->''The Third Dawn is an action/strategy/role playing game. Yup, I'm sure you've heard that before. Let's face it, most forum based [=RPG=]s are nothing but role play and make little or no use of their character 'statistics' and so on - which pretty much means everyone is on the same playing field. Levels and statistics are heard earned and become nothing but bragging rights.

->With that in mind, I have spent months constructing this game's core system so that statistics, levels and other character skills are full utilized. You will need to fight harder, to have better gear, to use strategy and teamwork and even sometimes retreat - because you can and will get killed.

->This game forces you to play rather than story-tell, something I think we all can enjoy.

->Please, read through the threads in this section and get acquainted and once you've done so and are ready to join the fun - make a post introducing yourself. We'd love to meet and know more about you. It's also the best place to ask any questions you may have.

->Here's to fun.

->~ Renquist.''

TheThirdDawn is a HighFantasy [[PlayByPostGame Play By Post]] RPG. With a simple yet complete ClassAndLevelSystem, it distinguishes itself from other PBP games.

The story begins in a [[StandardFantasySetting fantasy world]] about eight hundred years before the present. The good king Elgrim Magnus has united the world under the banner of the Imperial Union. Peace reigns.

Cut to a few hundred years later. Elgrim has long since died, and his ancestors aren't doing a good job. There are several protests among the people, that went ignored by the Imperial leaders. Protest turned into rioting and destruction. [[TheEmpire The Empire's]] response was swift; the three villages responsible for this rebellion were razed. Even though the Empire tried to keep the peace and punish those military leaders responsible, the survivors of the villages were outraged. Gathering any who would follow, they took to the forests and became [[LaResistance the Blessed Unspoken.]]

These two factions waged war for about three hundred years, each seeking its own model of 'peace' and becoming worse off for it. The Imperial Union, starved for soldiers, began to recruit and conscript criminals, monsters, dark beings, peasants, and many other beasties best left forgotten. Given the title "The Brood Nocturne," they were treated like slaves or worse, living only for the war against the Unspoken. Their bloodlust was insatiable; for a time, they served the Empire willingly.

Two hundred years after that, the Brood rebelled. While the other two factions were too preoccupied with each other's demise, the Brood worked themselves into a perfect position to throw off their shackles and become a faction of their own. The Emperor was slain, and in the chaos the Unspoken attacked. After a long and bloody battle, the Brood escaped, the Unspoken fell back to the forests, and the Union resorted to locking down its cities.

Three factions, and total war. This is the landscape that players find themselves in. Who will you fight for?

This Forum RPG provides examples of: