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[[AC: ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'']]
* In [[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-28404/DianeCastle+Xendra.htm Xendra]] ever since Halloween where he went as Xena, Xander's unable to go a week without being turned into a teenage version of Xena (named Xendra). At first it's due to a law of magic that if magic has had a given effect on someone before, it's more likely to do so again, especially if it's had said effect multiple times. Later it's because Xendra's a better fighter than Xander.
** Starting in Season 3, this extends to Wesley being turned into a woman when exposed to magic due to a spell that should have killed him and Xander instead turning Xander into Xendra and thus turning Wesley into a woman as well.
** Later, it seems everyone but Cordelia cleans the Hyperion's kitchen and when caught, tells the Scoobies not to tell Cordelia they were cleaning in there.


Examples from ''Fanfic/TheCalvinverse'':
* ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeries'':
** Hobbes [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere running away from danger.]]
** Everyone calling Dr. Brainstorm [[DoNotCallMePaul "Frank".]]
** Hobbes calling Sherman "Vermin".
** Every time something odd happens, the same guy will always witness it and comment "Mm-hmm".
** Calvin dressing himself by climbing inside the top drawer of his dresser, going down, and emerging from the bottom drawer fully clothed.
** In Season 1, Calvin and Hobbes would often argue about some miniscule thing that Calvin had done (possible {{padding}}). This didn't return in the second season.
* ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheMovie'':
** Tracer not loading his gun and being questioned about it when a fight breaks out by whoever.
* ''Fanfic/RetroChill''
** The aliens freaking out believing there's a ghost on the ship.
** "How could a little fur ball build something so big?"
** Bob being startled by the aliens.
* ''Fanfic/WhichWayIsWhere'':
** Socrates seeing something odd or important going on while sipping a milkshake, [[DullSurprise and simply comments about how weird the neighborhood he lives in is before walking away.]]

