They can instantly fire a powered-up laser, fire multiple smaller lasers while rotating 90 degrees, charge forward like Dizzy's Ice Fish. She also has a new Distortion Drive, in which four Arrows of Heaven rotate around her for a set period of time in a manner similar to Strider Hiryu's Ouroboros.

    Unlimited Makoto ditches Dudley's moveset, but all of her Drive Attacks become Level G, and she gains a larger Comet Cannon and a new autocombo super.

    Unlimited Valkenhayn may have just become the most broken Unlimited character ever made, for he gets a new super where he howls at the moon, and then gets a glow of energy particles around him. He gets locked in Wolf Mode until the gauge runs out, but now he has Guard Point, better known as Super Armor, on his entire body. With this new "Wolf Install", he becomes an absolute juggernaut, pinballing across the screen like crazy while there's nothing you can do to stop him.

    Unlimited Platinum has a new Distortion Drive in which multiple bells fall onto the opponent, followed by a guard-breaking cat missile that takes up the entire screen.

    Unlimited Relius gets Venom's other super, Red Hail.

    Unlimited Amane has a constantly maxed out Drive gauge, meaning that if you block his Drive attacks you will take insane chip damage, and if you don't block you will take insane regular damage. He also has a new super where he turns his scarf into a pinwheel that also causes chip damage and deals a lot of hits.

    Unlimited Bullet gets Terry Bogard's Buster Wolf super, and her Drive makes her instantly charge towards the opponent no matter how far away they are from her.

    Unlimited Azrael is just one big Shout-Out to the brokenness that was the Fist of the North Star fighting game. Many of his moves have altered properties that make combos easier in addition to opening up possibilities for infinites. He also gets a new special similar to the All-Out Attacks from Persona 4 Arena, and a new super which is basically Raoh and Kenshiro's Musou Tensei from the game, which lets him parry any attack 7 times.

    Unlimited Izayoi is not much different from her regular version other than she's faster and her teleport shenanigans have been buffed in ways that would make Wesker proud.

    Unlimited Kagura can now fire off 3 projectiles from the A version of his Dragon Spirit while his B version can track his opponent if they jump. He also has Guile's Ultra Combos (Flash Explosion and Sonic Hurricane) as his new Distortion supers while his new Overdrive Distortion has him running his opponent over with his motorcycle.

    Unlimited Terumi can not only steal meter but now he can gain it in the same way that Guilty Gear's fighters gain meter (Walking, running and air-dashing). He has Mitsuru's Myriad Arrows and Leona's V-Slasher for his new Distortion supers and he has his own version of Mizuchi Rekkazan as his Overdrive Distortion.

    Unlimited Kokonoe has her being able to fire off 3 Flame Cages at a time and if you're thinking about hitting her out of her "Golden Tager" super then you're better off blocking as she's fully invincible during the Distortion. Her new Distortion supers has her punching her opponent into the air before firing a lightning beam from a gun at the opponent while her other super has her using a pile bunker to attack her opponent. And to top it all off, her Overdrive Distortion has Kokonoe rain down lightning lasers everywhere in the stage from the sky.
  • The console release has a True Final Boss fight in the form of Take-Mikazuchi, a gigantic Kill Sat Eldritch Abomination that's similar to the Abyss fight mentioned in the Capcom section. Its attacks are pretty telegraphed and hitting it enough times causes it to flinch, letting you wail away at it, but that doesn't stop attacks like flying discs covering the entire lower portion of the screen erratically and a laser that blows up the entire ground doing a ton of damage both on hit and on block. Oh, and you also have to deal with its Assist Character The Imperator/Saya/Izanami who shoots out energy balls that track you even when you manage to hit it, which becomes even worse during its overdrive. Also, it is immune to Life Drain, meaning Ragna's Soul Eater like in the plot-mandated fight has no effect, and immobilizing attacks and Distortions are useless, too. The best part? This giant thing has an ASTRAL HEAT. You know, that One-Hit Kill move that most people deem too risky to use unless you want to show off against your opponent. The computer doesn't care about that and will use it when you're ever open, so pray that your health doesn't get to the point where he can use an Astral during this fight.
    • There are some consolations for this fight, both in the plot and in Gigant Assault, however. First, both of its distortions can be nullified. Wail on the head during one distortion, and it will crumble to the ground, leaving the orb on its chest open for a pounding. For the other, a piece of debris will be raised and glowing green; get behind this to dodge the screen-filling explosion altogether. Second, your character is given an inflated health meter. Third, both of its Distortions require a full 100 Heat, so if it uses one, you're safe from the Astral for a moment. Trust us when we say you will need all of these for a chance at victory.
  • And Arc System Works has done it again in Battle Fantasia with its end boss, End of Deathbringer (like the original, except constantly on fire!) Though he lacks a Super Move meter, his lone super-special attack, Apocalypse Flame (activated after an unpredictable countdown), almost completely fills the screen, and will burn off a large chunk of HP to anyone who hasn't mastered Gachi counters. This, of course, is provided you manage to survive his regular special attacks, which deal a lot of damage and have insane priority. And unless you go into "Heat Up!" mode, you won't be able to cause anything but chip damage to him. Also, half of EoD's moves are unblockable and make him immune to stance break (ie, you can't knock him out of them), and on top of that, his Apocalypse Flame can be comboed into, which basically spells instant death if he does it. For all that Arcana Heart 3's Parace L'sia (another boss done by Arc System) is incredibly cheap, she's got nothing on End of Deathbringer - at least she can be hurt with normal moves and hit out of her own attacks, and her lifebar is normal. This... monstrosity... on the other hand, is completely and utterly unfair to anyone who isn't a master. And even to the masters, too. For an amateur, beating End of Deathbringer at anything above the easiest setting is wishful thinking.
    • It's not too difficult to beat him without the Gachi counter. For one, your own super meter builds up much faster against Eo D- it can be filled a whole stock within two or three hits! Your charge rate was probably added to ease having to spend a single stock to enter "Heat Up!" mode in order to damage him.
    • Really, Eo D is the kind of boss that scares players at first with his overpowered Apocalypse Flame super, but is ridiculously easy the moment you discover how to play his AI like a puppet. Want to keep him from using his super? Don't retreat from him. Want him to do the easily Gachi-blocked dash attack (that fills all three levels of your super meter when you do Gachi counter it)? Stay half a screen away from him. With a boss that is stupid enough to broadcast its moves to you and do you the favor of keeping your super meter full for most of the battle, End of Deathbringer is one of the easiest SNK bosses on here. It's less cheap-super-powered-attacks and luck-based-victory, and more memorization of his move timings and taking advantage of his less-than-intelligent AI.
  • Score Attack returns once more in Persona 4 Arena, but it may as well be called SNK Boss Rush Mode. Why? Every character you fight becomes an SNK Boss. That's right: you must fight every character in the game, but they have special attributes that essentially makes them equivalent to Unlimited characters, aptly named "Boss" versions in Ultimax. In addition to the buffs listed below, all characters have their damage and health increased.
    • Boss Yosuke is first, and has Sukukaja active at all times, making him extremely fast and hard to hit.
      • In Ultimax, this has the effect of making his Sukukaja-only super completely free.
    • The 2nd match is Boss Naoto, whose every attack now lowers the Fate Counter (When the counter hits 0, Naoto can start spamming Hamaon and Mudoon, which instantly kill you.)
    • The 3rd match is Boss Yukiko, who has permanent Fire Break and is always at level 8 Fire Boost (raised to 9 in Ultimax). Eat one Maragidyne and you're dead. Also, the normals where she throws her fans now toss three of them at once.
    • The 4th match is Boss Teddie, whose Circus Bear Awakening super has been drastically altered. Teddie now comes charging in twice as fast, and also does it 3 times instead of one. It also juggles, and does 6000 damage per hit, so if you get hit by it you die because it juggles and is unblockable.
