->''"The only dedicated VideoGame/{{Fallout}} RP forum that ain't a bunch of commie scum."''

The Wastes. A small, vibrant ''Fallout'' RP site thatís been around for since 2009. Clocking in around 1500 registered members, with a much smaller active core consisting of a dozen or so members, who functions like a BigScrewedUpFamily rather than TrueCompanions. Still, we're a likable lot as long as you don't go around acting like a jackass. (LMG is a special exception.)

The Wastes is set in the post apocalyptic DeepSouth, mostly East Texas, though it is expanding quite a bit. Dealing with Raiders, Slavers, and all sorts of scum and beasts; our heroes (That would be you. [[VillainProtagonist Or not.]]) get to deal with the various other troubles that plague the world that they live in. Currently, most of the characters on the site are relativity low-level (Level 7 is the all time record, and the highest currently active is level 5.) But, most things are decided via skill of writing rather then actual level.

The Southern United States isnít what it used to be like. Instead of friendly southern belles greeting you, or a GoodOlBoy waving to you as you drive down the road; instead you get to deal with a rabid wild dog eating you alive or a Nomad placing an arrow in your neck.

A small list of some of the sites important history.

* Father Gerade was elected in an election. PC's influenced the election via missions.
* Small amount of work is done to the town, such as scavenging and building up the town. Also done by the PC's.
* Revolution in Bucket-town, led by two PC's. The revolutionaries are victorious, Gerade is ousted from power and power is transferred to a small council of local leaders. Also, drugs and whores. [[HookersAndBlow Drugs and whores.]]

[[Characters/TheWastes Has a character sheet]].

Link here: http://z3.invisionfree.com/The_wastes/index.php?

The Wastes contains examples of:

