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* During the later UK series, Clive Anderson introduced the players in an amusing way with a TakeThat twist at the fourth player, who tended to be Ryan. Occasionally he would change it to something meaningless just to confuse Ryan when he'd been ready to get comedically riled up:
--> '''Clive''': "...and someone whose name is [[ShapedLikeItself synonymous with something that means exactly the same thing]], Ryan Stiles!"
* ''Props'' often led one pair to mimic the other pair's act deliberately, even with completely different props on hand.
---> Ryan: (looking through tubelike prop as a telescope) "I believe it looks like a German U-Boat..."
---> Mike: (holding up a huge bent-shape) "No, THIS looks like a German U-Boat!"
* ''Scenes from a Hat'' suffered a lot from [[DorkAge awkward writing]] at this stage in time, but got quite a bit of mileage from the recurring "a [=gathering/convention/family reunion=] of (certain types of people)" suggestion.
* Any game of ''Animals'' that involved the players acting as primates would eventually lead to the MonkeyMoralityPose.
* UK season 2 saw Mike [=McShane=] getting quite a bit of mileage from the phrase "a love that dare not squeak its name" (coined when he had to do "soap opera" for ''Film & Theater Styles'').
** In the same vein, any game parodying a talk show would get the fake show title "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin People Who Know More Than You Do]]".
* Tony, back in the mid-90s, was a self-proclaimed "media slut." More than once the show would begin after a commercial break with Clive awarding points based off of how many commercials during it starred him. (These jokes have lost their effectiveness over time. Especially in America.) And we can't forget [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6p2gvm3t6s the Party Quirks where Rory impersonated him]]...
--->'''Rory''': (as Tony) Well, hel''lo!'' I'm sorry to gate-crash, but I heard they were filming a television programme here! Yes, where's the camera?
--->'''Tony''': (realizing the joke) Oh, ''[[SarcasmMode ha ha]]''. (jokingly, to the camera, while miming holding a cigarette in his hand) Can I just say--I'm not playing anymore.
* Clive's lack of a neck and hair were both frequently made fun of by various members of the cast, particularly Greg. Unfortunately for Greg, Clive often got where he was going before he could get the jokes going, though that often make the joke funnier.
* Clive would frequently ask the American players if they have (insert mundane item) in America. Greg would often return the favor by mocking England.
* A one-shot one in a "Film TV Theater styles" set in UsefulNotes/{{Venice}} - Ryan as the gondolier kept banging into low bridges for the whole duration.
* Whenever Greg hosted the "Party Quirks" party, he'd introduce it with the MadLibsCatchphrase "It's a come-as-(something) party".
--> "It's a "Come as ''Film/ToSirWithLove''" party."
--> "It's a "Come as your favourite WesternAnimation/{{Teletubb|ies}}y" party."
--> "It's a "Come as [[ShapedLikeItself Greg Proops]]" party."
** Occasionally, he'd use a different kind of themed party:
---> "It's a one-yard-dash party." ''[sprints one yard]'' "I win!"
---> "It's a slowly-moving-to-your-right party."[[labelnote:Clive's reply]]Kind of like the Labour Party?[[/labelnote]]

[[AC:US Version]]

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* Drew's intro often says that "the winner gets to do something special with me." Often he adds innuendo to make it sound sexual, such as, "...and the loser gets to watch."
--> '''Wayne:''' ''[Scenes from a Hat topic: "What Whose Line cast members say to their therapists"]'' And then he invites me over to his desk, and he says, "Hey, you're the winner!"... ''[Breaks down into tears]''
* Any show that runs long enough is bound to accumulate ''tons'' of running gags. Often the result of some unplanned accident, or repeats of some bizarre thing that Colin said like "How does food become poo!?" in song.
* Most consistent is Colin's {{bald|OfAwesome}}ness and Canadian-ness.
* Also frequent is Ryan's choice in gaudy shoes. A [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN8uB9oCt-8 video]] was made of the instances.
* Drew's role in the TV-movie ''{{Film/Geppetto}}'' would often be referenced:
** "That's the news; stay tuned for ''Geppetto 2'', where Geppetto moves in with a... [[HoYay a grown man that he's created."]]
** (world's worst person to be stranded on a desert island with) "And then I made a movie called ''Geppetto''. This movie was... so good."
