Roleplay: Shonen King Roleplay

In the Universe, there is a mysterious energy that makes up its foundation, it causes fusion within the cores of stars, it exists within the element in the planets as well as every cell of all organisms. This energy, named Gaia Force by the Ancients, can be harnessed from within lifeforms to perform magic, however, if this energy can not be controlled, it will corrupt and twist the mind of its wielder and mutate its body. As time went on, the secrets of harnessing were eventually forgotten...

That is... until 300 years ago...

300 years ago, a giant meteor stuck the Planet's northern pole, releasing the Gaia Force from beneath the planet's surface, causing a chain reaction within the Gaia Force dormant within several of the lifeforms thriving on the planet, they began to natural awaken the Gaia Force inside of their bodies, becoming beings known as Espers. At the same time, 8 Gaia Force hotspots formed on the planets surface, it is said that one could absorbed the Gaia Force leaking from these hotspots and become a deity among men...

To prevent this from happening, an organization of Esper Super Soldiers, EGO, Was formed. For over 200 years, EGO has protected the planet from tyrantal rule. Whenever an Esper's Gaia Force awakens they are drafted into EGO's army, put through vigorous training to reach the extent of there physical power, and put through experiments to peak their Esper power.

Esper powers are a funny thing really, the exist in all of us, yet most of us go completely ignorant to the great power within each one of us and in the vast majority of people, we never find about it. For the select few however, they hold a great power within their hands that humans has yet to fully understand.

This is the backstory for Shonen King RPG, a new RP made by Shonen King 69 on Deviant ART here. It presents the freedom of people making there own character and storylines however they want to, baring a few rules.

The pages here are for the RP in general and Shonen King 69's storyline following Evan Pendragon and his friends as they become agents of EGO and fight to prevent an evil from attempting to from becoming a god and enslaving the world and potentially putting the planet in jeopardy.

Examples of Tropes used in Shonen King RPG: