Roleplay / The World

A fledgeling Play-by-Post Game with an ambitious goal, to RP an entire planet from the begginings of civilization to the time of space travel and beyond. Started by a trio of RPing buddies with nothing else to do. Originally an idea begotten by the co-founder Mereshka, and further refined by extensive discussion.

It is as yet still in it's infancy, with but one nomadic tribe, termed by the Admins as the "Hub Tribe". It aspires to eventually have thousands of years worth of history, every bit of it shaped by Roleplayers, detailing the rise and fall of user created civilizations. It can currently be found here.

Tropes used include:

  • Constructed World: Arguably the entire point of the forum.
  • A God Am I: Forum Admin UHC is known for this. In spades.
    • Forum Owner Mereshka is too.