** (Scenes From a Hat suggestion: Good news and bad news) "Merry Christmas!" "Look, it's ''Geppetto'' on DVD!" ''(after a DeathGlare from Drew) "...The bad news was, it was Christmas."
** (World's Worst Things to Say on a Romantic Date) "I hope you don't mind. I thought we'd sit here and watch ''Geppetto''."
** (Superheroes: Staple Gun Kid's crisis is no paper) "What will I staple together when I write my script...for ''Geppetto 2''?"
* Jokes about Colin's baldness are so ingrained in the show by this point that Aisha Tyler continued the tradition in the 2013 revival, despite Gary Anthony Williams, Keegan Michael Key and Wayne Brady all being bald. Of course, when called out on this, she justified it by saying the others are by choice.
* ''Sound Effects'' (Ryan making sounds for Colin) has several, including:
** A pigeon harassing Colin's character, who deals with it by breaking its neck or biting its head off Music/OzzyOsbourne style.
** Ryan making the same "squeaky" sound effect when Colin opens a door. And I mean [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud SAYING "Squeaky!"]].
** Colin [[MyCarHatesMe trying and failing to start a vehicle]], then getting out to troubleshoot it only for said vehicle to ''[[MurphysLaw zoom off without him]]'', typically forcing him to [[CrazyAwesome chase it down on foot]]. (When the scene was a Wild West setting, the gag was done ''with a horse instead''.)
*** Colin attempting to set the alarm on his vehicle with the keyless remote...yes, even the animals. In those cases, Ryan makes a gunshot sound effect instead.
** Scenarios described as "a day in the life of" someone often begin with Colin asleep, then awakened by some random sound made by Ryan to represent an alarm clock. RingRingCrunch indeed. Also, before Colin waking up, Ryan would murmur in a way suggesting it's a sex dream (once, when the scene was "Batman Gets A Call", it was about [[HoYay Robin]]...)
** When Ryan makes a particularly unusual noise, Colin mimes grabbing a gun and shooting into the distance to make it stop.
* ''Sound Effects mk II'' (two audience members make sounds for both Ryan and Colin) often winds up with irrelevant sounds HandWaved as sick animals or bowel movements, while ''lack'' of sounds usually draws an "I left the silencer on" from Colin. One rare case involved mishearing a sound as police sirens, and the game spun out of control.
* Some ''Props'' remotely resembling known shapes and symbols would be [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eqn8b7CcBDw interpreted as rejected versions of said symbols]]. (NSFW at 2:20)
---> "I told you, we need that Olympic Rings ready by Thursday..."
** And Wayne's known to use the same gossipy SassyBlackWoman impression that always begins with saying "So I was telling (made-up name)" [[ChattyHairdresser while using some props as hairdressing implements.]]
** Several playings of Props, especially those with Brad, reference a character called the Giant. A racket-shaped prop becomes the Giant's bottle opener. A large, stringy prop came from cleaning out the Giant's shower drain. Etc.
* ''Scenes From A Hat'' has several:
** Performers sometimes redo their previous scene if the next suggestion is even ''slightly'' relevant to it. This one notably dates back to the first ever ''Scenes From A Hat'' attempt, where "people who can't stop moving" was pretty much the same as [[TakeThat "a Morris dancers' convention"]].
** And then there's all the times where Colin [[OverlyLongGag ''apparently'' forgets to end his scene]] and [[VaudevilleHook has to be dragged off by Ryan]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCyMXyY-vO0 This]] clip has a rare case of ''Brad'' doing it.
** Whenever the suggestion is something like "People you wouldn't want to see as _____" [[SelfDeprecation Colin and Ryan would walk out on stage, simply stand there for a moment, then walk back off.]] Drew has been known to do the same when he's participating.
** Drew will often end the game by throwing the hat like a frisbee at one of the camera cranes. Sometimes he even makes the shot!
* Ryan's Carol Channing impression, which he can apparently maintain [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67iNkmENs9k even while suffering a concussion]].
* ''Foreign Film Dub'' would sometimes have [[TranslationYes a lengthy dialogue translated as one or two words and vice versa]].
* Upon the big switch to the US series, Greg's outfit would always include a jacket - which was ALWAYS utilised whenever Wayne did his Music/JamesBrown impression.
** Colin and Ryan always mention the absurdly large number of songs collected about the audience-chosen obscure subject - "this five hundred-CD set!"