      • In Ultimax, Boss Teddie now throws two items instead of one with his strong persona attacks and has an additional jump and airdash for a total of three jumps and two airdashes.
    • The 5th match is Boss Kanji, whose grabs deal damage equivalent to a GIGANTIC TAGER and his sweep move now starts up faster, wallbounces and has super armor.
    • The 6th match is Boss Chie, who is stuck in permanent Level 3 Power Charge, meaning her attacks do insane amounts of damage. One hit from her God's Hand super, and you're a goner.
    • The 7th match is Boss Mitsuru, whose attacks now freeze and cause charm.
    • The 8th match is Boss Akihiko, who always has Level 3 of his Cyclone Gauge (Level 5 in Ultimax) and is in permanent Electric Fists mode. He's also immune to being shocked.
    • The 9th match is Boss Aigis, who has 999 ammo and is permanently in Orgia Mode. Her EX Megido Fire also deals more hits and lasts longer.
      • You'd also better watch out for her Multi-Mounted Machine Gun Orion super in Ultimax. That super can and will end the round in her favor if you're not careful enough.
    • The 10th match is Boss Yu, who can cancel all of his specials and supers into one another, and has a chance of inflicting shock with electrical attacks.
    • The 11th match is Boss Shadow Labrys, whose Persona attacks are faster and have new properties including super armor.
    • The 12th match is Boss Labrys, whose Axe gauge is always red. Much like Chie, one wrong move and her Weaver's Art: Beast super will end the round in her favor regardless of how much health you had before.
      • In Ultimax, Boss Labrys now gains meter ludicrously quickly.
    • If you somehow manage to make it through all 12 of the regular opponents, you fight a special 13th opponent in the form of Boss Elizabeth, who is by far the cheapest and most infuriatingly evil True Final Boss that Arc System Works has ever created. To start, her meter regenerates much faster than normal (in about 5 seconds she instantly has 100 meter), allowing her to spam her supers. Two of these supers are instant kills, and unlike the playable version, these supers come out instantly and don't stop working when Elizabeth is hit. Another of these supers has ridiculously inflated damage, dealing 7500 damage normally and 44444 damage on an opponent with Fear (in a fighting game where most characters have around 9500 health). Also, as soon as she enters Awakening or activates Mind Charge, she will automatically heal herself with Diarahan, which now fully restores her health. Last, but certainly not least, her Instant Kill no longer requires a 3-hit activation. One hit is all it takes for her to Megidolaon you. Ultimax gives her an additional jump and airdash and additional range on her strong character attack.
      • And in true Boss Rush tradition, if you lose to any of them it's an instant Game Over.
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax yet again continues Score Attack, with the additional characters getting new boss forms as well. It's made much easier since you can continue this time (meaning you don't go right back to the start after one loss unless you switch characters), but not by much; if you want to get any navigators, you'll have to go through four separate sets of score attack bosses on Risky. Have fun! Oh, and you can unlock the Score Attack versions by completing Arcade Mode on the Risky difficulty. Unfortunately, you can't use them outside of Versus and Player Network Battles. Regardless, here are some of the new character's score attack forms:
    • Boss Yukari fires 3 arrows in all her normals involving them regardless of charge, and they home in on the opponent once they leave the screen (or after a certain distance in the case of her Feather Arrow special). Her DP also has longer range, making it easier for her to run circles around unsuspecting players who try to rush her.
    • Boss Junpei starts out with nine runs and the bases loaded for his baseball mechanic. One hit leads him into his "Victory Cry" form, which makes him deal more damage than he already did in that mode. And he starts to regain health in that form.
    • Boss Sho (No Persona) has all of his sword slashes deal multiple status effects, including Charm (draining your SP so you can't fight back with supers or instant kills), Confusion (reversing your controls), and Rage (you can't block his attacks, which sets you up for MORE sword slashes). All of those stack on you, by the way, which means all three can effect you at once and can continue if Sho gets aggressive. In addition, his Survival Knives are thrown three at a time.
    • Boss Minazuki (With Persona) is pretty much the same as Boss Sho, except the statuses he inflicts are different (poison, fear, and mute), and his Wings of Purgatory super (the Sword Beam) is unblockable.
    • Boss Rise has a meter that gives her Skill Boosted Tetrakarn automatically, and the opponent is always scanned.
    • Boss Ken can now recover more health with Mediarama, and Koromaru now has no hurtbox, meaning his attacks can no longer be stopped.
    • Boss Adachi gains meter ridiculously fast and has Heat Riser and Magatsu Mandala buffs active automatically.
    • Boss Marie has the effects of her weather conditions multiplied.
    • And just when you thought they couldn't possibly make anything cheaper than Boss Elizabeth, they did. Enter Boss Margaret. Already a strong character to begin with, Margaret's boss buffs are absolutely ludicrous. All 5 hits of her autocombo, which are normally short-ranged beams of light, now hit the opponent from a full screen distance away. Her sweep is now completely unblockable, she can use her All-Out Attack in the air and cancel either version into the air version, her healing super is much faster and heals her completely, Hassou Tobi is now unblockable and deals 12000 damage, her air strong persona attacks shoot spread shots instead of single projectiles, and her Ultra Suplex DP becomes a full-on Izuna Drop. She flies high into the air and drops you for 7000 damage. And to top it all off, she has an additional jump and airdash. Have fun!