Roleplay / You Have 7 Days

A small Play-by-Post Game loosely based on the Square Enix RPG The World Ends with You, however it shares similarity in basis only. Using the concept of the Reapers Game from the game in a new setting with original characters only.

Instead of a parallel of the real life Shibuya. You Have 7 Days is set in the fantasy city of Yorkwater that is vaguely inspired by London. Typical features of the Game are involved, Pins, Reapers, Noise, ect. Though some features, such as the Fashion system have only been vaguely referenced.

It's currently on its second in-game week, though has been running in real time since early January 2010. Due to in-universe limitations recruitment time is short, and due to the length of time one in-game week can take there are few opportunities to do so.

There's also a spin-off roleplay on the same forum inspired by Another Day from the game, serving as a largely rule free space purely for character interaction and comedy. However it's been temporarily taken down as it was getting a bit silly.

Tropes used include:

  • Mysterious Employer: Nobody has yet to see The Composer who is behind the whole Game. Players and Reapers alike.
  • Your Head Asplode: How Week 1 Game Master Lillian Nixi was erased. Though there was no blood and gore involved.