** Less frequently, they would mention hundreds of songs on one CD due to the brevity of all the songs.
** They also do a gag about the piece being an advert - "We'll be right back to your movie..." which almost always sounds suspiciously like ParallelPornTitles (e.g. ''Men In Back'').
*** On one occasion, famously neither of them could think of a joke porn movie title and Colin just blurted out "We're watching animal porn!"
** Jokes about how Colin looks older:
--> Ryan: "I wasn't alive during the swing period, but Colin here told me all about it!"
** Both Colin and Ryan refer to having grown up 'in the backwoods of Saskatchewan in (decade in which the current song is set)'.
** Colin also sometimes claims to be 'a child of the streets', which not even Ryan seems to believe.
** A less frequent running gag in "Greatest Hits" involves Colin rattling off a bunch of musicians/bands. You think he's going to say these people are featured on the CD, but there's always a twist:
--> '''Colin''': ...These are just some of the people who have been to doctors.
--> '''Colin''': ...These are just some of the artists who threatened to sue if we used their songs.
--> '''Colin''': ...These are just names of guys who can sing.
* ''Improbable Mission'' has several running gags maintained for several years and both UK and US versions:
** Greg, as the voice of the [[ThisPageWillSelfDestruct self-destructing tape]], usually does a TheTapeKnewYouWouldSayThat joke. Wayne would go with a SophisticatedAsHell JiveTurkey approach.
** The mission is usually for a visiting diplomat or ruler from a [[{{Ruritania}} fictional "stan" country]] (Groovesnackerstan, Kastookastan, Groovefunkerstan)
** Colin and Ryan have InspectorGadget-style spy equipment installed inside their bodies - usually their belly buttons, though Ryan's rappelling-rope hair and Colin's fax machine butt have also appeared.
** Colin and Ryan come up with bizarre Series/MrBean-type improvised solutions for the simplest of problems.
** The Cat.
* ''Hollywood Director'' has spawned two as well - Colin's tendency to yell 'crap' of course, and Ryan or Wayne being the token ProfessionalButtKisser in the 'cast'.
* ''Newsflash'' has also spawned two - it begins with a IsThisThingStillOn gag, and there's always a blatant attempt to mess with the 'field reporter' by making him describe what scene he is in, or explain its cause, ''before'' dropping the hints. To his credit, Colin would ''always'' have a ready answer.
* ''Home Shopping/Infomercial'' resulted in the only known outright copout by Colin and Ryan [[RefugeInAudacity (spun into a Running Gag because the audience loved it anyway)]]:
--> (picks up unknown item) "What's that doing in there?" "I dunno." (discards)
** "It's 3am and it's time to SHOP SHOP SHOP!" *thumping table loudly*
** *continues to thump table loudly and excessively*
* ''Weird Newscasters'' would sometimes have the lead anchor invoke some sort of ThemeNaming for themselves and their "colleagues"; Greg, Brad and Colin in particular are masters of the PunnyName ("Chester Buttocks", "Harry Hindquarters", "Woodrow [=ButIdon=]'thaveapaddle")
** Not to mention the few times Denny was anchor, she'd often [[OneSteveLimit name her colleagues using variations of the same name]]("Ripley Back/Arm" and "Rusty Bumper/Nail/Can" being two examples)
** And Wayne, who always gets the sport role and a position on the extreme left (his right) of the stage, would abuse said position by involving Drew [=and/or=] the desk in his bit, since he was right next to them.
** In one memorable example of the PunnyName running gag, Chip (as an energetic game show host) pre-empts Colin's usual punny intro and uses Colin's real name, which Colin ''then turns into a pun.''
---> '''Colin''': ''(after a long pause to let the laughter die down)'' "Welcome to the six o'clock news. I'm your anchor, Colin Themarines."
** Whereas previous straight man hosts had just begun the sketch with a straightforwardly amusing news story, Colin started a ''Series/TheTwoRonnies'' style routine where [[{{Feghoot}} he would lead up to a complicated pun]]. Brad also did this a few times.
* Coming back from commercials, Drew would sometimes admit to doing something odd in an inappropriately cheerful way.
--> '''Drew''': "Hey you guys ever see a big stretch limo drive by and the window rolls down and you see a big white butt sticking out of it? [[ParanoiaFuel That's me!]]"
* The US version of ''Weird Superheroes'' often began with Drew going "There's a (crisis to be averted), (first superhero name)! What are you gonna do?!"