* ''Fanfic/CaveStoryVersusIMMeen'' has many of these, but primarily uses [[CharacterTic Jack's severe habit of vomiting due to his somewhat weak stomach]] as the main Main/RunningGag; however, [[RunningGagged he gets over it during the final chapter.]]
* The multi fandom crossover series, ''Chance Encounter'' has a couple of these.
** One is Balian a) insisting 'it feels worse than it is' or variants thereof b) Balian's numerous attempts to escape whichever infirmary he is in this time, being something of the ButtMonkey (he gets beaten up repeatedly, usually after doing something stupidly heroic and getting outnumbered).
** 'Nanny Balian' and 'Nurse Legolas' (or according to Jack Sparrow, Nurse Legless, somewhat ironic as he spends most of his time drunk). This last one also doubles as a BerserkButton for both of them. Also, 'Truly, it is not a coincidence' or some variation on the theme, however this can be seen as arc words, referring to divine meddling. The author is rather fond of the phrase, using it in a separate but similar fic.
* In ''AudioPlay/DoctorWhoovesAndAssistant'', they play with some of the classic running gags from ''Series/DoctorWho''.
** The first time Ditzy/Derpy meets the Doctor, and she asks him who he is. Naturally, the Doctor says, "I'm the Doctor." Rather than play the gag straight, Ditzy responds "Doctor of what?"
** And again, when Ditzy sees the inside of the [[BiggerOnTheInside TARDIS]] for the first time.
-->'''Ditzy:''' It's-!
-->'''Doctor:''' Yes?
-->'''Ditzy:''' It's-
-->'''Doctor:''' Yeah?
-->'''Ditzy:''' [[SubvertedTrope ...smaller on the outside!]]
* In ''Fanfic/DungeonKeeperAmi'', [[Anime/SailorMoon Sailor Mercury]] simply cannot catch a break. No matter how hard she tries, everyone thinks she is a demented rapist, MagnificentBastard empress, and magical prodigy out to destroy the world.
* In ''Fanfic/KyonBigDamnHero'', Kyon reminds himself he has a very special hell waiting just for him after [[spoiler: kissing Haruhi, the older Mikuru and Yuki.]]
** Also, the very first line readable from a letter from the future is an commentary in context of the conversation.
-->'''Haruhi:''' Can I go (time travelling) with you?
-->'''Kyon:''' (reading the letter) "No, she can't."
** Kyon's habit of sending greetings to himself when {{Time Travel}}ling.
** Kyon's remarks about how his past and future selves are annoying, then laughing at his past self for doing something stupid.
* ''Fanfic/SOE2LoneHeirOfKrypton'': Shinji is the ButtMonkey in the omakes, often being placed in highly embarassing situations where he seems a pervert.
* ''WebAnimation/TurnaboutStorm'':
** Running gags from both series involved are continued, such as ''VisualNovel/AceAttorney's'' [[OnceAnEpisode eternal]] ladder vs. step ladder debate, and ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic's'' [[WhosOnFirst "Who?" gag]] from "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E24OwlsWellThatEndsWell Owl's Well That Ends Well]]".
** Nearly every pony Phoenix meets insults [[AnimeHair his hair]] at some point.
** Phoenix using his ''[[IncrediblyLamePun "I'm always Wright"]]'' pun, only to get a blank stare or a DeathGlare out of it.
** Twilight just can't get Derpy's name right. [[IHaveManyNames The mailmare herself proves to be very unhelpful in clarifying]].
** Rainbow Dash blurting "Hey!" when meeting Phoenix and Twilight before the trial sessions, startling them.
* Twilight's poor tree home/library can't stay in good shape for more than minute after it's repaired in FanFic/PonyvilleGoesToTheDragons. As of fourteen chapters in, it's been wrecked by a spell gone wrong, had it's books scattered around the place more than once on accident, had it's front door knocked off it's hinges repeatedly, ''completely decimated'' by Cynder's tornado attack, and has had multiple fights break out in it. Needless to say, this get's repeatedly [[LampShadeHanging lampshaded]].
* Three occur in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2369586/33/The-Nighthawk-Chronicles The Nighthawk Chronicles]]''
** Villains insist [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Xander]] doesn't [[CombatPragmatist fight fair]].
** ComicBook/{{Batman}} likes [[CrazyPrepared Xander]]
** Xander wishes God would just kill him before he becomes like Series/{{Angel}} (Xander is mentally 26, physically 16, and has several teen super-heroines interested in him)
* In ''FanFic/OriginStory'', everyone assumes that Alex Harris's name is “Karen Starr” (which is ComicBook/PowerGirl's real name) despite her never once claiming to be Karen Starr. And no one really believes her denials, either.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8527691/27/An-Incomplete-Potter-Collection The Devil Ashikabi]]'' has one in [[Anime/{{Sekirei}} Karasuba]] splattering Literature/HarryPotter in [[BloodSplatteredInnocents blood]] every time she kills something. By the time she kills [[StationsOfTheCanon the Troll]], he's merely mildly annoyed at how much time it takes to get out of his hair.
* In ''Fanfic/SuperSentaiVsPowerRangersTheLiveblog'', anytime something really stupid happens in ''Fanfic/SuperSentaiVsPowerRangers'', Rika either finds a wall to coat a nice shade of red and bashes her head against it or drinks away the pain.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10258689/2/On-the-back-of-the-turtle On the Back of the Turtle]]'', so many people ask why [[ComicBook/WonderWoman Hippolyta]] is topless (the island they're on regularly has things wash up and shirts seem to be rare) that she eventually asks [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Xander]] if there's something wrong with her breasts.
* ''FanFic/LightAndDarkDEUXTheNewAdventuresOfDarkSoichiro'' never writes the word 'two', or any of it's homophones, instead writing DEUX, even in composite words.
* ''Fanfic/{{Wonderful}}'': When [[AntiHero Sophia]] wears the [[PoweredArmor Sentinel Suit]], a mask materializes over her own mask. As a result of it, people keep asking: “… Shadow Stalker? Why are you wearing a mask over your mask?”
* The ''Literature/HarryPotter'' and ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' crossover fic [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9340220/ Crosswinds of Fate]] has the running gag of Binns referring to Saber with various bladed weapons during the History of Magic class.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11634921/5/Itachi-Is-That-A-Baby Itachi, Is That A Baby?]]'' has Harry Potter easily accomplishing first year spells before anyone else and without a wand due to his shinobi training. It gets to the point that [=McGonnagall=] knows Harry did a spell correctly without being in the room to see it because she notices "Hermione's vibrating fury" (over Harry doing things "wrong") and Flitwick congratulates Harry before even entering the classroom.
** Others include: Snape blaming everything on Harry, Harry getting annoyed whenever someone asks him "What?" after Hermione did so several times in a row, no one knowing Astoria's name and calling her "Girl-Tobi", and obvious murders being declared "Natural Causes".
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10964874/1/Dark-Dynasty Dark Dynasty]]'', Rumple really likes to turn people into gasteropods. He actually turns two persons only, but he often talks and thinks about it.
* ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11547077/8/A-Wizard-Among-Bats A Wizard Among Bats]]'' considers Bruce Wayne adopting troubled kids as this in-universe. Wally's reaction when learning Harry Potter is coming to live with the Waynes is bitching that bro-code means Dick should have tell him first he had YET another sibling, while Jason's is basically "Dude, AGAIN? Bruce got ISSUES.".
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11474098/14/Five-Nights-with-Harry Five Nights with Harry]]'', poor Remus finds himself called a pervert. It's most likely the mustache.

