[[folder: Opening posts]]
-->--''The mansion stood god-like on the coast next to the sea. It was one of the largest buildings in all of the world (since the combine invaded). Each room was a different color, shape, and size. And in all the mansion housed fifteen bedrooms, five bathrooms, two living rooms, and a kitchen. It was probably a good thing the house was so extraordinary, because those who entered it would not be leaving easily. Outside of the house, it rained uncontrollably. Everyone inside the house was thankful for the shelter as they gathered in the living room, trading glances. The 50inch high definition tv lit up in front of them, on it was the face of an old man, Doctor Wallace Breen. ''
-->-- The first paragraph of the first post of the game.

-->-- ''The sound of birds could be heard along the beach as waves hit the shoreline. Ten people that appeared to not belong together lay strewed across the beach, someone had placed them there. They were all unconscious, but were regaining, they would be up in a matter of minutes. One group member, Issac, and alarmingly missed the drop off point, and smashed his head against the rock when he was dropped on the island. This is a story of survival, as each of these members will be tested and pushed to their limits. Who will be the ultimate survivor? The characters began to toss and turn as they awoke. ''
-->--The first post of the second season

-->--''The various Anime and Video Game characters awoke near the edge of a small town. All of their head were killing them, and they had no idea what the @#!*% had just happened. All of them had been on their various adventures in their own worlds doing their own things, when suddenly their entire reality broke apart like glass. All of the characters had been flung into a deep darkness, where they drifted into unconsciousness. Upon waking up the characters found themselves surrounded by other people that they had for the most part, never met before in their entire life. On top of that their surroundings were different. They were next to a small town when they awoke, however it was abandoned and the various local businesses were empty, some vandalized. To their left, a vast forest was spread out and covered in snow. It was incredibly cold outside, and the temperature was likely to continue dropping as nightfall approached. ''
-->--The First post of Season 3.[[/folder]]

The ''Video Game Edition Series'' is a series of PlayByPostGames hosted on The Escapist following the lives of several VideoGame characters as they try to live out their lives in a mansion. However, there's a twist: they're all on a Reality TV show called- what else?- ''Real Life: Video Game Edition.'' Some allies are made, others make enemies, others have [[RelationshipUpgrade steaming hot sex.]] Other than that, they all undergo a series of challenges put upon them by [[VideoGame/HalfLife2 Dr. Wallace Breen.]] There's no real storyline- chapters vary from deadpan serious to hilarious romps.

Season 1 story: [[spoiler: Several Video Game characters are kidnapped from their own universes and forced to live in a house together in order to make a reality TV show. Breen, the token human for the Combine who are conquering Earth, serves as the show's producer as well as director. Breen's objective is to make the show so good that the people of Earth will stop fighting the Combine to watch the show, thus giving the Combine complete control of the Earths goverment. In order to achieve this victory Breen pulls a lot of underhanded and downright stupid tactics on the video game characters. By the end of the show Breen and the video game characters are forced to leave the Mansion because of a zombie attack, Breen plants to relocated to an island paradise where he will film season 2 of his reality tv show.]]

The sequel has the new cast, some returning and others new, wake up on a deserted island. As with the previous, Breen is again hosting a show, this time called ''Survivor: Video Game Edition.'' Season 2 has ended and in a day, the thread for Season 3 was created.

Story for Season 2: [[spoiler: A new batch of video game characters, as well as a few returning members, awaken on an abandoned island. They soon find that Breen has set up the island as the next spot for his new Reality TV show featuring the video game characters. Breen continues with his old formula of driving the video characters borderline insane by bringing their various enemies to the island, as well as tormenting their loved ones. Eventually [=GlaDOs=], Breen's security AI breaks free from his control, and starts a rebellion. [=GlaDOs=] starts "The Legion of Doom" or LOD, a resistance group that's dedicated to stopping Breen. Several video game characters decide to side with [=GlaDOs=], while some decide to stay loyal to Breen. To fight LOD, Breen establishes "The Brotherhood of Breen", or BOB. An all out Civil War between the video game characters occurs. Eventually Breen is forced to surrender, but under one condition. Breen wishes for Issac, a video game character the Breen has openly tortured and hated, to be frozen in carbonite. Issac reluctantly agrees to this demand, and is frozen. Having obtained a frozen Issac, Breen activates his super-weapon. The weapon combines his own universe with one labeled as "Anime", this is where the second season ended.]]

It was confirmed that you will be able to choose anime characters in Season 3, adding a whole bunch of awesomely funny characters to the users arsenal. You will also, however, be able to play as a video game character again. Since Elricik wants this new season to be long and epic, he has decided to allow all the users to have up to two characters. You can bring the other character(s) in during your own personalized episode, or you may bring them in at the very beginning of the RP. Likewise, if you only want to have one character, you may.

The third edition of this series is named ''Reality TV Show Video Game Edition 3: Anime Invades''

A new edition to the RP is the God-mode council. No one knows who these cloaked individuals are. They sit around all day and watch the show and look for signs of godmodding, if the cloaked figure council decides that a gross godmod has occurred, they may call the offender up to their loft for judgement. Intelligences from the LOD suggests that the council might be made up of Combine overlords, but no concrete evidence has surfaced at this time.

Story for Season 3: [[spoiler: It is a time for war for all those who inhabit the new universe that was created by Breen. The Combine have reasserted themselves in this new goverment, and have managed to dominate most of the world. The Combine decided it would be best if Breen continued his reality TV Show for yet another season. However this season would be different than most, this season would involve an all out war. The Brotherhood of Breen has grown to a drastic scale. The Combine has provided their own soldiers for Breen to use in his Brotherhood. The opponents of the Brotherhood of Breen is the Legion of Doom. Having reestablished themselves in the new universe, the LOD led by [=GlaDOs=] is nothing more than a small rebellion group. [=GlaDOs=] hopes to bolster her own ranks by acquiring solders in this new universes, who are labeled as "Anime Characters". And like any reality TV show the cameras will be rolling to capture every battle, every conversation, and hopefully every hot sex scene that occurs during the length of the show.]]

