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Roleplay: Vatheon
You open your eyes, and the first thing you notice is that you're wet. Well, wasn't that a nice sleep?

Welcome to Vatheon, a humongous underwater city surrounded by a clear barrier. You find a tiny fairy hovering somewhere near you, a strangely-colored starfish on your person. Aside from that, you arrive with what you had on you when you fell asleep. The residents greet you with smiles and towels, eager to help you get dry and start your new life in Vatheon. In fact, they're so helpful, they won't let you leave. The barrier that has protected Vatheon for over a hundred years has begun to fail, and left with no other choice, the priestess has decided to call for power from other worlds: you.

But really, Vatheon is a great place. Friendly locals, great atmosphere, curses that sweep through the city ever so often; it's wonderful. Mingle with the other foreigners, pulled from their own worlds. Start a business, make new friends, explore, get a house. Whatever you do, just don't drink the water.

This game provides examples of:

Trials Of DesperationJournal RoleplayVirtual Distress

alternative title(s): Vatheon
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