* Creator/AAPessimal wrote a kind of crossover short between the ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' and ''Literature/GoodOmens''. In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6621206/1/The-Turtle-Moves The Turtle Moves]]'', Ponder Stibbons is tasked with closing down Project Chelonian, the ongoing Wizard research into "borrowing" the mind of the world turtle Great A'Tuin and finding out exactly what is going through his, or her, mind. Ponder discovers that the Turtle is in fact listening to The Music of the Spheres, the background harmony of the Cosmos, sufficiently slowed down to suit the brain-rhythms of a large slow long-lived creature. As with any other music playing on a sufficiently long journey, however, the waveforms have collapsed into [[Music/{{Queen}} scaramouches, fandangos, septuple seas of Rhye, and so forth]]. This proves the truth of the running gag in ''Good Omens'' about tapes left in cars....

[[AC: ''Franchise/DragonAge'']]
* In the ''Fanfic/TwiceUponAnAge'' series, Varric Tethras - the UnreliableNarrator of the second game - is cast in the role of the stories' editor. The various parts of the series are littered with [[NoteFromEd "editor's notes"]] where he wants to comment, for one reason or another, on the current story arc. These notes are intended as a running gag, but it's left up to the reader whether it's a gag by the [[IJustWriteTheThing author]] or the [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou editor]].

* ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' has the [[ButtMonkey Krillin]] Owned Count, which is fairly self-explanatory. Prior to Episode 25, he has been owned 14 times. Frieza then bumps him up eleven more for a total of 25 (and two 1ups to boot).
** For the Planet Namek arc, virtually everything referenced that should be alien simply has [[SpaceX "Space"]] tacked on in front of an Earth reference.
** "Kaio-wha-"''[blow to the face]''
** A FreezeFrameBonus inserted into the Solar Flare of something disturbing, based on Vegeta's comment that it was like seeing Frieza taking a shower (which was used for the next Solar Flare).

* In ''[[Fanfic/NeverHadAFriendLikeMe Never Had a Friend Like Me]]'', Norm torments the country of Canada in increasingly horrible ways.
** He also wants to send people he doesn't like to Mars.

* ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical'' has several:
** Hermione losing House points (for reasons that get more and more blatantly unfair each time), followed by a sarcastic "Thanks, Hermione" from Ron and Harry.
** ''Gryffindor'' losing points - again, each time is increasingly ridiculous.
--> '''Severus Snape: (to ''Draco Malfoy)'' ''' Coward! Ten points [[CrowningMomentOfFunny from Gryffindor!]]
** Ron's snacks.
** Draco rolling around on the floor for emphasis.
** Some might ''find'' Cedric's puns about Hufflepuffs being great ''finders'' to be a running gag.
** In the [[Theatre/AVeryPotterSequel sequel]]: diapers, Redvines, who James Potter's best friend was...
* After meeting Romulus Lestrange - Harry's true identity in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11594215/1/The-Curious-Case-of-Romulus-Lestrange The Curious Case of Romulus Lestrange]]'', everyone's first reaction is accusing Sirius from dumping his illegitimate kid with the Potters. Sirius is not amused at all.
* Almost every story written by the talented Harry/Hermione shipper, [[https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1451358/robst Robst]], contains a wedding, and every best man speech mentions some variation of the joke about "the one-eyed barman and the stuttering witch." The mention invariably comes in the form of one of the other members of the wedding party refusing to let the joke be told, so it's also something of a NoodleIncident.
* FanFic/ThirtyHs changes [[IHaveManyNames Gumbledorp's]] name every time he's mentioned, until he becomes Dumblecop of the Darkmeal, at which point it seems to stick.

