Roleplay / Together We Rise

Together We Rise is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Roleplay Forum set five years after the finale of season three. Most everything from the television series is considered canon, save for the reformation of Discord from Keep Calm and Flutter On due to lore for the site having been written long before the airing of that episode.

The site strives to provide the same atmosphere of fun, friendship and adventure as the show and welcomes players with Original Characters as well as those looking to adopt canon character from the show. The format is paragraph, play by post with a minimum word count restriction of 100 words, though this is more of a guideline than anything.

In keeping with the tone of the show, the primary focus is on Slice of Life type threads and even plots that our members come up with, there are occasional site-wide 'episodes' that are entirely optional, but are of a slightly darker tone than the rest. Member input is actively encouraged and anything that they feel can be added to the site is reviewed by staff and will be implemented should they feel it fits the tone of the board and doesn't conflict with the canon.

Examples of Tropes found in the forum:

  • Awesome Aussie: Sheila is probably about as close to this as a mare from a Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Australia can get.
  • Cool Pet: Cassie the Cassowary...And just about every other animal Sheila has. She's a park ranger and a wildlife researcher, so she's had the opportunity to collect quite a few of these.
  • Fantastic Racism: The Crystal Pony Galaxy has a fairly sizable amount of this for Mire Ponies (see below), and it's implied in their history that other Crystal Ponies share a similar sentiment.
  • Genius Bruiser: Sheila spends a lot of her time wrangling (and running away from) some VERY dangerous animals. She also appears to be well-read and knows how to translate a couple of ancient languages.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Coffee Swirl varies between this and Jerkass, depending on the thread he's in and his mood.
  • Loose Canon: The official stance on the IDW My Little Pony comic book series; ideas and concepts from them can be used without issue, but nothing about them is concrete.
  • Relationship Values: They're actually referred to as Social Links and come with some interesting powers.
  • Slime Girl: Mire Ponies are, in essence, an entire race of these; though they come in both genders.
  • Walking Wasteland: This was actually the plot of the opening 'episode' of the forum; an earth pony filly named Autumn Breeze had a special talent to speed the decay of plant material and similar substances, and a bout of Power Incontinence on her part caused a large amount of rot to hit various gardens around Ponyville. Thankfully, she seems to have gotten it under control as of late.