* AbortedArc: The Signback thread. Merchants came to town and sold goods in an auction, bringing with them news of an approaching raid by "Signbacks", tribal raiders who wear roadsigns on their backs. A new user even had his character see the Signbacks from far away. But the attack never came, and the site moved on.
** Subverted when another member saw and even defended a town from a Signback onslaught.
* AfterTheEnd: It is a Fallout RP Site, after all.
* ArmorIsUseless: Averted in a recent RP. The enemy's armor proved ''very'' effective against bullets, only being trumped when the armor wearing enemies were [[KillitwithFire cooked alive by a thrown molotov.]]
* ArmyOFThievesAndWhores: The rebels who overthrew Father Gerade was mainly comprised of [[PatrioticFervor Neo-Patriots]], Raiders, and [[TheMafia mobsters]]. Oh, and they won.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: Played straight when Roy, Bucket Town sheriff and member of the town council, killed several men associated with a secret society in a site event.
* BadassBookworm: Jackal, again. He graduated with an Engineering P.Hd back in Ireland. Considering that most people can't even read in the Fallout timeline, this makes him possibly one of the most educated, if the only, PC on the site.
** Technically Orion could probably be considered this as he knows both how to read and write as well as having the foresight to see past the next two steps. Although admittedly he's more of a SmartGuy than a Bookworm.
* BadAssGrandpa: The Ghouls on site fit this trope pretty well considering they are over two hundred years old and still kick ass on a daily basis.
* BarbarianTribe: The Swampers, as a notable example. Would count as TheHorde, but, there too busy fighting each other all the time.
* BedouinRescueService: Southern Nomads are prone to this. Considering that there the FantasyCounterpartCulture of the Mongols and the Bedouin's, it isn't that much of a surprise.
* BFG: Pretty much any automatic big gun from Tier 2 up, but especially the big guns from Tiers 4, 5, and 6.
* BloodKnight: The Swampers are all this trope.
* BountyHunter: One of the many enemy types players get to encounter.
* CityGuards: As the name suggests, you meet them in every-town. Generally serves as a cross between the police force, the local army and way to advance socially in town. Each town's guards range from dirt-poor farmers armed with bows and arrows to highly trained paramilitary types that are carrying machine guns.
* CompleteImmortality: The Ghouls on site.
* DeepSouth: Where it's based and where mostly-all of the characters come from.
* {{Everyone Meets Everyone}} Normally happens during an RP in which characters don't know each other or haven't met formally.
* EldritchAbomination: Hagan, [[BloodKnight Ellis]] and [[TheGunslinger Evan Laramie]] face one of these in "Bringing Momma Home". Also a major ShoutOut to the Dune series by Frank Herbert.
* EverythingIsBigInTexas: The majority of Rping takes place in East Texas.
* FeatheredFiend: Type C. Both the Morrigan Crows and the Howler Eagles fall under this trope. While the Morrigan Crow is no slouch at five feet tall, the Howler Eagle is the pinnacle of this trope. It's large enough to carry away mutated bears.
* FieryRedhead: Pick one. There are at least three (Mariah, Maggie, and more)
* FrontierDoctor: Doc Nance, in Bucket Town. Often contending with low supplies, and is now dealing with some strange heart disease.
** Trope currently occupied by Maria Gonzalez, who took over as town doctor after Nances' disappearance.
* GentlemanThief: Darrel Cohen. Even avoids violence both on and off the job, and dresses 'slickly'.
* GoodOldFisticuffs: Both played straight and subverted. Many of the deadliest characters in hand-to-hand combat have no formal training. Subverted in Caleb Wolff, who is trained in what is essentially a slew of post-war special forces combat styles, except they've been handed down for a good twenty generations.
* TheGunslinger: Evan Laramie, through and through. Uses GunsAkimbo.
* IntrepidMerchant: Reginald Shepherd.
* KilledOffForReal: Judas Sanford, Eddy Gray, Charles Zaytsev, Josef O'Hare, Marty Gralow, Benjamin G. Brohm, Reginald Shepherd, Ulic, Ellis Colbeck, Zeke Harris, Rob Garrett.
* MoreDakka: The Slaughterhouse Special, the tier six minigun. An 8-barreled, formerly vehicle-mounted Gatling gun.
* OddFriendship: Between Ellis and Jackal. It started with a bit of gun pointing and one RoaringRampageofRevenge later, there some of the closest friends on the site. Sadly, Ellis has perished, and Jackal's been searching for the bastard that did him in. The friendship between pacifist tribal Glides-on-Ruin and Psychopathic Ghoul doctor Max Gersten fits into this trope well.
* PatrioticFervor: The Neo-Patriots, an ultra-extremist group who feel that the USA is still the greatest country in the world. Typically they don't know anything about the "real" USA before the war and most of their knowledge is simple speculation. Albeit, [[YouFailHistoryForever extremely wrong]] speculation. This can lead to some rather humorous conversations about how [[UsefulNotes/GeorgeWashington George]] [[UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln Lincoln]] crossed the Mississippi River to take back [[UsefulNotes/SanFrancisco San Francisco]], Illinois from the [[ThoseWackyNazis Nazis]]
* PreacherMan: Father [[FanNickname "The Padre"]] Gerade, former leader of Bucket Town.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: Several. Notably, Ellis Colbeck, Caleb Wolff, and Ulic, along with Glides-On-Ruin
* RayGun: Most, if not all, energy weapons, although the Tesla weapons get special mention. The various energy weapons fall into several different subtypes of ray gun. Also, the term "ray gun" is in this case accurate, as the Fallout universe is based off of the 1950s [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture World of Tomorrow]].
* RightWingMilitiaFanatic: The Neo-Patriots are descended from a group of these guys. Some of this still shows up among the Neo Patriots main core of members, who still fight for there own twisted version of the United States that only they seem to believe in. The Leaders? They only want there own personal power, willing to continue to lie and manipulate people into trying to fight for a 'better America' just so there wallets get bigger.
* SaloonOwner: Two of them in Bucket Town, the starter town. Bobo's and Trapper Trek. The difference being is that Bobo is often used for the convenient YouAllMeetInAnInn while in Trapper Trek you get to buy and sell various items.
* Sinistersubway: Whether it's the sewage tunnels running under Bucketown, or the tunnel in Austin.
* ScaryBlackMan: Jesse Winters, and Caleb Wolff. Caleb is of mixed race, but, still a scary (and smelly) person. Jesse fits the trope a bit more [[IncrediblyLamePun clearly]].
* ScavengerWorld: Well, it is one. Several characters make there living via scavenging.
* ShoutOut: Oh, so many. For example, the Swampers are a massive Shout Out to the Warhammer 40000 Orks; right down to the fact that they love to fight; a two god system and the clans.
** Also, you have Jesse Winters. He's a shoutout to the blaxploitation genre of films from the 70's.
** Ben Ezio gave a shout-out to James Bond in one of the first things he said, the cheesy one-liner "Yo, bartender, give me booze. Shaken,not radiated."
** Evan Laramie is a walking shout-out to every Clint Eastwood Western protagonist ever developed, ever.
** Darrel Cohen is Film/HudsonHawk. Enough said.
** Other characters on site have clear inspiration from everything from Bruce Campbell in The Evil Dead to Final Fantasies Barret
* StayInTheKitchen: Ellis Colbeck has this view on women. He even thinks that a place can't be a Kitchen can't be one if a women isn't in it. Played for Laughs.
-->'''Jackal''': Welcome to the Anarchist's Kitchen
-->'''Ellis (In thought mode)''': Huh. No food here, or a barefoot women in here. Odd.\\

* SwampsAreEvil: Thinking of planning a trips to the Swamps? Great! You get to deal with a entire group of BloodKnight that would perfer to kill you rather then say "Hello", diseases, giant crocodiles, insects as big as your arm, and all sorts of fun stuff. Bonus Points for having the water radiated. You stay in it for too long, and your either dead or a ghoul. Yay. No wonder why the Swampers have such short life-spans....
* UrbanSegregation: Unity Bridge, kinda. There two settlements, with one on each side of the bridge. Normally, the "Ghoul Side" is seen as a bit more cheerful and generally assocaited with the "Rich side". The "Human side" (Refugees) is much more like a slum, filled with people desperate to cross the bridge so they can get to Buckettown. Of course, with the Ghouls thinking that the refugees are bigots, things quickly go out of hand.
* TheWestern: A very heavy influence on the site. You'll spot a Western Trope in almost every RP.
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: Andrew Hagan. He's a ghoul, which means that he lives for a very long period of time. He's also [[SurvivorGuilt depressed]], considering the fact that all of his friends from before the fall are long since dead; and some of the only friends he currently have are other ghouls (who are viewed with a mixture of hate, awe, and fear.)
* WorstAid: Doc Nance was a former follower of this trope, prior to her disappearance à la the Bucketown revolution. Max Gersten is also a fine example of this trope.