* ''Webcomic/BeTheSeaDwellerLowblood'' has... no, the OTHER sea dweller lowblood. No, not that one! The OTHER other one! The FEMALE sea dweller lowblood! ''No, not that female!'' Seriously, you're just doing this on purpose now.
** Sea dwellers don't have hearts. They have collapsing and expanding bladder based aquatic vascular systems.
* {{Fanfic/Hivefled}}: Vanate still doesn't have pants.
* ''Alternian Turnabout: Aradia Megido'': This fangame continues running gags and callbacks from ''VisualNovel/AceAttorney'', Jailbreak, and Homestuck alike, ranging from the old ladder vs. stepladder discussion to the vanishing pumpkins.

* Fanfic/ThoseLackingSpines: Several...
** Vexen gets himself a phobia of cake about half-way through the fic. It keeps getting brought back, until he even comments about how this running gag will appear in another fanfic.
** "Xaldin was wrong."
** The little-known facts about Demyx the Pizza boy.
** "Did you just go there?"/"I rather think I just did."

* ''Fanfic/AMillionMilesOfFun'' has a sneaky one concerning [[DarkActionGirl P'Li]] [[BigEater eating more than the rest of the]] QuirkyMinibossSquad put together.

* ''Fanfic/{{Game Theory|LyricalNanoha}}'' has Hayate's zombie obsession [[spoiler:[[CerebusRetcon which turns out to be]] {{Foreshadowing}} the early appearance of Ixpellia and the Mariage.]]

* In the fics ''Fanfic/IngloriousBoshtets'' and ''Fanfic/ProjectGethinator'', neither Tali nor Shepard can seem to go through a single mission without [[StuffBlowingUp something going kaboom]].
* In the ''Franchise/MassEffect'' self-insert ''FanFic/MassVexations'', AuthorAvatar Art introduces The Game to Urdnot Wrex. There isn't a single conversation that they have afterwards where Wrex ''doesn't'' try to make Art lose the game.
** And, as of [=MV2=], Wrex has taught ALL OF TUCHANKA about the game. ALL OF IT. Art loudly makes Wrex lose the game and the entire room of Krogans goes "Oh, dammit!"

* ''FanFic/MegaManDefenderOfTheHumanRace'' has the author asking fans to point out any continuity errors big enough to [x], with [x] usually being something near-impossible, such as breaking a Met's hardhat.
* ''FanFic/MegaManReawakened'' has a few.
** Many next chapter previews end with an adjective related to the next episode, such as 'destructive' for Bomb Man's chapter or 'chilling' for Ice Man's.
** The "I AM A MAN!" punch.
** Heat Man flipping his top down, resulting in no one being able to understand him.

* ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/6326440 Chat's got Her Tongue]]'' has an in-universe example. Tikki has had to explain [[spoiler:Miraculous-bearing soulmates]] to so many Ladybugs, and dealt with so much romantic angst over the years that she just can't do it again without breaking into laughter. The present-day Ladybug- not being in on the joke- is distinctly unimpressed by this.
-->"What's so funny, Tikki?! This is serious!"
-->"I know, I know," Tikki gasped between giggles. "It's just that this happens every time."
* The story ''Porte-Boner'' has a frequent joke, either by the characters or the LemonyNarrator, involving terms starting with the word "French". The basic pattern:
-->'''Mylene''': Were they ''French'' kisses!??!
-->'''Alix''': You know, in France, we just call those 'kisses'.
** At first this is done with simple things like French Toast, French manicures, French omelets, etc, but it's later taken to absurd extremes when the characters watch ''Film/TheFrenchConnection'', "or, as they called it in France, ''The Connection''." Or, even sillier:
-->'''Rose''': Will you draw me like one of your French girls, Nath? Or as we say in France, draw me like one of your girls.