* Drew's habit of picking the more attractive audience members to join in for ''Song Styles'', ''Duets'' or other such games would lead to ''[[ChivalrousPervert any players not actually involved in the game]]'' (usually Ryan) to welcome her as well.
** Wayne realized at some point that some of Drew's choices for who accompanied him in ''Song Styles'' might actually ''threaten his marriage. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCIak-w0DOc Like this one.]]''
** And they continue this with the celebrity guests in the revival. And since many of them are women, there's often an additional quip about their height compared to Ryan's, especially if Living Scenery is part of the show.
* '''X'''ylophone music!
** '''Y'''ou can hear it too?
*** '''Z'''ounds!
** Referencing Xaviera Hollander is Ryan's standby for any time he's stuck with the letter X and can't come up with a better alternative. Drew has done it as well.
** Similarly, in the "Song Titles" round, "O" is usually [[Theatre/{{Oklahoma}} OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOklahoma!]]
* Ryan's attempt to strongarm ''Questions Only'' in a direction of his choosing by going "Haven't we met before?" or something similar.
* Ryan really doesn't like Michael Bolton. He's not crazy about the city of Fresno either.
* Whenever Colin had a joke based on a setting that was [[SoUnfunnyItsFunny hilarious only because of how bad it was]], he would mime taking a drink. This happened most often in ''If You Know What I Mean.''
* An occasional recurring gag in the U.S. version is Drew doing a TakeThat on a celebrity and adding after the joke, "Just kidding around if I ever run into you in real life", or alternatively, pretending to be the celebrity in question: "I think I'll cheer myself up by watching some Whose Line... OH NO!"
* During Hoedowns, Ryan frequently concluded the song with a joke at Drew Carey's expense. If his penultimate line ends in "hairy" or "scary," you can bet on what's about to come up.
** In the British version, Greg and Ryan both did this for Clive.
* Anytime one of the characters has to play a drill sergeant, we get a ''Film/FullMetalJacket'' parody:
--> '''Greg''': Only two things come from Texas: Steers, and other steers that like them!
--> '''Wayne''': Only two things come from Texas: Steers, and... other... forms of livestock!
--> '''Ryan''': Only two things come from Texas: Steers, and YOU!
--> '''Ryan''': Only two things come from Idaho: Potatoes, and... more potatoes!
* In ''Backwards Scene'', Ryan has more than once thrown off the other player by suddenly laughing and saying "A ''penguin?!''"
* Colin fainting.
* Brad collapsing. It has been noted by many viewers that he happens to be [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative the best at falling down in the series]].
* Wayne [[NWordPrivileges playing up anything involving the words "black" or "white"]] or taking "offense" at certain roles for some scenes.
-->[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRO-ovd17IQ&t=42s "Why I gotta do the African Chant?"]]
-->[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHFkjvxGvr0 "Why I gotta be the thief?"]]
-->[[RuleOfThree "Why I gotta be the Haitian man]] [[OverlyLongGag who's been unfaithful and is the victim of a]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PLkRZx26gI&t=20s voodoo attack?"]]
* What's in Drew's coffee cup?
** Season 2 Episode 33: Just after the rap skit - Pepsi
* References to ''Series/{{Friends}}'', which sometimes aired opposite of ''Whose Line''.
--> '''Drew''': Wow, look at all those new viewers out there. ''Friends'' must be a rerun!
** Another example:
--> '''Drew''': A special welcome to you viewers that have realized that ''Friends'' is gettin' just a little bit tired.
** Ryan in Hell:
--> '''Ryan''': ''Friends'', can't stop watching ''Friends''!
** A post-commercial joke:
--> '''Drew''': The only difference between our cast and the cast of ''Friends'' is that the cast of ''Friends'' is richer, better looking, and more popular. Other than that, no difference at all.
** "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion "The good news and the bad news":
--> '''Colin''': ''(to Wayne)'' You're on a very funny show. It's against ''Friends''.
** Another post-commercial joke: "''Friends'' must not be very good tonight."
** In the "100th" episode, Drew sang that viewers of ''Friends'' can kiss his ass.
** Before one "Film Dub", Drew said this was a great game to play while watching ''Friends''.
** Usually they took a shot at ''Friends'', but in one instance, Wayne wanted on the show:
--> '''Wayne''': (after Drew reads Wayne's quirk in "Weird Newscasters") Why ''I'' gotta be the Haitian man who's been unfaithful and is now the victim of a voodoo attack??\\
'''Drew''': I dunno. You're askin' the wrong guy.\\
'''Wayne''': Ross, Chandler, call me.
** In "Scenes From a Hat", one suggestion was "if Barney appeared on other shows":
--> '''Colin''': ''(in Barney voice)'' ''I'm'' the father, Rachel!
* Sometimes, after Drew reads what quirk a performer has, Ryan and/or Wayne will reply with the equivalent of, "I know, but what do you want me to do in the ''scene''??"
* "Song Titles" would always lead to Colin and Ryan using the same few ones: "[[Music/TheBeatles I Am The Walrus]]" "I Am Woman", "I'm Henry The Eighth I Am", "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts", "Do You Know The Way to San Jose", "Oh Canada", etc.
* The cast like to make fun of each other in general, but Ryan will take every opportunity he can to make fun of Drew. If he's doing a hoedown and one line ends with "Scary", a zinger directed at Drew is usually on its way.
* ''Helping Hands'' has a bunch of these:
** Colin shoving anything and ''everything'' in Ryan's mouth, for starters. This one led to a sub-gag whenever Colin gets his hands on drinks, which tend to turn out to be actual liquor due to (presumably) the impracticality of making prop foods every single time.
*** Also, Colin taking bottles or cans and ''shaking them up any way he can'' before cracking 'em open.
** Colin blind-juggling things or blindly tossing things in Ryan's mouth. He's ''[[ImprobableAimingSkills uncannily]]'' accurate.
** Colin dabbing a bit of the drinks behind Ryan's ears like it was cologne.
** Perhaps the best known of these would be Ryan ''[[VomitIndiscretionShot spitting up whatever Colin just fed him back into Colin's hands.]]'' [[FridgeBrilliance This one's out of necessity, since Ryan has to keep talking normally to keep the act going.]]
** The revival series throws in a GrossUpCloseUp at whatever Ryan's been force-fed.
* "Song Styles"[=/=]"Duets" would often end with Wayne or both singers trying to follow the hot guests off the stage. This is finally lampshaded in the revival series, where Aihsa makes a move to cut him off, but then he pulls a feint...
* In "Talk Show", lampshading the fact that the "now let's go to the studio audience for questions" section involves a player who went to sit in the audience at the beginning of the round: "You there, with the microphone pinned to your shirt."
* Drew being lazy and/or unnecessary is another RunningGag. Some examples:
** In one "Scenes From a Hat", Wayne repeatedly pretended to be Drew and said "I don't do a ''damn thing''."
** Before two games where Drew participated, Drew lampshaded this when Wayne got TongueTied, telling him his job is a lot harder than it looks.
** During the episode when Drew had a tape recorder which said "1,000 points" when played, Drew whispered to the camera, "I'm tryin' to work it where I don't have to show up at all." Ryan replied: "Damn ''close''."
*** In another episode, Drew held up a picture of himself which played a sound byte of Drew giving points.
--> '''Ryan''': There's really no reason for you to be here.
** In a "Two Line Vocabulary", Wayne said "What does that do?" while pointing at Drew. Colin replied, "It's just there for show."
** More than once, Drew said the points were as useless as [[SelfDeprecation the guy]] giving away points on ''Whose Line is it Anyway?''.
** In "Scenes From a Hat", one suggestion was Drew Carey's latest book.
--> '''Wayne''': "My Life of Leisure: Behind the Desk." ''(glares at Drew)''
* Jokes about the Cleveland Browns.
** "This just in: Beverly Hills 90210, Cleveland Browns, 3." ''[cue Drew, who almost spits out his drink]''
** "The points are like a pep talk to the Cleveland Browns. I mean, I love ya, but, you know, lets face it. This is not been the season to really... uh, maybe next year! We'll get 'em next year, man!"
** "We're just like the Cleveland Browns! The points don't matter because it's a rebuilding season..."
** In the "Foreign Film Dub" with the "language" of Canadian, Ryan said, "We don't even have a football team, but I bet we could beat Cleveland!" ''(cue Drew [[FlippingTheBird giving Ryan the finger]] from inside his jacket)''
* "Seattle, Washington!"
* Jokes about UPN, which is [[HilariousInHindsight ironic]] now considering that the revival series airs on The CW, which was formed through a merger of The WB and UPN.
** "The points don't matter, just like the future of UPN. Who cares."
** This, after the "Weird Newscasters" with Wayne pretending Drew was a pig he was rounding up:
--> '''Drew''': 1000 points to what's-his-name. You know, that guy who used to do the stuff on Whose Line? Yeah, that guy.\\
'''Wayne''': ''(mock offended)'' I'm going to UPN.\\
'''Drew''': I was just about to say: You're damn ''right'' you're goin' to UPN!
** Wayne, during the "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion "What's on TV in Hell?": "UPN's Thursday line-up!"
** Brad, during the "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion "Shows that didn't even make it to UPN": "Tonight on UPN, Tyson and Lincoln!"
** Wayne's "100th Show" Hoedown:
--> '''Wayne''': A hundred episodes of Whose Line, lord, it changed my life / It gave me financial security, for myself, my wife / So thank you, ABC and Warner Brothers, you're my friend / 'Cause if it wasn't for Whose Line, I'd be on UPN!
** In the same episode:
--> '''Drew''': Of course, when you do 100 episodes of a show, it only means one thing: That you're not on UPN.
** In "Scenes From a Hat", the worst reasons to hold a press conference:
--> '''Wayne''': I would now like to announce UPN's fall season.
* Drew saying that something would make a great party game, "if you're at a party with no chicks or booze".
* Everyone mentions Ryan's shoes as a RunningGag, but Ryan's cowboy shirt was mocked in a few episodes of season 5.
--> '''Ryan''': [[SarcasmMode I never tire of it!]]
* Jokes about UsefulNotes/BillClinton and cigars abounded during the first U.S. series, thanks to the then-fresh Monica Lewinsky scandal.
* A rare one that lasted from this version to come up in ''Series/DrewCareysImprovaganza'' and then make it into TheRevival involves Ryan claiming that a cow being milked was actually [[BlackComedyRape a bull.]]

[[folder:Episode-specific examples]]
* In the first playing of "African Chant", Drew mentioned, "Uh, Africa is a big country right by Madagascar..." Greg burst out laughing and corrected him: "It's also a big ''continent'' if you're a geographer!" An embarrassed Drew was teased about this in other games in the same taping:
** In "Scene With an Audience Member", Drew picked a schoolteacher, Margie, from the audience. He assured her: "I ''know'' Africa's a continent."
** After the game:
--> '''Drew''': (to Colin) Margie kicked your ass, man!\\
'''Colin''': (defensively) I was acting!\\
'''Drew''': (to Margie) Where do you teach school, here in L.A.?\\
'''Margie''': Orange County.\\
'''Ryan''': That's in Africa.\\
(audience laughs as Drew looks embarrassed again)\\
'''Drew''': Oh man...\\
'''Greg''': Orange County's a biiiig country...
** In "Scenes From A Hat", one of the scenes was "The title for Drew Carey's second book". Colin said "The Difference Between Continents and Countries".
** In "Hats", Ryan had on thick glasses and said, "Do you know Africa's a continent?"
** In "90 Second Alphabet", Ryan said, "Africa was a place I visited many years ago!"
** And in a "Greatest Hits" from the same taping, but a different episode, Ryan told the viewers they'd return to the film ''Film/OutOfAfrica'' in a moment. In response, Drew crumpled up his cue card and threw it at Ryan.
* In the "Sound Effects" of Series/CharliesAngels, Ryan (as one of the angels) [[IAmNotShazam keeps accidentally calling Colin (who's playing Bosley) Charlie instead]].
* In one playing of "Sound Effects", Ryan was unable to whistle when he attempted to. After another game, he whistled and Drew told him, "Too late." Towards the end of the episode, "Three-Headed Broadway Star" was played, and the name of the song was "Whistle on Cue". Numerous times in the song, Ryan used his verse to whistle three notes.
* The line "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening" was used across three games: First in "Two Line Vocabulary" (one of Ryan's two lines), then at the beginning of "Greatest Hits", and finally in "Foreign Film Dub" as one of the dubbed lines.
* After a disastrous playing of "Sound Effects" (with the theme of Franchise/{{Batman}}) where the two audience members made ghost-like "oooooooohh" noises throughout, the cast (and eventually the audience) said "ooooooohh" numerous times in unrelated contexts for the rest of the show.