Over the course of the 3rd season, the users may be asked to vote on a choice. You will PM (private message) Elricik your vote to remain anonymous. Once all the votes have been tallied Elricik will post the ultimate decision of the results.

[[folder:The Cast of Season One]]
** [[VideoGame/GoldenSun Isaac]] '''(Also in Season Two and [[spoiler:Three]])'''
** [[VideoGame/BrutalLegend Eddie Riggs]]
** [[Franchise/MetalGear Solid Snake]] '''(Also in Season Two)'''
** [[VideoGame/{{Scribblenauts} Maxwell]]
** [[VideoGame/DeadRising Frank West and Isabella]]
** [[VideoGame/DawnOfWar Gorgutz Ead 'Unter]]
** [[VideoGame/DeusEx JC Denton]]
** [[VideoGame/Left4Dead2 Ellis]] '''(Also in Season Two)'''
** [[VideoGame/DarkStalkers Morrigan Aensland]] ('''Also in Season [[spoiler: Two]] and Three)'''

[[folder:The Cast of Season Two]]
** [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Kefka Palazzo]]
** [[Franchise/{{Halo}} Master Chief and Cortana]]
** [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry Dante Sparda]] '''(Also in Season Three)'''
** [[VideoGame/BioShock2 Subject Delta and Eleanor Lamb]]
** [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Ansem]]
** [[Franchise/SilentHill Heather Mason]] '''(Also in Season Three)'''
** [[VideoGame/BioShock Vanessa the Little Sister]]
** [[Franchise/AssassinsCreed Ezio Auditore Da Firenze and Rosa]]
** [[VideoGame/CallOfDuty Cpl. Dunn]]
** [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX Zidane Tribal]]
** [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Fran]]

[[folder:The Cast of Season Three]]
** [[VideoGame/MischiefMakers Inter-Galactic Super Cyborg G "Marina Liteyears".]]
** [[VisualNovelHigurashiWhenTheyCry Sonozaki Shion]]
** [[Anime/{{FLCL}} Naota Nandaba, Haruhara Haruko, and Canti]]
** [[Franchise/{{Halo}} Noble Six]]
** [[{{Manga/Hellsing}} Alucard, Seras Victoria]]
** [[Anime/YuGiOh Yami Marik, Yami Bakura]]
** VideoGame/{{Kirby}}
** Manga/InuYasha
** [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Avatar Aang, Toph]]
** [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Captain Minamitsu Murasa, Yukari, Reisen, Ran, Chen]]
** [[VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed Galen Marek, AKA Starkiller]]
** [[VideoGame/HalfLife Gordon Freeman and G Man]]
** VideoGame/JakAndDaxter
** [[Series/KamenRiderDecade Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade]]
** [[VideoGame/SoulSeries Tira]]
** [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Shadow The Hedgehog aka Original the Character]]
** [[VideoGame/MonkeyIsland Guybrush Threepwood]]
** [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Derpy Hooves]][[/folder]]

Tl;dr: It's like Roleplay/WeAreOurAvatars, but a major polarizing ordeal.
!!This web original provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: Just about ever girl on the Island besides Heather, Vanessa and Rosa.
* AGodAmI: What Kefka believes himself to be and transformed into a god at three points.
* AllLowercaseLetters: Ricotta the rat thinks this way.
* AndIMustScream: Terra during her transformation into a Heartless.
* AngstComa: Isaac when he changing back from being an esper. He passes out, has a severe fever, starts shaking uncontrollably, and starts dreaming about his town being burned to the ground.
* AntiVillain: Isaac in Season 1.
* AnythingThatMoves: Morrigan. See the HoYay entry below.
* ArtificialHuman: Snake is a clone, Cortana is an advanced AI who later gets a realistic cyborg body from Breen, and Zidane is a Genome created by Garland in the world of Final Fantasy IX. [[PettingZooPeople Plus, Zidane has a tail.]]
* AerithAndBob: Morrigan and Dunn...Yeah.
** Isaac and Jenna qualify for this to.
* AwesomeMcCoolName: Canti, also known as Lord Canti. Now, this doesn't sound that cool of a name at first. But then I tell you that in Fooly Cooly, [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Canti was named after the Deity of Fire and Destruction in a videogame,]] named Literature/FireStarter.
* AxCrazy: Kefka, the psychotic jester.
* BadAssBiker: Haruko & Kamen Rider Decade
** I would say that Haruko is more bad ass in this category. If only by a little bit.
* BadAssBoast: When [[KnightsOfTheOldRepublic Revan]] was introduced, and he started fighting the group, he had this to say after he nearly died,
-->'''Revan:''' "I am a man who could take out an army of over a billion in , oh say, a week. I am more than likely the most powerful jedi in the universe. I will not lose to a wretched group of tripes, whom I know, I am stronger than. And if that means I must risk the chance of taking my own life, then so be it!"
* BeeAfraid: Eleanor shoots mutated bees at Donald and Goofy, Donald does not take it well at all.
* BerserkButton: [[spoiler: Isaac]] Has a bunch. They all got slapped on by [[spoiler: Breen]] and one by [[spoiler: Kefka]]
** Averted when [[spoiler: Nelo Angelo]] is brutally killing [[spoiler: Isaac]] when [[spoiler: Delta]] comes around the corner and sees this. But [[spoiler: Nelo Angelo]] Just doesn't seem to care that [[spoiler: Delta]] is about to blow his helmet off with anger, and is ready for a fight, and after killing [[spoiler: Isaac]] just casually teleports away.
* BigBad: Breen in Season 1, Kefka in Season 2.
** In season 1, Breen started off the season by playing with everyone's minds, trying to convince them that they're not all from different universes and that they're just insane. Later, he released a swarm of zombies into the mansion and brought Bill from Ellis' universe here as a zombie. Ellis had to decide between letting Bill remain half-alive as a zombie or blowing his brains out. Then, later, Breen had stolen Otacon from Snake's world and strapped a bomb to his chest. The group had only so long to save him. If that wasn't enough, Breen brought Vamp back to life and brought Snake's brother, Raiden here, for Snake to fight and kill. Snake managed to incapacitate Vamp and had to cleave his own brother's head off. By the time they reached Otacon, it was too late, the bomb was too close to detonation to be stopped. BUT it was all just an elaborate prank, for when the bomb hit 0:00, it released confetti and Breen walked down to congratulate Snake on his birthday, mocking him. He created, from Denton's DNA and blueprints, a female clone of him named Ada, who he was going to force Denton to marry and impregnate so he could create a more powerful weapon from their DNA. Then his focus switched to Isaac. He had found Jenna, completely amnesiac, and convinced her that she loved Breen and worked for him. He brought her to the group and announced that they were getting married, just to spite Isaac. Isaac tried to bargain with him, begged him to release whatever hold he had on Jenna, driving Isaac insane when he refused and Jenna treated him like a common peasant. Breen manipulated Isaac and told him to slaughter his bodyguard for him. Isaac agreed and sent out to find him. After a lot of consoling from his friends, Isaac stopped and apologized. Then, Breen had brought Saturos and Menardi, Isaac's former tormentors, back from Weyard, by stealing them away before they died. At the same time, he had kidnapped Paul, Denton's brother, and Felix, Isaac's best friend, and strapped bombs to the both of them, putting the bomb with the shorter timer on Felix. Isaac and everyone else had to first fight Saturos before they could save either of them. Isaac won and killed his old tormentor, who had been trying to rescue Menardi for any number of reasons. So they could attack Isaac together, go back to Weyard and try again, whatever. Isaac was too late to save Felix, and watch the fires from the bomb burn him to death before his eyes. Isaac went into a frenzy of anger and smashed most of the Mansions defense systems and killed Ada. Then, just to insult Isaac even further, Breen made Jenna put on a "Puppet show" Showing Jenna holding a crudely made Isaac figure dancing for her and Breen. Breen had also placed a mind control device into Isabella that would force her to do whatsoever he said as long as it started with "Would you kindly?" He forced her to shoot her brother in the head and kill him. After the zombies overwhelmed the house, it was found that Breen had stolen hundreds of people from different universes to be used either for the show, or for experiments.
** Kefka began as just another victim of Breen's kidnapping. He participated in the games Breen set for them, reluctantly except if they involved killing. In his episode, Terra arrived on the island and Kefka was allowed to take her away from everyone else. He put a mind control crown on her head, then had her turn into an Esper, before they began attacking the others. No one was killed except Terra when she shielded Kefka from Isaac's Judgment. Kefka teleported away and she was completely obliterated, save for her soul which was placed into an artificial arm for Isaac, who had lost his left arm after Kefka cut it off and burned it away. He first turned into a weaker form of god after Zidane, who had newly arrived on the island, left him to burn inside a jungle. He was left weak and turned back into a human after using his most powerful attack, Light of Judgment, and Zidane protected him from anyone causing him harm. He released him, much to Kefka's pleasure, and after some time had passed, Kefka, along with Ansem's help, kidnapped Vanessa and tortured her in a cave, after which Isaac dragged him back to his shelter, tortured him a bit himself and finally killed Kefka. He was later revived by Vergil to act as a distraction from Vergil's real plan, to release the barrier to @#!*% and flood the world with demons. Kefka, being in his normal human looking form and with the powers of a devil much like Dante and Vergil, began his mayhem by attacking everyone he saw, killing Otacon and Rosa, Ezio's lover, in the process. He found Isaac and turned into a stronger god before attacking him again, taunting Isaac until he turned into an Esper and again Kefka was killed when his Light of Judgment and Isaac's Judgment collided and he fell to the ground, dead, leaving Isaac severely wounded. Some time passed before Kefka would show up again in the final episode, engulfing the island in darkness and now had the powers of a demon and a Heartless. Already in his god form and much stronger this time, he began attacking everyone, all attacks made against him he healed from and he managed to kill four characters, Fran, DonaldDuck, Goofy and Ellis. He seemed unstoppable, all hope was nearly gone, until Sora attacked him and his wounds wouldn't heal after the strikes from the Keyblade. An epic battle between Isaac and Sora versus Kefka began as Isaac and Sora tried to kill Kefka, while Kefka attacked them with everything he had. Finally, after injuring Kefka a lot, and just when Kefka unleashed his Light of Judgment, Sora fired a strong Keyblade beam at Kefka's heart and managed to injure him greatly, causing all three of them to fall down to the ground. Kefka, barely alive, made his last words before Sora plunged the Keyblade into Kefka's heart and he exploded in a black light, leaving no trace of him.
* BigBrotherInstinct: [[spoiler: Isaac]] has been Vanessa's "Big Brother" during the whole time on the island.
* BiggerIsBetter: Played straight when Isaac and Sora are fighting [[spoiler: Heartless Demon God Kefka]]. The first time Isaac makes [[spoiler:[[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons a giant rock dragon]], smaller than Kefka. Kefka]] obliterates it immediately. Then comes the [[spoiler: second giant rock dragon Isaac's makes.]] It's only a bit bigger when compared to [[spoiler: Kefka]]. But this time it wins.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: The bag of midgets. It hardly even [[ItMakesSenseInContext makes sense in context.]]
** "Ellis took the bag from Denton and started to beat it with the guitar from the wedding. It was soon red."
** While Zidane and Terra [[spoiler: (Isaac let Terra take control of his body, and it started to turn into her)]] were making out, a random spirit comes down from nowhere and gives Isaac a new arm, and Terra a new body. It's never explained and never mentioned again. At all. And frankly, this troper thinks that is was @#!*% .
* [[MyImmortal BAD FANFIK]]: DUNTE, DUTI, DUNTI, all names for the personality known as Bad Fanfiction Dante, a personality created after PF was exposed to MyImmortal by ComicBook/BoosterGold
** And den Dunti was make chocolate pussing at 4 in morning because control of life was out of control and he wanted pudding to feed Spiderman.
** And then Dunte was Breen and Breen hugged Dante and they went fishing and then were on moon and hazd teah party with Guybroosh and then were back on normal place and Denti sais "No no leeds."