* In [[FanFic/EquestriaAHistoryRevealed Equestria: A History Revealed]], everypony, including the LemonyNarrator herself, seems to forget about Luna's existence, often just talking about Celestia and then adding a "and Luna too, I suppose" when referring to both princesses. The most prominent example being when Celestia and Luna had defeated King Sombra, he yells out a long and elaborate speech cursing Celestia, before hastily adding a "and Luna too, I suppose" at the very end. Is it any wonder she turns evil later on?
* ''Fanfic/{{Progress}}'' has poor Princess Luna getting bashed and battered by baseballs. That, and her attachment to her [[CompanionCube abacus]], which has become a bit of a running gag in itself because it gets [[ShoutOut shout outs]] in other [[FanFic fan-fics]].
* ''WebVideo/PoniesTheAnthology'' has several clips that repeat throughout the entire show, but the best known would be several characters "Firing their lazor." Throughout the first ''Anthology'' it's done with Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie (twice), Spike, and, somehow, ''a letter to Princess Celestia''.
* The ''FanFic/PoniesOfOlympus'' series:
** Ditzy somehow setting things on fire in ''Ditzy Don't'', even when it's ''not physically possible''.
** [[CompanionCube Tom]] in ''Atlas Strongest Tournament''.
* Ponies seem to have a great attraction to Sweetie Belle as a target for [[JumpScare Jump Scares]] in ''Fanfic/TheSweetieChroniclesFragments''.
* ''Fanfic/TangledUpInBlues'': Every single mare that Blues the pony meets is described as "the most beautiful filly I've ever seen".
* ''Fanfic/PinkPersonalHellAndAlteringFate'' features one per narrative:
** '''Pink Personal Hell''': Gummy likes to bite onto Dominic.
** '''Altering Fate''': Nickel Steel has trouble with stairs.
* In ''[[FanFic/TheVinylAndOctaviaSeries Vinyl and Octavia Fight Ten Thousand Ninjas]]'', a recurring joke is ponies questioning whether the plural of ninja is ninjas or ninja.
* FanFic/TheDearSweetieBelleContinuity repeatedly notes that the members of the Apple clan seem to have a fondness for pegasi.
* The ''Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries'':
** During the Shining Armor Arc, a member of Shining's squad is ''literally'' named Running Gag. So naturally he has one, namely being attacked by a cat whenever he's near one...except the Luvcats, which he's terrified of. Also, his habit of telling really bad jokes that make the others groan.
*** The LooseCanon [[BadFuture Dark World Drabbles]] continues it by having Gag's descendant, MythologyGag, suffer from the same cat problem.
** Every time a pony throws up, they or someone else questions how it's biologically possible given ponies shouldn't be able to.
** Every time Twilight Sparkle or a member of her family gives a lecture, a soapbox appears under their feet. Sometimes, they do it on purpose to use the box as a weapon, firewood, or some other reason.
* ''[[https://www.fimfiction.net/story/237978/how-trixie-somehow-saved-hearths-warming How Trixie (Somehow) Saved Hearth's Warming]]'':
** Trixie frequently says something with her normal grandiose boasting...only to then cut to her internal thoughts where her actual emotions are portrayed, which are generally what someone actually in her present situation would say in the predicaments she ends up in.
** During the section at the Rat King's castle, flower pots keep appearing, getting smashed, or being weaponized, to the point Vixen questions ''why'' a castle in the frozen north has so many. They later find an entire room ''full'' of them and Trixie questions the Rat King himself about it during their sword fight.

[[AC: ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'']]
* "I get paid by the word, you know" from the [=MST=] treatment of ''FanFic/TomSwiftAndHisWarTank.''

* Anytime someone asks how/why Naruto (or one of his apprentices) did something in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9920512/1/Reaching-for-a-Dream Reaching for a Dream]]'', the response is invariably, "Fuck you, that's how."
** For a long time, Team 7 was incapable of going on a mission without Naruto having sex with the client and/or a relative of the client. Justified given that every D-rank they get is from a former prostitute Naruto helped get out of the business who wants to "thank" him.
* Hinata in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12742973/1/For-My-Brother For My Brother]]'' has a tendency to kill-steal, much to Naruto's and Sasuke's annoyance.

* ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'': [[http://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/advice-and-trust-nge.8768/page-10#post-2190014 In chapter 4]] Asuka tells Shinji: "Pervert. I could hear you thinking it. You are not getting an 'Israfel Special' with me and her!" From that point forward the "Israfel Special" expression (Shinji having a threesome with Asuka and Rei) becomes a running joke between both (and among the readers).
* ''Fanfic/TheChildOfLove'': Someone screaming "She's WHAT?" whenever talking about Asuka.
* ''Fanfic/TheOneILoveIs'': Shinji is constantly falling on top of women in increasingly embarassing situations -and positions-. Rei, Asuka... When he falls on top of Misato in chapter 8 he is wondering whether it is some kind of curse.
-->''However I didn't plan on Misato walking on a beer can and, with her already unsteady balance, falling on the said bed, dragging me along with her. The outcome of this... I had fallen on top of a female... *again*! Surely, it was a curse!''

[[AC: ''Manga/OnePiece'']]
* ''FanFic/ThisBites'':
** The line "I am...conflicted." seems to be this.
** Cross setting towns on fire with his antics.
** Assorted crew members contemplating setting the world on fire.
** Soundbite interrupting Cross [[spoiler: whenever he tries to start the SBS]]. And after that, other people start [[SerialEscalation interrupting Soundbite interrupting Cross]].
** People shouting "CROSS, YOU SON OF A-!" only to be [[CurseCutShort interrupted or cut off]].
** Cross hitting the [[HellIsThatNoise foghorn button]].
--->'''Cross:''' I love this thing.
--->'''Everyone else:''' ''WE KNOW!''
* In ''FanFic/TwelveRedLines'', [[CordonBleughChef Jones]] is not allowed to cook since her first - and only - try managed to make ''Luffy'' sick. Sanji even namedrops the trope.

* Brandon getting knocked out in ''Fanfic/{{Pokeumans}}''. Dropped in recent chapters, but at his peak he was going about five times per chapter.
* In ''Theatre/PokemonTheMewsical'', there are several running gags, including Giovanni shooting people, James trying to work the Magikarp submarine into every plan, and Gary ordering Eevee to use Leer, following the command with "SICK!"
* In Fanfic/PokemonOpalAndGarnet, there is a common running gag in which Kaylie's Touceet, Clopin (yes, he's named for the character in the Disney version of HunchbackOfNotreDame), continually gets his name mispronounced, usually as "klop-pin." He will always be quick to correct them: "kloh-PAH~(n)," with the name ending in a Kalosian (French) nasal vowel. Many people and Pokemon have trouble with this, so usually "kloh-PAH" is accepted as being "close enough"- or, in [=PokeLatin=], "künek sjine." However, he will explain to them the (approximately) correct pronunciation of the Kalosian nasal vowel, as shown in this scene from "A Very Rocky Start":
--> '''Clopin''' (''to Rocky''): Don't get it? Allow me to show you, then. Take the ending- that "PAH" part that you said- and give it a sort of nasal pinch. Another way you could think of it is like the word "pang," but without the "-ng" at the end. Go on, just try it.
--> '''Rocky''': "PAH."
--> '''Clopin''': Good, but with a pinch. "PAHHH~~." Did you hear how that was tightly nasal? That's how it should sound, with a slight bit of nasality at the end, almost as if you're holding your nose while saying it. Just remember that it should sound like "pang" without the "-ng." Then, all you have to do is push the air out through the nasal cavity while saying it and you're good to go! [[note]] You DON'T actually push air through the nasal cavity to pronounce a nasal vowel. You instead have to lower the soft palate in order to do so. [[/note]]
* ''Fanfic/PokemonResetBloodlines'' has quite a few:
** Ash's Snivy getting hit by Aerial Ace. It becomes a ChekhovsGag when she gets so fed up, she decides to learn the attack herself to start hitting others with it.
** Ash's Charmander always trying to pick fights with ''everything''. [[spoiler: And the two times he evolves, he's so dissapointed in having done so against a small bug, he tries to make up a more badass story.]]
** Dexter's knack for [[InsuferableGenius showing off his knowledge]] [[DoAnythingRobot and capacities]] at every possible chance, as well as its dissapointment whenever Ash and his friends pass up chances to catch rare Pokémon or beat it to the punch to give some InfoDump.

* ''[[{{FanFic/BoyScoutsOneHalf}} Boy Scouts ½]]'', set [[ElsewhereFic in Massachusetts]], almost completely ignores characters from the original work. The one major exception is Ryoga, who invariably turns up once a storyline, lost and wondering how to get back to Japan.
** The gag is turned on its head in the sequel series ''Boy Scouts ½ in Japan''. When Ryoga sees the Boy Scouts ½ characters, he assumes he is in Massachusetts once more, failing to notice that this meeting is taking place right outside of his intended destination. Poor Ryoga wanders away before anyone can inform him of this.

