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Roleplay: Warrior Cats RPG

Warrior Cats RPG (exactly what it says in the title) is a role-playing game about Warrior Cats, the book series based around a feral cat society. The game is moderately long running for a play by post roleplaying game at over 5 years of age. It includes a section for miscellaneous roleplay, but the majority of the site is devoted to Warriors. Noted for its long plotline and character history, and a family tree of thousands of cats. The demographic, while varied, tends to be younger than most forums due to the demographic of the Warriors series itself.WARNING: This page may be extremely outdated.Needs a Better Description

WCRPG contains examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: In a game where there are almost no naming rules, this is to be expected.
  • Alternate Continuity: The books never happened, and barely resemble where the RP is now.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wild Life: Averted; there's an entire subforum dedicated to cat genetics, and players are heavily encouraged to give their characters coats that would make sense. Impossible color combinations are tolerated to a certain extent (though may get the geneticists very annoyed at you if given in the genetics board), but straight-up impossible colours like green or purple are strictly prohibited.
    • Although, you know, there's the free roleplaying board...
    • Can now be played straight with the addition of "Custom Pelt" as a buyable (albeit expensive) shop item.
  • Anyone Can Die
  • Ax-Crazy: Blood Clan has the reputation for being this, although it's neither universal within the Clan nor unique to them.
  • Back-Alley Doctor: Cloudypeak. Painfulmemory has also been showing shades of this-sure, she's a disgraced former medicine cat with a serious addiction to many different types of illicit herbs, but if it weren't for her, Pulse would be dead by now.
  • Back from the Dead: This has happened to several major characters (and a lot of less major ones), through reincarnation or possession.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Extremely averted with Capone. She used to look like this...and now she looks like this!
  • Better to Die Than Be Killed: Nightstar, after hearing that some cats in ThunderClan wanted to overthrow him, assumed that it meant he was going to die. Having been borderline suicidal for moons prior, rather than come out and try to reason with them (or exile them, if it came to it), he ran off with plans to drown himself in the river. It didn't work: the very cats discussing his death were the ones who found and stopped him.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Some of the anti-Clans have strange moral codes.
  • Cats Have Nine Lives: Partially averted. All cats but the leaders of official clans only have one.
    • The spirit absorption power allows characters with it to obtain up to nine lives by killing others and consuming their souls; however, any playable species can have this power, not just cats.
  • Covered with Scars: Capone, late leader of the Elite.
  • Creator's Pet: Projectionpaw.
  • Death by Childbirth: Happens every other litter, apparently.
  • Enemy Mine: In the weeks before the meteor strike, many of the Clans and anti-Clans allied under the Oath of Mutual Protection to prepare for and deal with the disaster. This resulted in situations such as WindClan sheltering with BloodClan, who had burned WindClan's territory to the ground a few months before.
  • Erudite Stoner: Brody is this once in a while, particularly when his grandson Elixor, the wayward leader of a failing tribe, came to him for advice in desperation.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Elite is one of the most gleefully evil groups on the site. They punish rapists by torturing them to death.
  • Family-Unfriendly Death: Venomstripe tends to inflict these on her victims. Disemboweling cats and eating their hearts while they're still alive, forcing cats to eat their own stomach (causing their throat to melt from the acids), hanging her victims with their own spines...she's certainly continuing the Warriors tradition.
  • Fantastic Racism: The Nox are a group of canids (and hyenas) who believe non-canid/hyena species to be lower life forms.
  • Flat Character: Many of the characters who are not advanced. Rarely can you find a character that is not advanced and is also not a flat character.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Demonstrated, to varying degrees, by the current pair leaders and deputies of ThunderClan - Benniejet is sanguine, Acestar is choleric, Ardorflare is melancholic, and Wrathstar phlegmatic.
  • Fragile Flower: A rare male example: The ThunderClan apprentice turned RiverClan warrior, Onyxfeather, was seldom able to get through a conversation without bursting into tears. Another example is Fallenpaw of SnowClan, whose self-esteem problems are so bad he can hardly last a sentence without wanting to cry in a hole.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Venomstripe, who went from your everyday BloodClan royal to a living nightmare who strikes fear into the hearts of hardened warriors (and some roleplayers...).
  • Genre Savvy: Cloudypeak was ostensibly the medicine cat of BloodClan, but his real raison d'Ítre was to mock the various villain stereotypes so frequently found in his Clan, especially the preponderance of Always Chaotic Evil. Later on, his scope grew to include RPG cliches in general. Admittedly, he served as something of an Author Avatar in this respect.
  • God Modding: Mostly averted; the game is tightly policed for these types of infractions, though a few may slip through in the miscellaneous roleplay areas.
  • G-Rated Drug: Brody and his catnip, though occasionally, vague references to other hallucinogens such as mushrooms are made.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Skylitpath all the way. She started as just being jealous of her sister's position as a medicine cat, then it progressed into her being jealous of another she-cat's mate, and then she was jealous of all she-cats with kits. If she got over the first two jealousies, she never got over her inability of having kits.
    • Oh, and that progressed into her joining a rapist band and snatching away kits from mothers as soon as they were weaned.
  • Hollywood Psych: Natch.
  • Jerkass: Mudkit/paw, before he got Laser-Guided Amnesia and turned into Pulse.
  • Kavorka Man: Horntail. He was a decrepit elder, just as exceptionally unattractive inside as he was out, and impregnated dozens of she-cats, most of them being young apprentices, and most of them permanently traumatized by the experience. All this, and he never forced a single cat into mating with him. How exactly he got away with this, and why so many she-cats complied is... a mystery, to say the least, and was subject to much in-game Lampshade Hanging.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Over 100,000 of them, in fact.
  • Madwoman in the Attic: Tom, actually. Gunther, who eventually escaped, with unfortunate results.
  • Mary Sue: Many of the not advanced characters. Actually, it's pretty common sight to see a she-cat who is 'pretty, kind and fierce' or a tom who is 'strong, caring and handsome'.
  • Meaningful Name: Played for Drama in the Starfinder/Clouds and Drage/Morning litters-all the kits in those litters died/will die in a way pertaining to their names.
  • Mommy Issues: Corgor, whose mother Callaghine was religiously obsessed, strict yet distant with him. After her death he spent the rest of his life obsessing over her and became deeply jealous after his son {Gunther} received unconditional love from his adopted mother Rhea. Corgor didn't mention or acknowledge this as any part of his motives for imprisoning Gunther and killing Rhea in front of him.
  • Myth Arc: By now the game spans over ten generations of characters and several ongoing macro-plots, including the Clan wars, the Elite dynasty, and the mystery surrounding the Decrepit Mansion's distant history. There's also the struggle between Miro and his father, which surfaces every so often. The game's Myth Arcs are further bolstered by...
    • Webcomic Time: This varies and does not always apply, but can happen-for example, an afternoon with Charmstar (former DarkClan leader) and his mate didn't conclude until well after Charmstar's death. Made easier to plot around due to Liquid Time.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: Brody, Brody...Brody. Others have appeared too, such as Skyler.
  • Orphaned Series: Averted. The GM and staff are quite present and active.
  • Overly Long Name: Tribe cats, as in the books. Also, some Clan warriors end up with overly long warrior names, like "Projectionanimus" or "Endlesspossibility" to name a few.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: BloodClan has a law prohibiting rape of enemies...because it increases the enemies' numbers if the victims have kits.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Persistent OOC drama among roleplayers in the Elite board led the staff to delete the board. In-game, this was treated as the Elite being destroyed by some unspecified catastrophe, with characters either being assumed dead or dispersing to other Clans.
  • Shapeshifting: A power that can be bought in the shop; can be used to various effects, but most commonly for battle.
  • The Caligula: Capone became this in late spring 2011, after slowly drifting in that direction throughout her rule.
    • Photostar appeared to become this in spring 2014, but turned out to have actually been possessed by a demon.
  • The Casanova: Pompeii
  • The Eeyore: Onyxfeather. And the considerably more stoical Reasonpaw, who isn't so much overtly wangsty as he is apparently incapable of feeling joy.
  • Tangled Family Tree: The...thing that is the Bonestar-Sabrestar family tree. Cats sharing souls is just the beginning.
    • Also, check out this attempt at making a full tree of cats in game. And it's not even near being finished!
  • Trauma Conga Line: Littlekit, in a particular brutal instance of Break the Cutie. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving she and her sister to live as orphans with no one willing to raise them, was kidnapped by BloodClan when she was only three moons old, had her only friends turn against each other in a vicious love triangle, her front leg was bitten off by a dog, leaving her permanently invalid, she was raped and ultimately was abandoned by everyone she knew, unable to properly take care of her kits alone and forced to watch them, one by one, die of disease, predation, and starvation... Nearly every moment when it looked as if her luck was beginning to change, she somehow suffered a trauma more brutal than the last. you can probably guess how this ended.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Desolatestar, though she may have been rather ...unhinged to begin with, and Nightstar, who started out as your typical tsundere but spiralled into full on manic-depressive insanity after becoming leader.
  • Villainous Incest: And how. Storm, Corgor, Rollout, and others have all tried their hand {or paw} at this to varying degrees.
  • Villain Team-Up: The Elite, Tribe of Many Storms, BloodClan, NightClan-worshipping ShadowClan, and various smaller rogue groups recently teamed up in an attempt to destroy the main clans. They failed.

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