Running Gag: Arrested Development

Many. Examples include:
  • "Magicians perform illusions. Tricks are something a whore does for money... also cocaine"
  • "I've made a huge mistake."
  • "Going to Portugal... down ole' South America way..."
  • "Have these people ever even seen a chicken?"
  • "Her?"
  • "If Tobias is straight, I'm sober..."
  • "Where did the lighter fluid come from?"
    • "How did I get into the boulder"
  • Pete Rose being used as a metaphor in conjunction with the bases in baseball for the stages of lovemaking.
  • Never-nudes
  • "There are dozens of us. DOZENS!"
  • George Michael is Star Wars Kid
  • The Board is incompetent.
  • "Come on!!"
  • "Well, this is the last time you'll see these!"
    • "Spring Break! Woo!"
  • "It's the final countdown..."
  • "Marry me!"
  • "Look at Banner, Michael!"
  • Family love Michael.
    • Michael love family.
    • Herbert Love rally.
  • "You're killing me, Buster."
  • "You can't do that on the balcony, buddy?"
  • "There's always money in the banana stand!"
    • And then "More touching!"
  • "Hey, brother.." and other variations.
    • "Hey, Hermano..."
  • All the Bluth men's love of ice cream
  • Dramatic music playing whenever Oscar says something that reveals he might be Buster's father.
  • Variations of "Watch out for the hop-ons. You will get some hop-ons."
    • "Watch out for live-ins."
  • A new one for season 4 is the narrator and a character in the actual scene overlapping each other with the same line.
  • In reference to Netflix's limited budget for season 4, any past video clip shown has a fat "SHOW STEALER PRO TRIAL VERSION" watermark on it. The trial expires during the last episode.
  • Tobias' new license plate for his new start in life; ANUSTART
  • "Hello darkness, my old friend..."
  • Maritime law.
  • In Season 4, not tipping black men. George Sr. draws attention to it in the first episode, but the rest of the family follows the same practice without realizing it.
    • Tobias does actually tip them—with quarters (for "decorating his [living] quarters"). They do not approve.
  • The Bluths have the worst f*cking attorneys.
  • A very minor one in season 4: No matter how hard he tries, George Michael can't get a nickname that isn't associated with a celebrity who was caught in a sex scandal (specifically, George Michael, Boy George, and George Maharis, which was the name of an actor from the 1960s who was arrested for having sex with a hairdresser named Perfecto Telles in a men's room.)
    Michael: How about Boy George?
    News Anchor (in a flashback): Singer Boy George was arrested on charges of sexual assault today.
    George Michael: I'll stick with George Michael. (quietly) At least it was consensual.
  • There are (very subtle) references all over the show to Tobias being a black man with a skin condition making him look white.
    • The black silhouette on the cover of "The Man Inside Me".
    • Tobias thinks Linsay's attraction to Ice might have something to with them having the same body-type.
    • Lindsay says that the name "Tobias" makes everyone think of a "big black guy", and Tobias answers that he is "not a big guy."
    • Lucille is shocked by a blue painted Tobias, and refers to the event as an assault by a "colored person".
    • Lindsay flirts with Herbert Love (Terry Crews) specifically because he reminds her of Tobias back when they first started dating.
    • His middle name is Onyango
    • You do occasionally see him wear something that looks like a dashiki
  • "Do you know China Garden?"
  • Over the course of season 4's last few episodes, Michael repeatedly suffers injuries to his left eye.
  • Don't call it "The OC".

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