* There are two in ''Fanfic/WithStringsAttached'':
** When the four first meet the exiled skahs wizard Lyndess, she immediately asks them, “What are you selling, olyrr-sars [outworlders]?” When they are sent to Ta'akan, every single person they meet thereafter asks them the same question, until word finally spreads that they have nothing to sell. (At one point a very annoyed John comments that if they get asked that stupid question one more time, he's going to pull his trousers down and say “Yeah.”) Much later, when the Hunter is brought to Ta'akan, he gets swamped with people asking him that.
** There's a literal RunningGag that starts in the New Zork chapter. Ringo finds himself yanked, dragged, and carried around by practically everyone he meets. This includes a pair of disembodied arms that throw him off a roof, Beagle Brian Epstein, some cops, Flyboy from the “Hitler Youth,” and John. He gets picked up and carried in someone's arms several more times during the book (including twice during the climactic assault on the warehouse), and at one point the Hunter offers to carry him.

* ''Fanfic/ADifferentMedius'' has Iratu constantly being compared to a "Fragarian Scythe-Dog". Eventually, Buwaro and Sam [[spoiler: actually ''meet'' one in a flashback.]]

[[AC: ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'']]
* See rule 77a of ''Fanfic/TheOfficialListOfUnofficialRules''.
** Increasingly, ignoring said rule has also become a bit of a running gag.

* ''Fanfic/{{Total Drama Comeback|Series}}'' has Beth asking a question that reveals some detail about the challenge that Chris would have forgotten to mention.
--> '''Beth:''' Chris, what about <insert detail about challenge>?
--> '''Chris:''' Why thank you Beth, here have a cookie.
** it was a sad day when Chris ran out of cookies

* In ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' fanfiction, Marisa always seems to be stealing Patchouli's books.
** We probably shouldn't get into ''Touhou'' running gags from a fandom perspective or we'll be here all day. There's few characters that ''don't'' have three or four running gags to their name.

* Three in ''[[Fanfic/ForGood Breakaway]]'', all in the protagonist's team:
** Ice's ignorance of mainstream culture, idioms, and informal English.
-->'''Windy:''' "Does the word 'ain't' not register in your vocabulary?"\\
'''Ice:''' "Should it?"
** Windy constantly teasing Ricki and saying things like "green-blooded hobgoblin," as if they really ''were'' [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries McCoy and Spock]], respectively.
** Which leads to the final running gag: the girls constantly roleplaying ''Franchise/StarTrek''.

* In ''Fanfic/BeAllMySins'' Natalie, a Slaaneshi cultist, keeps getting into situations or making misstatements that convince the people around her that she's a cannibal. [[spoiler: in a darker twist, this becomes less and less false as time goes by, but she never stops being embarrassed by it.]]

* ''Fanfic/XMenTheEarlyYears'': In "Hit Women, Goats, and Other Vacation Blunders", the team spends a great length of time looking for and chasing after a cranky goat; hence, the repeated instances of someone telling "Follow the Goat".

* The ''Series/{{CSI}}'' fic [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6744232/1/What-if-our-CSIs-were-on-Facebook What if Our CSIs were on Facebook]] has a ton, because it's a parody. Each character has at least one: Nick says he looks hot doing everything. He also often wets himself. Gil always says stuff makes him nervous. Catherine wants Warrick to take his shirt off. She also often forgets she has a daughter. Catherine's dad, Sam, often mentions his concrete swimwear. There's also a running gag about the writers being cheap because of the Lawrence Fishburne Emergency Contract Fund, and one about the show being set in Vegas but filmed in LA. Then there's the Tarantula gag, which turned into two versions-Gil G and his literal tarantula, and as a [[ICallHimMrHappy euphemism for a certain body part]], for multiple characters. Later events like Nick being buried and Warrick being shot turned into running references too, way before they happened.
** Naturally when 'Ending Happy' rolled around, the author got as much mileage out of the 'no signs of sexual trauma' running gag that was shown onscreen as possible. (Dave:Still no signs of sexual trauma!)