Roleplay / Troperia

NationStates is full of many regions that are geological, political or/and role played based. There exist also a region which is TV Tropes based....

Troperia is the offical region for tropers in NationStates. As well as serving as a meeting place for NationStates players from TV Tropes, it also serves as a place of role play.

Currently a Confederacy region, Troperia is made up of different types of states which interact with each other... be it in peaceful ways or warring ways.

The full name of the region is the Confederacy of Troperian States.

The Confederacy Government has a Cabinet, whose role is to decide on Region-wide issues.

The following Tropers have been made ministers of the Cabinet:

  • Inhopelessguy - Prime Minister; Media
  • Game Chainsaw - Governmental Awesomeness; Transport; Energy and Climate Change
  • Whale of Your Nightmare - Health; Foreign; Home; Culture and Sport
  • USAF713 - Education, Schools, and Universities; Business & Commerce
  • Erock - Field Marshall of the Armies (Non-Minister); Defence.
  • Orange Spider - Minister for Being That One Guy That Opposes Everything and Sits In the Corner
  • Milos Stefanovic - Justice and Policing; Local Government and Councils; Interior/State
  • Thespacephantom - Chancellor of the Exchequer; Agriculture and Environment; International Development and Aid.

The Confederacy has powers similar to that of national government, but member states can opt-out of some rulings, e.g. a state can drop out of providing troops during an armed conflict.