** During the "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion "Little known facts about Drew Carey":
-->'''Wayne:''' When I am with a woman, I go "ooooooohh"...
* At the end of "Song Titles", Colin said "Nice Pants." This cracked everyone up, so the cast kept inserting "Nice pants" into the next game, "Scenes From a Hat":
** World's worst catchphrases:
--> '''Colin''': Niyiyiyiyiyice pants!
** Bad names for perfume:
--> '''Colin''': "Nice Pants", the smell of corduroy.
** If people broke into song in real life:
--> '''Wayne/Chip''': Niiiiiice pants, nice pants, look at those nice...
* One "Three-Headed Broadway Star" with the song "I Lost My Leg Warmers" had Colin singing the word "YOU!" about ten times.
* Perhaps the most infamous example comes from a "Scenes From a Hat" with the suggestion, "Anecdotes dogs would tell if they appeared on talk shows". Colin said "Meow" in response to Ryan's "Jerry, I'm here to tell my husband I'm in love with a cat." In the next game, "Film Dub", Colin again said "Meow". Next was "Hats", and Colin had an opera wig on, where he said "Let me help you hit those high notes. MEOW." Finally, in an "Irish Drinking Song" about yelling out the wrong name in bed, Colin cracked up the entire cast by saying "MEOW!" as one of his verses, and again as the last line of the song.
* In one "Scenes From a Hat", a suggestion is "rejected names for bras", and Ryan came up with: "Milk Duds". Also in "Scenes From a Hat", Ryan asked Wayne: "Are you wearing a Milk Duds?" Later, in "Party Quirks", Wayne played a tribal leader who told Kathy Greenwood, "In our country, we do not wear Milk Duds. You should let yours free!" And after one game, Drew said: "That made me laugh so hard, I almost busted out of my Milk Duds!"
* During "If You Know What I Mean", Colin came up with the odd euphemism, "I'll help you fluff your Garfield, if you know what I mean." This quote was later used in "Showstopping Number" when Ryan sang, "Hey come on and fluff my Garfield!" Finally, in a "Hoedown" about doctors, Colin said, "The last guy that I had still hasn't healed / I should've been gentler when I fluffed his Garfield."
* During one "Title Sequence", Drew took the suggestion of "Cosby and Hitler" as two unlikely roommates. But Keith Richmond shot down this suggestion and made Drew get a different suggestion from the audience. Drew reluctantly used the suggestion "Cosby and the Insurance Salesman". However, due to this, the cast continued to reference Hitler throughout the episode anyway:
** During "Title Sequence", Ryan randomly did a "Heil Hitler" salute.
** Three times in "Scenes From a Hat". "How the cast of Baywatch would react to actual emergencies" featured the gag of using their breasts as a flotation device, prompting Drew to snark, "You can do that, but whatever you do, don't fucking make fun of Hitler.", to audience applause. The very next suggestion was Wayne imitating Hitler. Finally, during the suggestion "If Tarzan and Tonto were roommates", Brad (playing Tonto) said, "Will you go upstairs and tell Hitler to be quiet?"
** In a Hoedown about directors, Ryan's verses received a standing ovation:
-->'''Ryan''': Our director, he really is the boss / For yelling and screaming he's never at a loss / He's the meanest guy that you will ever see / He should sprout a mustache and move to Germany!
* During "Questions Only", Ryan asked Wayne to get up against the wall so he could frisk him. This ended up revealing that Wayne is ticklish.
** Later on, during "Living Scenery", Wayne was tickled again when Colin used him as a prop. This caused Colin to observe after the game, "Wayne's really ticklish!" Wayne admitted, "Yes, I ''am'' ticklish." Drew seductively remarked, "Good to know." This running gag carried throughout the entire episode:
** In "Film Dub", the character that Colin dubbed randomly said, "Wayne's really ticklish!"
** In "Party Quirks", Colin played the ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' villain "The Tickler", and terrorized Wayne in particular. This caused Drew to tease him after the game: "Wayne's got a tickly butt!"
-->'''Wayne''': (resigned) ...Yes, I have a tickly butt.\\
'''Drew''': And ever since Colin found that out, every chance he gets...\\
'''Ryan''': Not only ''on'' the show...
** In "Helping Hands" where Ryan and Kathy Greenwood played a newlywed couple eating breakfast on their honeymoon, Colin accidentally spilled hot coffee on his hands. After the game, Drew observed: "It looks like The Tickler will be out of action for some time."
** Finally, in a "Hoedown" about magicians, Colin mentioned that he had a special ability to change a person's sex. How does he do it?
-->'''Colin''': I just tickle Wayne's bum, and he screams like a girl!
* In a "Party Quirks" where Wayne played ''Film/KingKong'', he lifted a woman, Melissa, from the audience but accidentally rode her dress up too high in the process, causing her underwear to be exposed to the audience. This incident was later addressed in a "Hoedown" about cop shows:
-->'''Ryan''': Oh boy those cop shows, they give me such a fright / And it seems like they are on every single night / Sure you can watch them if you really want a scare / Thursdays at 8 you can see Melissa's underwear!
** What makes this a running gag is that in some unused outtakes, Ryan did two alternate Hoedowns, both of which also mentioned Melissa's underwear.
* In the 7th episode of season 7, Drew repeatedly complained about how cold it was in the studio.

[[AC:2013 Version]]
[[folder:In General]]
* The fact that Colin is no longer the only bald guy, especially with Gary Anthony Williams and Keegan Michael Key making appearances on top of Wayne deliberately shaving it all off ever since ''Series/TrustUsWithYourLife''. Which leads to something akin to NWordPrivileges when ''Colin jabs at Wayne about it''.
** In one Nyima Funk episode, in the same "What's in the Bag" episode described in the next example, Ryan jokes that Wayne's bald head would give away their position to enemy troops. Later that same episode, Colin remarks that the only thing Wayne, his baby with Nyima, inherited from him was the baldness.
* In "What's in the Bag", Ryan and Colin apparently agreed unanimously to put on any CoolShades they find for the rest of the game - which [[HoistByHisOwnPetard bites Ryan in the ass]] when he wears some NerdGlasses instead, which leaves him ''reeling in shock''.
* The players always make up new noises for doorbells, such as "shpling-dong" or "dingalingaling!"
--> '''Ryan''': Uh-oh, it's Dingalingaling!
* Unlikely Duets for Greatest Hits. (e.g. Music/AmyWinehouse and Creator/ChristopherWalken or Music/KanyeWest and Music/NeilDiamond)
* Aisha's been getting out of that chair quite a bit for certain gags, OnceAnEpisode at first, then twice when she joined in on the end credits reading. Sometimes more than that.
* Apparently, the only way Ryan will do a hoedown now is if he doesn't go last. Just before the Eighteenth Birthday Hoedown, you can see Ryan and Jeff get up from their respective chairs and switch places in the lineup.
* Referencing Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum's roles on their incarnation of ''Series/LetsMakeADeal''.
* A new recurring idea in Scenes from a Hat, "Unappetising Flavors" of potato chips, ice cream, soup etc.
* [[StatuesqueStunner Being taller than some of the guys,]] Aisha wound up drawing cracks about her being secretly a man, which all comes to a head ([[IncrediblyLamePun we're not sorry]]) [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA239iufFhI here.]]
** A more minor one involves those heels Aisha always wears being horrifically impractical since she starts every episode going down those stairs.
-->'''Aisha''': (reaching her desk after nearly stumbling on the stairs) Welcome everyone to ''Whose Line Is It Anyway''. Yes, I'm still alive.

* The episode with Tara Lipinski somehow winds up with ''two'' - Wayne using the phrase 'bronze medal' as an UnusualEuphemism, and Ryan resurrecting his poledancing routine.
* The episode with [[Music/SpiceGirls Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice]] leads to repeated mentions of how good she smelled, leaving Aisha feeling rather inadequate.
* The episode with sumo wrestler Byambajav Ulambayar. Thanks to one suggestion from "Scenes from a Hat", we end up with some creative uses for the word "BOING".
* In one episode Ryan made a gesture where he rubbed his hands in a circular motion on the opposite sides of his stomach- apparently meant as a "sexy" gesture in the scene he was in. After the game, Aisha teased him about it, and they both kept doing it back and forth through the rest of the show.
* From the fifth revival season, one "Let's Make a Date" had Wayne "turning into a horny werewolf", which he somehow found reason to reuse every chance he got in all the other games, leading to an epic conclusion when the whole audience howled along with him.
* Another one from Wayne in the episode where Chip Esten returned for a guest bit - Colin had a striped red shirt, which led to Wayne mentioning bacon every chance he got.