* ButtMonkey: Delta, Ellis, and Dunn.
** Isaac also qualifies as a butt monkey. Not only because he is tortured by Breen and every Bad guy EVER, but also because ever condemns him for being the "Main Character" in an RP where everyone is supposed to have their own spotlight.
* [[BreakingTheFourthWall Bombarding The Fourth Wall Into Utter Oblivion]]: We do this, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, times. Either in instances of the users talking to their characters or other characters, or them pretending to be gods and talking to each other using Greek-ish names and talking in the heavens.
* TheCaptain: CAPTAIN MURASA MOTHERFUCKING MINAMITSU is both a Captain, a badass, a ghost and manifested awesome.
* TheCasanova: Dante. He used to be a CasanovaWannabe, but now he's clearly with [[spoiler: Heather.]]
* CasanovaWannabe: Just Ezio now (Dante's moved up to Casanova status)
* ChickMagnet: Isaac. 'Nuff said.
* ChivalrousPervert: Fits Dante to a T, unlike the others he only has eyes for [[spoiler: Heather.]]
* CloudCuckooLander: Vanessa.
** Derpy Hooves in season three.
*** "SPOON!!, Guybrush why you hurt the spoon, he was a nice spoon. and I thought you was FRIENDS...and Friendship is MAGIC!!!" Said Derpy Hooves.
* CrazyAwesome: '''HARUKO HARUKO HARUKO HARUKO''' and, for a change of pace, '''HARUKO.''' Also, Dante, Alucard, Morrigan at times, Kefka, JC Denton, and, apparently, Kirby, are the other most prominent examples in this RP.
* CreepyChild: Vanessa. Though everyone seems to think of her as cute.
* ColdBloodedTorture: [[spoiler:Kefka]] does this to [[spoiler:Vanessa]], then later [[spoiler:Isaac]] does this to [[spoiler: Kefka.]]
* CoitusEnsues: Averted. Isabella and Frank are a couple in VideoGame/DeadRising canon, so it would only make sense. And Morrigan's eagerness to... jump [[ThreeWaySex in]] (Even though it doesn't happen) could be Justified with her being a [[HornyDevils succubus,]] a creature that lives on sex.
* TheConscience: Morrigan and Ezio both have one of these. However, they're not people, but other personalities in their heads which they communicate with. No, this isn't canon. Yes, it's as funny as it sounds sometimes.
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Isaac crushing a small army of [[VideoGame/BioShock Splicers]] with a single spell. Also equally Awesome was Master Chiefs hair raising escape from the innards of The Gravemind after he smashed it it to the point that it committed suicide explosively in an effort to take MC down since it knew it couldn't win.
** Morrigan being elected to General of the Legion of Doom.[[spoiler: Of course, that all goes to crap when everyone starts trolling, causing her to nearly [[DrivenToSuicide kill herself]], which, in turn, makes Shion's parasite activate.]]
** Haruko Vs. Seras. Just, Haruko Vs. Seras. [[spoiler: Mostly one for Haruko, as she WON. With only a little help from Canti.]]
* CrowningMomentOfFunny: Any of JC's LSD highs.
** Anytime Delta decides to chase a squirrels or when the squirrels chase him. They all end up ending with something [[NonFatalExplosions exploding.]]
** When Dante starts mocking the frozen Isaac.
-->'''Dante:''' "Dante pressed a button on a video gamera he had set up."...Record." As he turned to face Carbonite Isaac."Heeey....Mr.Isaac. Isaac on the rocks, You can't beat me!" He said tapping himself in the chest three times with his hands."I'm Dante Sparda! I'm the greatest Demon hunter ever." Dante said making a triumphant pose. He then spun quickly and pulled his Pulse rifle."Ado-dododododo-blam! Haha yeah....Whats that Isaac?...Blasters are unfair?" Dante then holstered it."There ya go. No blasters." He then flipped again and the gun was in Isaac's face."Didn't see that one comin didja? Huh? So sloooow. Thought I was over there didn't ya?!" He then rolled in front of Isaac again gun back in his face."Ohohoho over here." He threw the gun to the floor and got into a fist fighting stance."Little-rope a dope little-rope a dope...Left right left right-left-right. Oh hoho Down goes Isaac." Dante was now panting."Huh? Whats that?...You want a little face to face?...Let me just take this bad-boy off." Dante said as he tossed his coat and shirt off."Oh he's even better looking without the clothing~! Surprise ending. He--- What you want me to come closer? You don't want to fight anymore?...ooohhh...Your hands are up there almost like you're beggin. Beggin for a little piece of Sparda..." He then caressed Carbonite Isaac."Oh you like that don'tcha? You like it cause you're bad...Oh yeah...You dirty little Rock shifter...."
*** Made even Funnier with Breen and Ada's reactions.
-->'''Breen:''' "Dante...I am going to leave this room, and we are going to pretend that this never happened." *Leaves*
-->'''Ada:''' Keep Going!!!!
** "It was the ovens fault for not Cooperating with me!"
** Another one is from Haruko was when she was addressing Morrigan, who was tending to an injured Shion.
-->'''Haruko:''' "Sup General Double D's. How's your right hand man Private C-cup holding up?"
** Breen spiraling into insanity because of the concussion Revan gave him, and yet another one of his plots being foiled, "*Pointing to a rock* Who...who left this coconut here?"
* CyBorg: Ada and Cortana [[spoiler: could be averted since technically she's a Smart AI inhabiting an empty shell made for her by Breen]]
* DarkestHour: For Breen in the 13th and last episode of Season 2, "The Struggle For Power"
* ADayInTheLimeLight: Subverted in both Seasons, everyone is supposed to get their time in the limelight, but not everyone did. I almost always came down to Isaac being [[TheBigDamnHero the big @#!*% hero]] at the end of the day in season 2, or just focusing on Isaac in season 1.
* DidntSeeThatComing: After Hazamas displays flawless logic in explaining to the Master Chief why he is neither on the side of Breen or the Legion. He forges an unlikely alliance with him at which point the work together to attack Kefka when he is an immense Heartless Demon God.
* DidYouJustHaveSex: Isaac AND Dante to Zidane. Dante played it for laughs.
-->'''Isaac:''' So, where did you and Terra go off to? I got kinda worried.
-->'''Zidane:''' *Slightly blushing* Uhm...well...we, uhm...
-->'''Dante:''' *Looking like and dressed as Reboot Dante* Doin the 'Vertical Tango'?
* DudeFeelsLikeALady: I guess Delta could be considered this trope, now that his conscious, his memories, his motives, ect. have been combined with Eleanor's after she sucks up all his ADAM.
* DoubleEntendre: Haruko yelling at Kirby in Season 3 after he [[spoiler: Surrenders to [[VideoGame/MischiefMakers Lunar]]]]
-->'''Haruko:''' "Now I know why your pink, COWARD!!!"
* EatingLunchAlone: Isaac is subjected to this for a time due to everyone resenting or openly hating him after he kills Ada. Who they all had come to care about.
* ElementalPowers: Isaac has control over the earth around him because he is a Venus Adapt. Aang has control over all 4 elements since he's the Avatar. Toph is an earth bender.
* MrFanservice: I said it once, I'll say it again: Isaac, Isaac, ISAAC!!!!
* EvilLaugh: Kefka's trademark. Plus he won't stop laughing.
* EvilerThanThou: Breen is extremely evil, Vergil is extremely eviler, but Kefka is extremely eviler-er. He was revived twice. Once as a demon, and another time as a Heartless demon.
* FaceHeelTurn: Isaac in season 1. Which is why he was the AntiVillain
* FacePalm: Everyone does this to Isaac after he yells out to the splicers, "DON'T TOUCH VANESSA!".
* FanService: The whole RP is to just get famous videogame characters in one place for a big fanservice fest. it was even [[LampShadeHanging lampshaded]] by the GM himself.
* FinalDeath: Delta, Fran, Goofy and Donald are unfortunate victims of this. Delta is lost before MC, Cortana, Breen, Isaac, and Eleanor go below the surface to deal with the mines and mecha sharks. Fran, Goofy and Donald killed when Kefka returns late in the season as a god @#!*% bent yet again on killing everyone
** For Delta, it's somewhat subverted by the fact that Eleanor sucks up all his Adam and makes him apart of her.
*** Well, not really. There are many times where it is implied that he is sitting down in @#!*% , basically watching the show. Which is basically adding on to the RunningGag that @#!*% is better then heaven. You know, since Morrigan is on the Island, and basically rules @#!*% .
** [[MyFriendsandZoidberg ...And Ellis.]] He's killed too by Kefka.
* FirstGirlWins: Jenna was the first of Isaacs Harem, she is his girlfriend. She wins.
* ForeShadowing
* ForgingScene: Eleanor welding the armor on Delta's suit onto her Big Sister suit.
* GadgeteerGenius: Eleanor, John, Cortana, Hazama, Dante...
* GainAxing: We don't really every say "This persons breasts jiggled" but if we were to, Morigan would be the Queen.
* GenkiGirl: Lilith, Morrigans sister, is very energetic. And maybe Morrigan could be this ....If you know what I mean....
** Again, Haruko is going to be this next season.
* GetAHoldOfYourSelfMan: Delta does this to Isaac by using his own telepathy.
** In Fact, everyone has their share of telling Isaac to get a hold of himself.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Since this is a forum RP, there are mods. Those mods still go to school, and at the time of the crime during the first season, they were working hard studying and doing tests. My point is, AgDr got away with breaking one of the most emphasized rules of The Escapist Forums: NO NSFW IN WILSON'S FORUMS! Guess what he did? he wrote smut of [[spoiler: Frank]] on [[spoiler: Isabella]] and instead of getting warning from his fellow peers, he was APPLAUDED! He got an ear raping from BloodyThoughts in the second season, but the crime was already done, and he got away with it.
** There were many occasions of Smut in this RP, and every single time, they got away with it because of the School System. Ironic a'int it? Anyway, there were even a few instances of this in the second season, and yet the still got away with it. Making BloodyThoughts almost puke...many...many...times...*Throw up*
** Averted when BloodyThoughts ear rapped Lambi and Fury is me for trying to write a [[spoiler: explain all details of a sex scene between Terra and Zidane.]] It was quickly stopped and it went to the PM system.
* GirlOnGirlIsHot: Snake and Frank both seem to think so.
-->'''Snake:''' [To Isabella] Would you kindly get naked and kiss Morrigan?
* GondorCallsForAid: The Legion of Doom and The Brother Hood Of Breen do this.
* GratuitousEnglish: Eleanor, cause Eleanor's a limey. And I don't see anyone else being a true Englishman/woman.
** And, BloodyThoughts does seem to have her say "Bloody" a lot, which used to mean " @#!*% " in English/British dialect. Now that I say that, ''VideoGame/BioShock2'''s setting is during 1958-1968.
* GratuitousItalian: Ezio, since he's [[CaptainObvious Italian.]]
* GreatEscape: Everyones escape from Breens lab after the air had been polluted with neurotoxins.
* TheHeavy: Delta and John.
* HeelFaceTurn: After Morrigan brings Dante and Vergils mother back from @#!*% , he says that he wants to stay with his brother on the island. Though he is still a [[ @#!*% @#!*% ]] with Hazama and sometimes Dante.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Isaac. He was [[spoiler: Chromatically frozen at the end of Season 2 so that he could be studied by Breen because of his psynergy.]]
* HookHand: Delta has a drill for one arm.
* HoYay: Morrigan flirts with Isabella a lot.
* ImprobableUseOfAWeapon: Hazama glues a HolyHandGrenade to Delta's @#!*% in less than a minute, which blows Delta's @#!*% off.
* [[HolyShitQuotient HSQ]]: Waaaay to many to count.
* HumanPopsicle: Isaac is [[spoiler: Chromatically frozen.]]
* HumiliationConga: Issac, many times in both seasons.
* IconicItem: Delta with his drill. In fact, that's how most people notice who it is half the time.
* IncrediblyLamePun: Once again, "DON'T TOUCH VANESSA!"
* IdeaBulb: One time whilst fighting Ansem and Guardian, Sora is about to say a cheesy line, when a huge flashing sign comes out of his head, points and arrow to him, and says "Cheesy Line Incoming
* [[spoiler:InfantImmortality: ''Averted.'']]
* IntergenerationalFriendShip: Anyone who's friends with anyone in this RP.
* IntoxicationEnsues: [[spoiler: JC]] laces [[spoiler: Isaac]]'s food with LSD.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: Isaac makes a giant dragon made out of rock twice. Once which was about the size of Heartless Demon God Kefka, and another time just a bit bigger than him.
* ItSucksToBeTheChosenOne: Isaac is the main character of the series, so he is tortured and he suffers the most. Especially when Breen goes off the deep end.
* ISurrenderSuckers: Breen does this in the final episode of Season 2, and then [[spoiler: He combines the current universe with anime universes after his requests are fulfilled. @#!*% hits the fan, to say the least.]]
* Jerkass: Kamen Rider Decade, called Morrigan fat, and caused her to attempt suicide he thought it was fraking hysterical.
* LampShadeHanging: Done subtly by Haruko, when [[spoiler: Canti]] bursts from Naota's head while Marina and them are talking about Naota's N.O. portal.
-->'''Haruko:''' How convenient!
* LegionOfDoom: Literally.
* LetsFightLikeGentlemen: Cortana and Ada engage in a fight that progressively gets crazier with each post while staying friendly and good intentioned unlike Season 1's fight between Ada and Isaac. in which Isaac is out for blood and wants with every fiber of his being to Murder Ada
* LetsGetDangerous: Okay, as if Haruko wasn't awesome enough, she comes up with a plan to take out numerous Covenant ships by herself. [[spoiler: Her plan is to rip out Naota's Gibous Flying V from his head, and DualWield it with her blue Rickenback 4001, which had already been upgraded by Marina, fly out, and smack a bunch of ships around, while Ran, Chen, and Canti are firing all they have at the ships already. And she's asking Marina to upgrade the Gibous]] Ah [[PrecisionFStrike Fuck it]], anything Haruko does can be considered this trope.
* LongBusTrip: Heather takes one inexplicably after vaudevillianveterans internet connection is unable to keep up with the fast moving pace of the rp
* LoveMartyr: Naota.
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Haruko, just like in the anime, is a subversion of this. She LOOKS like one of these, but she has other motives.
* ManipulativeBastard: This is Breen, a man who has never met another man he couldn't manipulate.
* MarySue: Morrigan. She certainly used to be a PossessionSue before Steak fixed it up, but really, she didn't succeed all too often, and she wasn't liked by everyone either. [[AssPull Well, she also revived Dante's mom,]] but that's beside the point.
** As of Season 3, after causing [[spoiler: Shion's parasite to activate after almost killing herself]], she's lost this status.
* MartyStu: Isaac in the second season.
** Snake.
** Dante.
** Hazama.
*** Really, anyone who had their Y chromosome mixed with an X chromosome.
* MegaNeko: Naota's cat makes an appearance, and, like in the anime, [[spoiler: Is a medium by haruko to talk to her superiors]]
* MindRape: Vergil does this to Eleanor.
** But then during Vergil's fight against Morrigan and Isaac, Eleanor gets him back by replaying his Mother's death over and over again in his mind.
** Hazama/Terumi later does this Eleanor causing a nervous breakdown.
** People just love Mind raping Eleanor, Don't they?
** Breen To Isaac. Just go and read the first RP and you'll know why.
* MonsterClown: Kefka.
* MoonRabbit: Reisen, cause she's a rabbit, from the moon.
* MoreDakka: Morrigan always has some kind of firearm to fight with, from a [[BFG 4-gauge shotgun]] to a [[GatlingGood Vulcan minigun]] loaded with [[NonLethalKO tranquilizer rounds.]]
* MsFanservice: [[HornyDevils Morrigan.]] She [[DistractedByTheSexy distracts men with her cleavage,]] [[HoYay flirts with Isabella,]] and even suggests a three-way between her, Frank, and Isabella.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Applies to Isaac in Season 1 after he brutally murders Ada while his inner anger takes over after [[spoiler:Felix is murdered by Breen]] But its averted when he hates her again after Ada appears below ground as [[spoiler:Felix]] and strangles him.
* NeckSnap: How Ezio suggests Kefka should be killed just before the first time he's killed.
* Nerf:
** Dante and Yukari, and probably the other Touhou characters as well considering Dante got crushed in the hands of God and forced them up as if they were nothing, and if serious and un-nerfed could have resolved everything, Yukari could fix this all without batting an eye and warp people into the sun, Reisen could make anyone she wanted have a seizure or have their brains melt via horrid acid trip anytime she wanted, Ran is incredibly powerful since she has to solve every problem/keep checks and balances in Gensoukyou while Yukari sleeps and Murasa is unkillable/hurtable, a ghost and she's wielding a holy indestructible anchor.
** Also, maybe to a lesser extent,] Revan. While he could kill just about anyone - Dante included - With the clench of his fist using the "Force Kill" ability, BT has found it to be too unfair, and will only use it if the situation really, ''really'' calls for it. Also, he could [[ManipulativeBastard manipulate just about anyone with the force]], stun them, stun any droid, disable any droid completely, make people's senses completed nulled, and could probably move faster than anyone in the series, and cut everyone to shreds. Again, BT found these attributes to be a little too unfair, and will only use them if the situations really does call for it.
* NiceGuy: Ezio, out of combat. Zidane is one as well.
* NoFourthWall: We, never really set up a fourth wall. We kinda thought it was stupid. And even if we did, there is nothing but a crater there now.
* NotSoDifferent: Kefka gives this speech during his ColdBloodedTorture.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: [[spoiler: Haruko.]]
* OneTrueThreesome: Frank, Isabella and Morrigan and it almost happened but instead we got a rather well written love scene between Frank and Isabella
* PhysicalGod: [[spoiler:Kefka, when he comes back for a THIRD time. He not only has his old powers as a god, but he is able to summon heartless, with the demon powers he got from when Vergil revived him he can create multiple dark weapons and throw them at people, is a little less than a skyscraper high, and has the power to regenerate really @#!*% fast because of his demonic powers from Vergil. Isaac threw a small star at him, which burned all his skin and hair off, but after about an hour of peace the skin and hair regrew, and now he's back to kicking everyones @#!*% .]]
** Now that [[spoiler:Sparda]] is here to combat [[spoiler:Kefka]], he could be considered one to.
* PluckyComicRelief: Delta was downgraded to this.
* PowerGivesYouWings: Kefka gaines wings, two pairs of angelic ones and one pair of demonic ones beneath the angelic ones, when he transforms into his god mode.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: "I! HAVE! HAD! IT!"
* TheRival: Isaac has two: Breen, and Kefka. Kefka has transformed into a god three times, been killed by Isaac just as often, though the first time he was killed while human, the other two times as a god. And yet, he still hasn't killed the weak old man, Breen.
* RealityWarper: Yukari.
* [[RealMenWearPink Real Men Have Pink Fur]]: Zidane, when in his Trance, has pink
* RunningGag: Ezio waking up with tied to a [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus dead parrot.]]
** Morrigan arriving on the Season Two island in the process of trying to find a Walgreens.
** How did [[Wiki/SCPFoundation SCP-504]] get on the island?
** Gods creatures (Namely squirrels) and their hate for Delta
** Yami Marik asking Yami Bakura for a hug and Yami Bakura not wanting one.
* SanitySlippage: [[spoiler: Isaac]] undergoes this, but gets better. Kinda.
* SaveTheVillain: Zidane stopped everyone from killing or banishing Kefka. He also saved him from drowning in his own blood after Snake cut Kefka's throat by running to him and calling for help, which Dante responded to and healed Kefka.
* SelflessSacrifice: Applies to Isaac when he jumps into the Carbonite Pit as Breen demands when the alternative is the destruction of every universe in existance by Breen. Only for Breen to flip the switch anyway which malfuctions and leads right into Season 3
* ShoutOut: ''It's ridiculous! [[VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing It's not even funny!]]''
** "Where am I? [[Series/ICarly Whose coconut is this?]]
** [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus "This is an ex-parrot!"]]
** Really, there are probably ''hundreds'' of shout outs each season. And no one really feels the need to go back and find them all. So, literally, there are just too many to list.
* TearsofRemorse: Shed by Frank, Isabella, and JC after Isac murders Ada even though they were at first indiffernt to Isaacs intentions to kill her. But once Ada begins fighting for her life against Isaac they try to save her only to be held back by Isaac who it appears would hurt them if need be so he could fight and Ada them unimpeded
** At the end of Season 2, just about everyone cries because Isaac is [[spoiler: chromatically frozen]]
* TheStoner: JC takes LSD a lot.
* SuperMode: Zidane with his Trance, Kefka transforming into a god three times, Terra turns into an Esper and Isaac, with Terra's soul inside him, and after a divine being separates him and Terra and allowing him to keep his Esper powers, turns into a powerful Esper after Kefka provoked him.
** In the final battle though, Isaac lost his Esper powers, save for the ability to fly, when Kefka absorbed his Esper powers while turning Isaac into a Heartless.
* SquirrelsInMyPants: Ezio gets a rat in his trousers, which he then [[NonHumanSidekick befriends]] and names [[IncrediblyLamePun Ricotta.]]
** Delta literally gets squirrels in his suit.
* TheCareTaker: Isaac, Isaac, ISAAC!
** John to a lesser extent, Eleanor to a little bit higher extent than John.
* AndThisIsFor: Isaac to [[spoiler: Kefka]] while stomping his sword into his neck.
* TookALevelInBadass: Ezio deserves this. For one third of RP he was a very [[PluckyComicRelief comic reliefish character]], and in the next third he's reviving people with a golden apple and shooting [[FrickinLaserBeams laser beams]] from his hands.
** Isaac gets into Delta's suit after he dies to go underwater and fight off hundreds of Mechanical sharks. If that doesn't make someone more bad @#!*% than they already were, I don't know what does.
** You could say the same about Kefka when he is revived twice. He is stronger in just about any way, even having new powers such as the ability to summon demons and Heartless, creating various things out of demonic energy and using darkness, both using it to engulf the island almost completely and using it to shoot darkness beams.
* TheTroll: PsychoticForesight, who also plays [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Hazama]], The Troll God.
* TrouserSpace: Guybrush's Coat so infinite that it managed to store both Derpy Hooves and an Unconscious Dante
* TheBusCameBack: In the case of Ezio and Rosa after they were replaced by Morrigan and Lilith, though they very quickly leave again
* {{Tsundere}}: Heather is this around Dante.
** Oh god, if Haruko doesn't win Crazy Awesome, she wins this for how she acts towards Naota.
* UnstoppableRage: Frank very nearly beats the @#!*% out of Breeen(but instead kills a ton of zombies) when he learns the hard way that Breen has Isabella partially under his command.
** What's that? You made fun of Morrigan? Yeah, expect a bullet in the head.
*** She is such a Narcissist...she took all the other insults and didn't care, but call her fat and OOOOOH @#!*% just got real!
* WhamLine Used by Breen on Isabella much like its used in ''[=BioShock=]'' (the same phrase in fact). In Season one Breen asks Isabella over the intercom to shoot her brother Carlito who has come in a tank to rescue her and at Isabellas insistence Frank also. This trope also leads to Isbella kicking Isaac in the nuts, it also saves his life when Isabella is about to shoot him as he forces her to holster her weapon.
!!The people who made this RP possible; I.E. the Escapist Users!

(In progress)

Note: These were all self-made by each poster. [[CaptainObvious It shows.]]

Elricik: The creator of the Reality TV show Video Game edition Role-Plays, and all around awesome guy. Elricik plays the role of Dr. Wallace Breen, the man in charge of everything. The other players might think they have a choice in what goes on around the island or house, but Breen ultimately controls everything. Simply put, Breen is God. If you ever tried to measure the sheer awesomeness of Breen, you'd destroy the whole universe because it simply can't be measured. Breen is so awesome that no powers effect him, not even Psychotic Foresight's famous shine ability, which he totally ripped off of a Stephen King book.

P.F.:Resident VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Fanatic, Self proclaimed genius, new age Guru, Underachiever and ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' player he'll do anything for a good time. Likes to Troll on occaison, but he's unsually just joking, he'll listen if you need him to and likes to help....When he isn't faffing around of course. Thinks most FPS's/"Mainstream" games are overrated and prefers indie games and {{Danmaku}} games. He's also gonna list his assosciated tropes in first person. He also loves his filler.
* FanMyopia / FanDumb I admit to thinking Touhou is Super Awesome compared to just about everything else, and I can get overzealous and cultist like over it at times. I apologize.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} I see things differently.
* DeadpanSnarker Self explanatory
* {{Hikikomori}} "Go ahead and leave me. I think I prefer to stay inside."
* {{Otaku}} Of the anime gaming and Manga variety

Fury Is Me: The funny, clever, and sexy man who plays the main protagonist of the Video Game Edition story: Isaac. He can keep his hormones under control, unlike everyone else playing, excluding elricik the GM, Lambi, PF and BloodyThoughts, and plays the most developed character in the entire story(but thats just his opinion). Therefore, he rules.
* CatchPhrase: YESZ.

Capin Rob: MGS fan, funny at points, loves the ladies. Plays Snake and Otacon.

Steakheart: Video game {{Nerd}} and self-proclaimed YuriFan. In his free time, he enjoys reading, video games, and playing with his pet cat. Plays Morrigan, Ezio, and Rosa.
* CatchPhrase: [[CurseCutShort MOTHERFU-]]
* CoolGuns: He uses these exclusively. His personal favorite was the AA-12 shotgun, replaced by the Colt M1911, closely followed by the Smith & Wesson Model 500.
* CrossPlayer: And he ain't ashamed.
* FanBoy: He's a ''major'' Series/{{Lost}} fanboy.
** He's also an avid listener of Music/HollywoodUndead, even though everyone else's ears bleed whenever he brings up the chorus to "[[{{Narm}} Undead]]."
* {{Meganekko}}: If there's a male version.
* PapaWolf: ''"You fuck with my sister, you pay the price."''
* PungeonMaster: He's (in?)famous on the Escapist for his [[Series/CSIMiami Horatio]] two-liners.
* TheSmartGuy: Because every group needs one.
* YuriFan: As said above.

Smagmuck_: Does absolutly nothing but make bad cracks, flirt with other users and throw pies at people.

Vaudevillianveteran: Is terrible at writing about herself.

Lambi: A kind and caring guy who's only evil character he's played, Kefka, made him go mad with power. But his other two characters, Zidane and Fran, have kept him back from becoming full evil. Maybe that's for the best. He also makes sure the plot is brought back after filler time has been for a while, almost never taking part in the filler himself. And he just wants to give everyone a hug =3 .
He's the second oldest person in the RP, at the age of 21, only one older than him is BloodyThoughts.
* StopHavingFunGuys: Just as BloodyThoughts was this last season, Lambi seems to be starting to be this in Season 3, and it hasn't even started yet.
* YaoiFanboy

Swedish Dude: As seen by the username, he lives in Sweden. Currently in his early teens, his interests involves 3d modeling and writing music. He plays the role of Ellis, The Destroyer (name given to him by the midgets), who early on in the second season lost his main weapon, wich causes him to borrow from John alot and thoughtlessly discard them when he runs out of ammo. He left the RP near the end of season 2.

AgDr_ODST: Slightly nuerotic but always up for a good time. He throughly enjoys the rp though he slightly resents Isaac becoming the center of the plot. He's a big fan of both the Halo and Dead Rising series, which explains why he played as Frank West, Isabella Keyes, The Master Chief and Cortana in seasons 1 and 2 respectively.

BloodyThoughts: According to his username, he has BloodyThoughts. BT, as he was nicknamed, is the oldest person in the RP, being 23 years old. Which gives him more authority than others in the RP (Well, that's what he thinks). BT is also the sexiest user in the RP, and generally in his opinion kicks @#!*% . He plays the role of Subject Delta, the squirrel hating, animal hated, big lovable oath, local Big Daddy. BT later takes the role of Eleanor Lamb, Subject Delta's Little Sister who is now a Big Sister who comes to the island in a Bathysphere. Both Delta and Eleanor live in Isaac's shelter. Also, Delta hates most of the users (Mostly Fury is Me) because they all say that he's a 2-D character.
* CatchPhrase: BITCH BE TRIPPIN'! (Well, not anymore.)
* ASexuality: Which is why he keeps everyone undercontrol, and can best keep his hormones under control. Everyone for some reason condemns him for it.
* LogicalExtreme: He speaks for the rules, and does the logical things in most situations, unlike everyone else(Except for Lambi). Though he can be a bit of a [[ThePrankster prankster]]. Of course when he does it, everyone gets their panties in a bunch, but when someone like PsychoticForesight does it, everyone laughs.
* StopHavingFunGuys: Everyone seems to think he is this...
* TheWoobie: SERIOUSLY! Read what HELL everyone puts him through, and you will want to hug him, and comfort him.
* {{Otaku}}: Though PF is a bigger one than him, he is clearly a close second, knowing [[Understatement A LOT]] of anime.
Fallen-Angel Risen-Demon: Better known as FARD, he is a British Teen who has been playing videogames since before he can remember. He came in at Season 3 as Jak and Daxter and later as the abridged Popo (Who he got rid of) then after that Shadow and Toph

BOOSTER GOLD: You know that one guy that says insane shit that nobody understands...no not Fury. A Self proclaimed Nerd of all trades. He prefers a state of controlled insanity, an ordered anarchy. He Played Gangsta Kirby and Kamen Rider Decade, but for reasons beyond his control had to leave. He made his Triumphant return as Guybrush Threepwood and Derpy Hooves