Roleplay / Star Army

"The Star Army Space Roleplay" is a Science Fiction Play-by-Post Game originally started in 2000.

Taking inspiration from classic Space Opera series and Mecha Anime, Star Army is set in the Kikyo Sector, a small cluster of stars in an unknown galaxy inhabited by various human, transhuman and alien species. Originally a background site for the multiverse-roaming Yamatai Star Empire, the setting went on to become its own setting with dozens of players and over 6,000 of pages of user-created content.

The setting features four main superpowers that arose due to the fragmentation of the Yamatai Star Empire at several points in recent history. The four powers, of which three can be accurately called nations, are as seen below:

Several minor powers have appeared over the course of the past few years, often written by a single hardworking writer with a lot of free time. These lesser factions are:

Provides Examples Of: